Mahabharat 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 13th December 2013 Written Update

1. Duryodhan comes to meet Ang Raj, Karn. He tells him that his father is ready to sacrifice his desires, his dreams for Dharma’s sake. He asks what will his friend do for him. Karn lays down his life, his skills, but Duryodhan asks if he can go against dharma. Karn thinks and finally says that he would not be able to go against dharma, but that moment onwards, his highest dharma would be towards his friend.

2. King Dhritrastra comes to visit Yudishtra. In the other end of the palace, Sahadev who is practicing with Arjun, warns his brother that something untoward is happening to their eldest brother. Both of them rush towards Yudistra’s room. In the room , King Dhritrastra is telling Yudistra of his situation where he has to let go of his son’s dreams because he has to follow

dharma. He asks Yudistra what will happen if Duryodhan goes against the kingdom because of this. Yudistra says then he will have to encounter the army of hastinapur. Dhritrastra affirms and says that ganga putr will not spare him. He asks Yudistra if he will let go of the throne for Duryodhan’s sake, that way, Dhritrastra can be within the limits of the dharma and Duryodhan can also be saved. Yudistra is thinking. Arjun and Sahadev arrive.

3. Dhirtrastra senses the presence of the other two brothers. Arjun says that he needn’t ask this question, all the five brothers will abide by his words. Dhritrastra is happy hearing this. Arjun further asks about the duty of a king. Dhritrastra explains. Arjun asks why would a king be sent to hell when he accidentally slips on dharma. Dhritrastra says that it is the utmost duty of the king and any slips will not be entertained. He realizes what he has just mentioned, goes quiet as the brothers look at him. Dhritrastra says tomorrow, Yudistra will be crowned the prince.

4.Kunti comes to Gandhari and asks he why she has sent a dress for her. Gandhari says that shortly her son will be crowned the prince and she has to look at her best. Kunti says that the queen has to look and not her. She also asks Gandhari if she is not happy with Yudistra becoming the crown prince. Gandhari denies that and says as a queen she will support yudistra becoming the crown prince. But as a mother she feels sad for her own son. Kunti says that she feels that because of this there is a growing distance between them. Gandhari says that its time for Kunti to be happy and her own time is little sad. Also that sadness and happiness are separated by a distance. Saying so, Gandhari leaves behind a worried Kunti.

5. Yudistra is shown getting ready for the pooja and on the other side Duryodhan is getting ready for the war. Yudistra comes to the court and pays respect to everyone. His pooja starts, Duryodhan and company come in, everyone look at them in surprise and worry

precap: Krishna’s entry into Mahabharat.

Update Credit to: Red

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