Mahabharat 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Mahabharat 10th December 2013 Written Update

Duryodhan is flabbergasted by the many appearance of Drupad, Duryodhan is surrounded and captured , Drupad taunts Duryodhan on his failure to defeat him while Duryodhan gnashes his teeth in frustration.Duryodhan is tied to a pole while Drupad continues to gloat on his victory, Drupad promises not to behead Duryodhan but would shave his head, and send him on a donkey to his father BUT says Drupad , he wants Bhishm to come here to free them and Shikhandi would kill Bhishm.

Just then a sepoy informs Drupad that there are only 100 Prince instead of the 105 ..Drupad is startled to hear that, just then there are whinnying of horses, The Pandavas appear looking like Clint Eastwood of India , YUdi bids Arjun to lead the way as he is the only one who knows how to break the Chakravyuh.Arjun

assents and all the 5 brothers begin to ride, Arjun tells everyone not to enter the obvious looking entry gate..The brothers circle around and plunge into circle ..The Pandavas begin to fight the soldiers of Drupad sending them into retreat.Nakul speaks to his horse and asks his horse to tell the enemy horse to allow him inside * I am not joking * the horses oblige him, Sahadev fights the soldiers constructing his own circle. Arjun and Yudhishtr join up , go in search of other brother’s with Yudhi reminding Arjun that they have to be united to defeat their enemies.
The brothers all come together , begin to break through Chakravyuh..They reach the area where Kauravas are tied up, Yudhishtr tells Nakul to release the Kauravas, A reluctant Nakul does his elder brothers bidding.. Yudhishtr extends a welcoming hand but is rebuffed by Duryodhan who reminds him that they ARE Kauravas and while Yudhishtr is a Pandavas , Duryodhan also taunts Yudhistr further saying that he doubts the ability of Pandavas to break through the ChakraVyuh formation..

The Pandavas do not engage in any show of brotherhood with Kauravas and hasten towards the capture of Drupad, Arjun spots the lone elephant carrying Drupad standing far off, he breaks the formation , begins to fight the King.Arjun shoots a arrow which topples Drupad to the ground.Arjun immediately takes a flying leap, lands near to Drupad , prevents him from getting up , Arjun asks Drupad to surrender..Just then a voice of Drupad rings out asking whether Arjun is sure about the real Drupad. Soon we are privileged to see multiple Drupads circling Arjun .

Arjun stands stupefied unable to figure out the real Drupad, taking this opportunity , the Drupad lying on the ground launches a sneak sword attack by taking a broad swipe , Arjun saves his legs in nick of time but Drupad manages to cut thrugh the cloth bag holding Krishna’s stones. Arjun has a flashback when he remembers Subhadra saying that Krishna had told her to give it to Arjun and that it will help him in his hour of need, true enough, the stones help in pinpointing the real Drupad, Arjun ties him up using his arrow ..

Arjuan and other brothers are sure that Duryodhan will not take his defeat lying down and will cause hindrance to Yudhishtr’s ascension to the throne. Duryodhan is seen riding his horse , carrying his mace.

Update Credit to: Tinkerbell

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