Mahabharat 10th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 10th April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 10th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Draupadi asking for the freedom of her husbands, their kingdom and their weapons. Dritrashtra said yes and Duryodhan protested . Draupadi says that all are still quite they are still bothered about their Dharma only, she says that she curses all who stayed silent that they will pay for their sin of staying quite..Draupadi walks out

Lord Krishna says that whenever a woman will be insulted there will be a revolution and there will be a Mahabharat…

Shakuni says that Dhritrashtra’s decision of  giving back everything is right butDuryodhan’s protest is also right. If you wish I can suggest a middle path. Dgritrashtra asks what?? Shakuni says as they have lost everything themselves as a punishment they will have to go on an exile of 13 years

. Duryodhan shouts, shakuni says ok fine let them go on 12 years vanvas and one year agyatvas. And if in that one year they are seen then they will have to go on another vanvas of 12 years.

Duryodhan says he is agreeable to this middle path. Dhritrashtra says he is ok with it if pandavas are??? Duryodhan says there is no need to ask them as they are slaves, and he is ready for this middle path. He asks dritrashtra what is his decision.

Dhritrashtra says to pandavas please forgive me but you have lost all yourself so you have to go on a 12 year vanvas and one year agyatvas…

Duryodhan says in this 12 years all the  pandavas and their wife has to stay in forest, they can’t do treaty with any king. They can’t visit any kingdom. And in the last one year they have to totally disappear . If I see them in that time they will have to for another 12 year exile..

Yudhishtir said we abide by your command but this is the last time we are taking your command. After 13 years we will come and ask for our rights. This Sabha saw the strength of Adharm and we will show it the power of Dharma..

Bheem says I want to declare in this court that I will drink blood off the chest I’d dushasan. All 100 kauravas  will die at my hands. Arjun says rivers of  blood will flow and mahayudh will take place..the entire court is stunned..

PRECAP: Subhadra says jiji has locked herself in her room. All plead with Draupadi but she doesn’t open. Arjun says now only Madhav can get this door opened. Lord Krishna opens the door and Draupadi falls at his feet

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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  1. Yar mujy is dramay ne boht shocked kardiya hai .drupadi k sath boht ziyadte howe hai

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