Mahabharat 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 15th April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with ,The force turns into god he says im ur dharma pita i had given u to kunti u have satisfied me im proud of u i will give away all ur brothers lives back.all brothers are back to life the force says i m proud of u ask for any wish, yudishtir says thanku u gave me my brothers back tats my biggest wish, the force gives them the art of vesh parivartan(art of disgise),and asks them to lead their own way for their tapasya(prayers).

Draupadi says are u leaving right now arjun says yes, we have only 12 yrs to plz the gods,draupadi ssays arjun ur tapasya will be the hardest as its in hands of lord mahadev, but remember ur family is always with u it will give u strength. Bheem nakul sahdev arjun go in their respective ways.

Arjun is shown standing on bunch of pinted arches n nakul sahadev in water . draupadi finds the two detectives who are allotted by mamashri ,she gives them food n asks them not to tell any thing to duryodhan but do tell no need of any detectives we will never hide in these 12yrs n tell tell maharaj dritrashtras 100 sons bheem will surely come to take their lives.

Here bheem with lots of sweets(laduus) sits for tapasya n offers only 4 out of them to lord but after sometimes takes back two more. He begins with his tapasya in maen while a monkey comes n takes one of the sweets offered to god, bheem shoos him away, n take one more laddu n keeps for himself. The monkey comes back steals all of bheems laddus , bheem tries to catch him but dosent succed. He finds that monkey on tree, he gets angry n holds the tail of monkey, but to his surprise he couldn’t lift the tail ,he tries n tries bheem thinks it its an evil force sent by duryodhan n decides to kill the monkey so he lifts his gadha(weapon)but it crushes down n lord hanuman arise outof the monkey, bheem goes in position of prayers looking at it.

Lord hanuman says u had called me for food n didn’t allow me to eat it,bheem says i haven’t expected u to come in small size, lord hanuman says u r my brother u wer gifted by my father to mata kunti. Im here to train u about strength says hunman but before that give me those sweets, bheem says brother hnuman u have already eaten alot leave that one for me n hanuman agrees, n before bheem reaches the ladus hanuman reaches their he says u need to learn about speed bheem , hanuman begins to play with the laddu bheem tries to snatch it but hanuman puts bheem n ground n sits on him,bheem requests him to give him ladu hanuman says why not first get up, bheem uses his brain n gets up hanuman says good i like ur focus remember always to thank loard ram, bheem says sure but give me laddu ,hanuman moves fast with ladu n bheem runs behind the ladu hanuman says ur strength needs focus n speed or else its of no use,with focus bheem snatches the laddu ,hanuman is pleased by it he says bheem from now im always with u on path of dharma …


PRECAP: Draupadi has to serve n please maharshi or else maharshi will destroy all the pandavas….

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