Mahabharat 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with , Krishna says to arjun im the truth , the life, everything in the world begins with me , im the god of all the gods , im the bramha, the knowledge ,punishment , life everything is me theres no place where there is no me, im here as death even if u don’t raise ur weapon these will still die so raise ur weapon give waway everything n go take ur position n fight for dharma. Arjun says hey lord come back to ur human phase n i promise will follow all ur orders n im greatful to u n arjun lifts his (gandiv) weapon n takes his position along with Krishna in his rath .krishna brings back the warfield in motion n pays the shank(an instrument) as the sign to begin the war.
Here in dritrashtra is informed about wat is happening on war field by sanjay, sanjay tells about pandavas arrangement such that even with less army then can break kauravas chakra denna sajt n reach duryodhan i.e the vajravyu.
Duryodhan says pandavas have taken their places give us orders bhishma n so does bhishma gives orders to attack the pandavas , both the sides begin to attack each other , a lot of soldiers are defeated , arjun leaves his arrow which burn the kauravas soldiers trying to attack arjun, bheem kills the soldiers with his gadha(weapon), nakul n sahadev fight with mamashri shalya n shakuni respectively, duryodhan seeing all this says bhishma that he wants to kill yudishtir today itself , bhishma says i will save u until im alive n remember on thing u cant reach yudishtir till the pandavas are together , yudishtir asks arjun to proceed with the vajrachakravyu near duryodhan, seeing this duryodhan says this chakravyu will kill all the soldiers n me hope u remember ur promise of saving me .
Sanjay informs dritrashtra that pandavas have destroyed first stage of kauravas army , dritrashtra asks why isn’t bhishma taking any step.
Mamashri says bhishma u got to take some action or else pandavas will kill duryodhan , bhishma says don’t hurry in taking decisions wait for the correct time, arjun asks Krishna to take rath to bhishma to fight with him, bhishma orders the army that its time to separate the pandavas n that is their defeat for sure, bhishma plys his trick n creats cyclones on war field .

Bhishma orders his army to proceed to attack yudishtir as he is caught alone.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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