Mahabharat 19th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 19th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 19th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with, mamashri telling about duryodhan consequences of losing with pandavas n duryodhan should stop thinking of war for now n mamashri dosent want war but win whole of world by chal(cruelty). Mamashri orders dushasan n jaydrath to find draupadi n pandavas .

Pandavas n draupadi , burry their weapon to begin agyat vas(the phase of being invisible), yudishtir says to follow agyatvas we have to be separated bheem asks yudishtir wen u never lie how will u be hidden , yudishtir says i will never lie n will , draupadi says i have n idea i will give u a new name which is kank n she will give such names to evertbody on this arjun says i don’t need one Krishna has alredy given arjun already a name,bheem asks wat name on this nakul says i don’t know the name but Krishna says

arjun looks beautiful with tat name n bheem says draupadi hide ur clothes or arjn will elope with theme, all the brothers tease arjun, arjun also hides his dhanush and all pray to god of fires to protect their weapons for a year and all the pandavas leave to begin their agyatvas.

Here mamashri n duryodhan are searching all around the world for pandavas n drauapdi ,duryodhan n mamshri go uneasy on seeing that they couldn’t find the pandavas. Duryodhan says our last search has also failed n the pandavas are no where n wer should we find now are they in heaven,mamashri says they are here only,duryodhan says we have only 30 days n we have no place left to find them .mamashri says wat are the factors needed to hide duryodhan says name plce occupation ,mamashri says no not occupation one dosent change occupation so easily, mamashri says nakul is ashva vidyas expert n sahadev is expert in gay n yudishtir is rajtantras expert go find which states have excelled in these factors. Duryodhan says its the state of matsya. Mamshri says it means they are in virat a place in matsya.

Here bheem is shown cooking ladus two kids come asking for ladus calling bheem as balav n one of the kid says don’t eat lot of ladus or else u will be as fat as bheem this upsets bheem n says m i fat the kids says not u but bheem i want to be strong as bheem n other says i want to be like arjun, bheem offers ladu only to the kid who says he wnts to be like bheem , bheem asks the kid to give 2 ladus to tantripal who is guarding ladus. Tantripal is no one else than nakul. The kid gives ladu to nakul n says the ladus are very tasty.

PRECAP: Arjun is shown dancing in clothes of women.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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