Mahabharat 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, devki gives birth to her first son kansa kills the baby saying this child if not killed will help devkis 8th son to kill me , devki n vasudev tries to stop but kansa kills the new born baby ruthlessly vasudev says even if u kill my 7 children remember my 8th son will definitely take revenge from u for ur cruel deeds , all the people in sabha hearing the story are in tears listening to this abhimanyu asks did kansa really kill all the 7 children Krishna says yes he did but kansa was deep drowned in his ego he never came out of his ego though given opportunities to stop kansa never stopped klling the children rajkumars ask devki n vasudev must be devastated but why did they allow kansa to do this how could they sacrifice their children jst to wait for the 8th child to begin the first step towards death of kansa and bring back justice Krishna says it was surely in their hands to stop this but my mother devki new that her 8th child will rise a hope for good to bring back to this world n so she stopped being selfish n thought of others good before hers n Krishna looks at draupadi sybhadra requests the artist to proceed the story .

the artist says kansa kills all the 7 children n now was the time to give birth to 8th child but devki n vasudev were tensed abt tat if kansa kills her 8th child the hope of good to bring back in the world will die with the 8th child but suddenly its starts raining heavily n devki gives birth to her 8th child wen a ray of light comes from skies and lord Vishnu arrives in front of them vasudev n devki are shocked lord Vishnu says im the one who have always taken various roles to save the humanity in the world n now today its again the time to save the world n ur chosen to spread peace back in world n so i will be born as ur 8th son and begin the new era towards humanity n peace n the ray of light merges into the new born baby .

Vasudev in heavy showers of rain walks with baby on his head ..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. What was the song at the end of the episode, when Vishnu arrived?

  2. Shree Krishn Govind Hare Murari

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