Mahabharat 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Kauravas and Pandavas remained on the either side glaring at each other as if ready to start the fight when suddenly duryodhan kept his gada near yudhisthiras foot. He folded his arms and announced that he agrees along with his brothers accept yudhisthira as the new samrat of Hasthinapur.
Saints bathe him in milk and tamarid to complete his rajyavishek and then he was crowned. Yudhisthra took blessing from all the elders and his mother. Karna was not happy with the decision and so was Dhritarashtra. When everyone in the hastinapur started cheering for this new rajkumar Druryodhan tried hard to control his anger.
Pandavas were having their fun time mocking Duryodhan comparing him with the bitter gourd. Their assumption was that he cannot change. Yudhisthira asked

them to think positive.
Gandhari listens to duyodhan’s vemon coated words against Yudhisthra and asked him to follow the dharma. But he said only people who are weak follows dharma. And fulfilling his wishes doesnot make him immoral. He declred that he had only one dream, and that was the kingship of Hastinapur.
Bhishma was speaking his heart out with his mother and was seeking her permission to grant this death. When Ganga made him understand that he can only leave when he will be left with no string. And Responsibility is one of the strings and until and unless heis left with no responsibility. Bhishma asked who was it who will guide him to see when he could leave this world to which she said there will be someone who will come very soon and guide him.
Krishna’s sayings
Dharma is one topic which has been discussed time and again and by everyone. But where everyone actually understood dharma in real? Dharma is something which can always give happiness. It destroys all the evil things. But how was it possible not to fight? Whenever there is love there is a fight. And when there is fight love is left alone and after that anger, want grows but not love. But when love arises all anger, all want dies down. And the would will be free of anger. People forget very easily and the world fills with adharma. And then the super power himself takes birth to remind effected people and show them right path.
That was the reason Vishu took birth as Krishna to release the saints, to destroy those who took immoral path, to bring back dharma.

Precap : Arjuna dives into the river current to save subhadra.

Update Credit to: appy_indy

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