Mahabharat 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 15th November 2013 Written Update

It starts with where it ended yesterday. Drona looks at the boys and the boys leave from there silently. Drona is heartbroken and breaks his statue. Later he wails aloud.

Duri and Dusha come to Arjun who is thinking about that incident of Ek. They give him the cut thumb and tell him it was because of him, Drona was forced to do this. Arjun marches off to Drona. He asks Drona if he oesnttrust his abilities. Drona questions him back if he doesn’t trust his teacher. Arjun asks why did he ask such a guru dakshan from Ek. Guru says that the decision is at the guru’s incredition and there at be too many reasons. He goes on to explain that he was bound to hastinapur and didn’t want a potential threat later on to the kingdom. Also he believed in giving the knowledge to only people who can handle it. Ek will not be able to and education obtained by stealth had the dharma to be removed. Arjun is in thinking mode.

During further instigates Ashu against his father’s preferences for Arjun. Ashu marches off next and demands his father to teach him bhramastra first before Arjun learns it. Drona tells him he needs to earn that privilege first, Ashu argues that being his son is a enough privilege.Drona decides to teach him a lesson and says that he will be back after a bath.

Ashu comes to the river bed with other k kids. Dron creates a illusion of a crocodile trying to attack him. Others panic, but Arjuna jumps into the water and erects a stick into the crocodile’s mouth and saves Dron. While Ashu and k kids watch ashamed, Drona asks Duri that he is well talented to actually become the teacher.. may be he should teach them.. he taunts Duri further and praises Arjun as the most talented student of the lot.

Precap- entry of grown up Karna and a glimpse of grown up Arjun… coming up next week, the famed competition where karna is befriended by Duri

Update Credit to: Abavi

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