Mahabharat 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 10th January 2014 Written Update

The 2 rishis tell drupad to ask d gods for a daughter. They tel him dat d yagn is incomplete without askin for a daughter. They tel him to specify d kind of daughter he wants. He ignores d warnings of d rishis and walks away. Drishtadyumn(drisht) lso accompanies his father. Shikandini(shik) is speechless n angry as her dad doesnt respect a girlchild. She feels vry srry for her would-be sister. The rishis warn drupad tym n again but he wouldnt listen to dem. They tel him this gal wil change d bhagy of samagr aryavat. He tels “ek sthree kisee ki bhagy nahi ban sakti”. Then a part of d yagn fire cums towards drupad n circles him,preventing him frm leaving d place without accepting d galchild. Hevis forced to go bck.

The rishis tel him to ask n specify d kind of gal he wants. He tels he wants a gal who keeps on facing apmaan again n again. He wants a gal who wil b more beautiful than any1 else. He wants a gal who always faces adharm but encourage otherz around her to follow dharm. A gal whose chastity is questioned always n whose beauty fetches her problems. A gal who faces all the sorrows earth can offer. Inspite of facing probs n being sad, she shd have strenght within herslf n nd serve as a strenght to ppl surrounding her.

The rishis r shocked listenin to tis. Drupad starts walkin away frm there. Drisht follows. The fire puts off. Then suddenly a huge fire cums n the clouds brk into 2. The fire reaches clouds n a a gal starts appearing. Rishis tel “yeh ladki dharm sthapit karegi…blah blah”. They lso tel gods hv named her krishna. She has cum due to yagn,so her name is yajnaseni. She wil b called as draupadi. The sansaar wil remembr u only bcoz of her. Drupad starez. Drisht doesnt kno how to react. He doesnt lyk wat his dads doin but is obliged to his dad.
Shik lso stares. Draupadi steps out . She is vry vry beautiful.
She takes blessings frm rishi yaaj n upyaaj. They say kalyaan ho. She walks. As she cums down d stairs, a her long sari doesnt end n is still havin traces f fire. Panchaali-draupadi-yajnaseni musiq plays. Mb track plays wid few changes.
Finally her long sari is fully out n she cums down. Shik is vry vry vry happpy. Draupadi tels to drupad-” mukh mein agni ka tej, saans mein agni ka tap aur hruday mein agni kaa pavitr lekhe janmi hai aapki putri pithashree”. ” devtaaon ka vardaan aapke peir mein sthaapir karti hoon”. She bends to touch his leg. But drupad moves bck.

Draupadi shocked.

Episode ends.

PRECAP : Drupad tels her he doesnt want anything belonging to devtas on his foot. He n drisht walk away. Shikandini vry sad n shocked.
Draupadi also is vry sad.

Update Credit to: suchee

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