Mahabharat 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, abhimanyu asks why did u stop the pooja for only one year Krishna says bcoz people worshiped lord indra due to fear n fear is the most important reason that leads to adharma , fear can kill mans thinking power r can lead humans to adharma fear is bad for humans so u have to stay away from it rajkumars ask artist to narrate what happened further, aetist begins krishnas powers n abt his strength the news reached kansa he asks vasudev n devki is kansa their son devki says tat doesn’t matter u now be ready to face ur death vasudev says the evil persons u sent to kill Krishna are all dead and yes not only Krishna but also balram is my son as devkis 7th child but born out of rohinis womb n now its ur time to die kansa , kansa says i will call both balram n Krishna to Mathura n kill them in front of ur eyes n i will take advantage of u(devki n vasudev) n then Krishna n balram will willing give away their lives , Krishna n balram are informed abt kansa calling them to Mathura , Krishna n balram agree to it nand also informs Krishna abt devki vasudev n their sacrifices , Krishna n balram get ready to go to Mathura , Krishna goes to yashuda who is taers after knowing that Krishna is not her son yashoda says she n whole of vrindavan will always miss him ,

says no he will never forget her now he has to go for welfare of humanity n this step of mine is its first step n i will be away from u for years now n i can tell u how long it will be yashoda says does that means now ur not my child Krishna says im born out of devkis womb but always be ur son n takes yashodas blessings yashoda breaks down with tears after knowing that she won’t be able to see Krishna for years or may be never Krishna tries to console yashoda by his pranks a breaks the pot full of makhan with his sling n takes makhan from it to yashoda n she feeds it to Krishna by her own hands for the last time n hugs him Krishna leaves for Mathura n this sight yashoda breaks down again in tears.

Krishna arrives in front of kansa n Mathura .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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