Mahabharat 18th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 18th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, arjun says i will fight tomorrow with bhishma, virat says guru drons death is wriiten is drishtadhyums hands bheem says its not easy to kill guru dron i think arjun shd assist him, shahdev says if arjun assists drishtdyum who will fight bhishma, Krishna says i have an idea we will divert bhishma from Warfield, arjun will keep guru dron busy this will keep duryodhan alone n help us defeat him n this is necessary for our victory .
The next day of war begins with shank , dritrashtra says our yesterdays victory was great are pandavas scared now sanjay says no they aren’t their todays arrangements are very unique n effective n has grt ability to destroy kauravas, dritrashtra says n wat are kauravas arrangements sanjay says the aagvyu with duryodhan in its middle which will keep him safe from attacks from all sides.
Both siudes begin to attack , abhimanyu says shalya don’t be proud of urself on killing uttar he will always be alive in me, arjun has to face an army of kaurvas specially designed to kill him,nakul n ashvathama fight with each other , Krishna says its time for the first step towards victory , arjun attacks with his gandiv n creats lightning in skies , drupad says this will help protect u yudishtir go ahead, shalya gets hit by lightning . sanjay is asked by dritrashtra wat is happening , sanjay says arjuns attack has made it impossible to see wat are their arrangements.
Krishna says to arjun its time for second step i.e to take bhishma n guru dron away from duryodhan so are u ready yudishtir, yudishtir says no im not this is like breaking rules Krishna says no we aren’t this is our arrangements for victory. Yudishtir with his army proceeds towards hastinapur, Krishna says step three bheem inform dushsan abt yudishtirs step, bheem goes to dushasan who is fighting with matsya king virat , bheem stops virat n begins to fight with dushasan n asks virat to go n assist yudishtir towards hastinapur , hearing this dushasan goes to duryodhan n informs him abt yudishtir , seeing this duryodhan asks bhishma to go behind yudishtir n kill him, dushasan says but this is adharma mamashri shakuni says it is it looks like their 1st defeat has lead them to adharma.

Krishna says to arjun bheem will kill duryodhan n help us win

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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