Mahabharat 17th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, Krishna meets his friend radha before leaving vrindavan she is also upset due to Krishna leaving vrindavan Krishna tries consoles her too , Krishna takes blessings of whole vrindavan and leaves for Mathura along with balram , Krishna and balram reach Mathura , they are welcomed and said this is Mathura a place where ur parents are enslaved,

Krishna and balram walks through Mathura people of Mathura felicitate Krishna and balram but two guards come to Krishna n says so ur the one whom we have to kill Krishna says yes but i will promise tat my brother balram will kill u not me the guards challenge Krishna to lift dhanushban n show his strength Krishna accepts the challenge and effortlessly lifts it the guards are shocked , Krishna breaks the dhanushban into pieces people of Mathura lift Krishna n celebrate his win over the guards challenge kansa sees this n gets angry a women with crooked body comes n falls into krishnas feet and bykrishna touching her body gets back to original proper shape she takes krishnas blessings n along with her all the people take krishnas blessings, kansa looks at all this he calls a servant n orders him to bring devki n vasudev n if Krishna tries to kill him kill devki n vasudev he fetches his sword n starts to walk towards Krishna,

Krishna asks kansa to give him blessings kansa says i will never give u blessings Krishna says give back ur father his throne n release my parents n i shall forgive u kansa says never first show ur strength n in case u succeed then i may think of pleading for forgiveness , Krishna says i have n request mamashri if u have no problem my brother balram shall fight with ur guards so lets proceed toward the field kansa asks his gurads to kill both Krishna n balram in any condition , the fight between guards n Krishna balram begin in presence of kansa devki n vasudev Krishna n balram defeat them Krishna says so are u pleading for forgiveness mamashri kansa says now fight with me if u win ur parents will be killed.

Krishna n kansa begin their fight

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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