Mahabharat 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 19th November 2013 Written Update

Bhagwan Parasuram is sleeping. Grown up Karn comes there and offers his lap for his Guru to sleep. (On a lighter note, This is called digging ones own grave )
An insect creeps into Karn’s leg and bites him. Karn tolerates his pain but Paras is woken up from his nap as his blood wets him. Paras asks who is he, because a Brahmin wouldnt have tolerated this pain. Karn admits that he is a Sutra Putr and he lied as he ws scared that Paras would deny him the education like others. Paras says that he(Karn) is wrong. He isnt prejudiced for caste. He taught Brahmins to protect themselves. He would have taught him anyway if he had told the truth.

He says that because of his deceit, his education will also deceit him, when he wants it the most. Just like the one who learns through shortcut to only realise at the exam that he has forgotten everything. This is not his curse, it is the dharma, the karma, it will hit him.
Karn accepts his mistake. Tells that it was his great mistake to have thought that a Bhagwan would react like a normal human. And he would accept what ever prasad that bhagwan gives with pleasure, He asks for Ashirwad and Paras blesses him that he will be the icon and a ideal who will be followed by the youths down the ages

Somewhere near Hastinapur, A man comes in horse and asks to meet Sakuni. He introduces himself as Guru Dron’s son Ashu.

As Ashu comes in, Sakuni is seen craving his dice out of a bone. Sakuni asks if Dron has made a warrior out of his son. Ashu says he came here carrying his friend’s reminder that he, sakuni has promised him to help ascend the throne of Hastinapur. Sakuni confirms it and says why should he have left gandhar and come here

Sakuni taunts Ashu if Dron taught the entire Kuru clan or did he teach only one whom he wanted to help his son ascend the throne? and which throne does he want his son to ascend?
Ashu asks if he doesnt trust his friendship. Sakuni says he trusts his friendship with his nephew,He tries to poison Ashu’s mind (Waste of time Mamaji, its already poisoned and seasoned with your Nephew’s effort) Sakuni says that a time will come when Dron will support P kids, Then Ashu should take action. Ashu says that but Dury needs to become king first. Sakuni asks him to do his work and Dury’s becoming king will be taken care of him and he throws the dice which is completed by then.

The dice is thrown which breaks the Hastinapur(symbolism, Symbolism)
The Royal parents are awaiting their sons arrival. Dhirid says that Dury’s throne is awaiting him. Sakuni arrives and asks whether the throne isnt awaiting for Yudi? The royal parents go mute. Sakuni bids his farewell to them on the account to recieving his nephews. Dhirid asks for more explanation. Sakuni says that the time has come for them to see who is more capable… Gandhari asks her brother not to teach political games to her sons. Sakuni says that they should ask this to Bhishm and Vidur instead of him who would have already started the polical manipulations to make K Kid the king.

Dhirid enters the court and Sakuni also enters with him. Vidur welcomes him, Bhishm looks at him as Sakuni climbs the stairs and the way Bhishm chased him from Hastinapur plays in Sakuni’s mind. He smirks at Bhishm.

Precap: Sakuni is at one of his political manipulations, Ashu is seen preaching his father that what ever happens at the contest.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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