Mahabharat 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 18th November 2013 Written Update

Karna was practicing his Archary away from his native. His gurudev told him that he cannot teach him anything further as he himself taught him whatever he could. Karna said he did not learn archery just to hunt deers he wants to learn higher Archary. His guru asked him to go to Dronacharya and seek for further education. He also said as he belonged to a low cast nobody will ever teach him and make himself in the bad books of Kurus.
While Karna went out to seach drona, drona continued his education with the pandavas and kauravas.
When Bhima throw the Bhal and it went beyond it’s desired destination, he asked Arjun to destroy it. But the bhal hit straight to Karna’s Kawach and broke into pieces.
Karna showed his interest in learning Archary and when he told that he was the son of Bhishma’s saarathi, Drona refused to teach him because of his cast. Karna challenged him that why he learned Archery being a bramhin and how he made his son learn dhanurvidya. Drona said he was not born from a own woman. Karna further questioned about the niyam saying why such a thing and who made these differences. He said he doesnot believe in these parampara. He also said an archery belongs to someone who can tie a bow and who has a capability to learn. After few unwanted words Drona asked him to leave and Karna challenged him that he will learn and come back and prove it to him that he will be the greatest warrior of all times.
Before leaving Karna brunt the palce where the kuruputras were aiming, startling others. Arjun came in the middle and brought out water from the ground with his arrow.

Krishna’s Sayings
What is the meaning of Shreshta ta?
I means who was educated. It doesnot mean how much education did one seek but compared to others how much did one know about things. In the midest of this, unknowling this war gives birth to spardha (daring capability). You can be shrasth for sometime but not for all your lives. But instead of being shrasth, if you be uttam (high educated) which means if someone wants to learn for his own satisfaction then there wont be any dare between others but to himself. Unknowningly he becomes Shresth. But Shresth can never become uttam.
Karna shaved his hair and took an oath that he was leaving behind his identity and from now onwards his identity would be his education and education will be his dharma.
He then reaches to Parashuram’s ashram where he was sharping his weapon. Parashuram was shocked to see a young man. When he asked about his identity Karna said he was similar to him who was against Kshatriya. Parashuram corrected him by saying he was not against them but he was against atataye kshatriya.
When Karna seeked for his education parasuram told him that he cannot teach him because he left teaching and he gave all his weapons to others. But he cannot deny Karna seeing the powerful glow in his face and told him that he wants to give his shiksha to him. He also said if he was a bramhan then only he will teach him. Karna kept quiet for something thinking what to answer. He lied to him that he was a bramhan so that he rejects he doesnot like other gurus rejected him.

Parashuram started his training under his supervision and with his hard work and dedication he started learning Archary.
When Parashuram created a sun, he told Karna that when he will be able to create something of that sort with his arrow his education would be completed.
And after 12 years, he was able to create a sun with his dedication and tapasya

Precap: Aswatthama came to meet Sakuni.

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