Mahabharat 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 17th December 2013 Written Update

Subadra is in her own world when Arjun comes there and she gets a chance to make him dance around her strewn clothes just like he made her dance around his war toys. Arjun gets a little naughty and with one stroke cleans up the room for her. My room needs cleaning up too..

The two are smiling at eachother, blushing and again smiling at eachother, having some fun talks, smiling at eachother, talking abut Krishna, smiling at eachother… DM, this smiling at eachother is becoming too sweetish, but thankfully DM sends Kunti in form of Kabab mein Haddi.

Subadra is pissed off at the mention of Krishna and Kunti reminds her of what happened sometime back, as we are taken to a flashback.

Arjun and Subadra are roaming around in a forest.. where and when? Ok, Arjun successfully keeps pulling her legs and she leaves only to scream his name a little later. Arjun at first thinks that she is pulling his leg in turn,but then realizes she needs help and goes after her.

She is being captured by a demon who has come in search of her brother Krishna. The demon asks his if he is Krishna. Arjun says that he is Krishna’s friend. The demon challenges him to save the girl.

Arjun promptly sends three arrows upon the demon and frees her as the demon falls down. The two walk off. The demon has simply feigned his fall, he becomes invisible and takes Subadra away, Arjun goes in the direction of her call but is too late as he sees the demon pushing Subadra off the cliff into the river.

Arjun also runs ahead and jumps into the river in an attempt to save Subadra. As the demon watches, Krishna comes and puts his foot into the water, the water clears off where Subadra and Arjun have fallen as they heave a sigh of relief and surprise as they see Krishna, he smiles his glorious smile. The demon is petrified.

Precap: The demon is being attacked by Arjun but he is not finished. Krishna says that this isn’t working and walks ahead and asks the demon to follow him.

Update Credit to: Peeves

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  1. flashback mein arjun kahan se aaya

  2. plz add this to ur post in written update. bkz the fan and smile and blushing part is too much in ur post but that is not ryt.dear.

    having some fun talks talking abut Krishna. arjun want to knw more about Krishna.. when arjun ask suvadra that u are taking revenge from me today that ur Brother teach u?

    suvadra said my brother never take revenge.. arjun said when ur brother kill those who killed your parents.. is it not revenge..

    suvadra said no,brother told that was for rightneous…

    Arjun feel more interest on Krishna… he start asking question about Krishna but suvadra is not going to ans because she is dishearted… she want to talk about arjun..

    than she ask arjun , are u going to invite me in your wedding? arjun said, before bro yudhisthir and bheem how he able to marryy….

    Kunti come.

    Kunti said in the way of duarka , ashor kallayban take place .so the way to duarka become dangerous. suvadra start crying…
    than kunti said arjun will take Suvadra to Duarka…

  3. Yes even I was little confused about the flashback now it is clear

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