Mahabharat 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode begins with, mamashri leaves the sabha but dritrashtra stops him saying we need u to guide duryodhan n i know u will be always there for duryodhan n so u will not leave n i will send a message of no war to pandavas mamashri says the message of no war shd be from pandavas n not us n for this vidhur is right candidate to make pandavas ready to go in state of no war. In virat an artist performs in front of all pandavas n others as pre wedding celebration for uttara n abhimanyu , subhadra requests the artist to present a story of a person abt whom the rajkumars haven’t heard artist says i will present an act on shri Krishna u know him but now will tell u abt his noble n daring deeds n begins with the narration of Krishna n Kansa story. He begins with how kansa used to trouble n harass people of Mathura, wen kansa learnt about his death through hands of his sisters devkis 8th son, he decides to kill devki but her husband vasudev tells abt consequences of killing devki since im related to kunti who is married to pandu the prince of hastinapur whole of hastinapurs mighty army will go in state of war with Mathura kansa says devkis 8th son will kill me so no one else can harm me vasudev says i can kill u now but that will put the people of Mathura in trouble i promise no one from my side will harm u, u can arrest us kansa agrees to it n orders to enslave n jail devki n vasudev , devki gives birth to their first son kansa kills the baby saying this child if not killed will help devkis 8th son to kill me.. PRECAP: Lord Vishnu arrives in front of devki n vasudev n request them to accept him in the role of their 8th son..

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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