Mahabharat 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 12th November 2013 Written Update

Duriyodhan and Dushasan find out that the person who is sleeping is actually Ashwathaman and they extend their friendship with that boy showing him dreams of becoming the Rajguru of Hastinapur when Duriyodhan becomes the king. Their cosy little meeting is brought to an end as the tent goes up in the air suddenly. The three watch in stunned silence as Drona stands before them and lights up the tent with invoking fire with a twig.

Ashwathaman is angry and is lighting up every gift from hastinapur. His mother tries to stop him and he tells her how his father burnt the tent, efficiently stopping him from making friendship with the future kind of Hastinapur. Drona corrects him saying that he doesnt want his son to be a Rajguru. He wants to make his son the king itself…

Krishna’s words of wisdom- Krishna says that most of the time, the parents seek to give all the comforts to the kids thinking that the kids should not face any trouble, they should not face any difficulty, but ultimately they dont realize that they are shunning the kid from the fruits of learning to overcome that difficulty.

The night falls. While the K kids find it difficult to sleep on the floor admist mosquitos, P Kids sleep peacefully hugging eachother. In the morning, Drona is shown to notice the K kids still sleeping while the P Kids are already up and about. Drona tries to wake them and Dushasan thinks that it was one of the servants at the palace and mumbles not to wake them up as they were up the whole night due to mosquitos. Drona’s sharp whacking puts him in place who also wakes up Duriyodhan and his other brothers.

Its time for the first lesson. P Kids and K Kids assemble around Drona along with Ashu. Drona first calls Yudi and asks him what he sees in front of him. Yudi says he sees a tree and a bird in it, and a nest next to it. He says he should be careful not to hit the nest as there would be youngones in it and also he should be careful as there is a ant hill in the foot of the tree and he shouldnt hit it as well. Drona says that he is correct by dharma but if he keeps looking at dharma, he will not be able to hit anyone. He asks Yudi to go back to his place.

Next its time for Bheem to raise his bows. Drona asks him and he replies that he sees neither the bird or the nest. Only the juicy mangoes are visible to him. Drona notices that not even the strings of the bow are proper for him and promptly asks him to run around the ground before fixing it.

Duriyodhan and Dushasan smirk at this. Duriyodhan is called. Duriyodhan comments that he sees the bird and its nest and is wondering what to hit first. Drona asks him why, for which Duriyodhan says that if the bird is hit only that dies, but if he hits the nest, it affects the bird as well as its future. Drona isnt happy. He gives him a lesson on the rules of hitting and sends him back. Nakul and Sahadev smirk at him this time.

Ashu comments that not even one of the Kuru clan was able to get selected for this lesson. Arjun comes next. Drona asks him the same question, Arjun replies that only the bird’s eye is visible to him. Drona smiles and orders him to let the arrow go, the arrow pierces the bird’s eye. P kids look on proudly as the K Kids look on haughtily. Drona is impressed and blesses Arjun who bows to him for blessing.

Precap: Arjun wonders that one of the arrows which has hit the mark is not his and soon starts to chase someone with white feathered arrows.

Update Credit to: Abavi

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