Maha Last Epi – Savitri Devi 29th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer and Sanchi save their family from Nayantara

Savitri Devi 29th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi and Veer coming back home after they get flower in the jungle. They call their family member. Veer tries to call, but there is no network. Nayantara appears. Sanchi asks where is her family? Nayantara asks her to give the flower else forget that they have any family. Just then Dr. Kabir attacks Veer under the influence of Nayantara’s magic. Sanchi sees her family members standing in trance. She tries to stop Dr. Kabir. Nayantara asks Dr. kabir not to leave Veer. Dr. Kabir throws vase on Veer, but he moves away. Veer asks Dr. Kabir to stop and says you are not in your senses. Sanchi asks Savitri to stop him. Nayantara asks Sanchi to give flower else Veer will be killed surely. Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir to leave Veer. Dr. Kabir throws vase on Veer. Veer sits and manages

to be saved. Dr. Kabir holds Veer’s neck and suffocates his neck. Sanchi asks Nayantara to leave him. Nayantara asks her to break the flower. Veer asks Sanchi not to do this and says nothing will happen to me. Nayantara says I will take Veer with me if anything happens to me. Sanchi asks her not to do this and says she will break the flower petals with her hand. Nayantara leaves Veer and others. Sanchi tears the flower petals. Nayantara says I told you, you can’t win from me. Sanchi cries, just then she sees Veer squeezing the real flower and putting its juice in the diya/lamp. Sanchi recalls Veer picking lookalike flower from the jungle. They light the diya. Nayantara says I will not leave anyone. She becomes smoke and gets inside the diya.

Veer closes the lamp lid. Electricity comes back. Veer hugs Sanchi and says we have won. Sanchi says we have saved our family from Nayantara. Savitri asks when did you come? Veer says just now. Savitri says if you had come early then would have attended the visarjan. He asks her to go and rest. He tells Sanchi that they shall keep the diya in ward no 13 so that Nayantara can’t harm us. Sanchi comes to ward no 13 and keeps the diya on the floor. Later in the morning, Sanchi wakes up and sees Veer sleeping. Veer comes and says good morning. He tries to hug her and sees scratch marks on her hand. He says we have caught Nayantara then who have done this. They come to hall. Pandit ji is doing puja and asks Sanchi and Dr. Kabir to do puja as he thinks of them as husband and wife. Ria says Sanchi snatches my importance everywhere. Sanchi says Pandit ji, Veer is my husband and Dr. Kabir and Ria are just married. Pandit says I did a mistake and asks Dr. Kabir and Ria to sit. They take the Prasad. Veer and Sanchi take the Prasad next.

Pandit ji asks Savitri to sprinkle Gangajal in the house. Savitri is sprinkling Gangajal in the hall when she sees black smoke in the hall. She calls everyone. Dr. Malhotra thinks what is happening? Sanchi says we shall check the diya. Veer says we will go and find out. Savitri asks Dr. Malhotra to get grah shanti puja done. Dr. Kabir comes to room upset. Ria says we shall go out for an outing, my dream is fulfilled. Dr. Kabir turns to her. She asks did I do mistake and asks him to tell. Dr. Kabir says you should have talked to Sanchi like that, she was my past, but you are my present and future and nobody will come in my life. He holds her hand and says if you say her sorry then I will be glad. It is not good to have bitterness in relations. Ria smiles. She thinks now she has to thank Sanchi. Sanchi tells Veer that everything is fine in the hospital. She tells him that she will go and see the diya. She opens the lock, and just then she gets emergency call. She leaves the lock open and goes.

Ria comes to hospital and asks Nurse. She tells she went to ward no 13. Ria goes there calling Sanchi, and thinks what is in it that Sanchi doesn’t allow anyone to come. She hears baby crying sound and sees diya. She opens the diya and blows on it. Her eyes turn black. Nayantara gets freed and tells that Ria will make Malhotra defeat. Sanchi comes there and sees the diya lighting. After she leaves, Nayantara sees Ria keeping other girl and says what do you think that you can only play games, Sanchi. Sanchi thinks where is the key? Ria comes and says key is fallen there. She locks the door. Ria says sorry to Sanchi and sees Dr. Kabir. She hugs him and says she will not do anything which upset him. Dr. Kabir says I can’t be angry with you for long time. She takes off his wallet from his pocket. Dr. Kabir tells Sanchi that they have to operate on a patient. Savitri tells Sanchi and Ria that she has done grah shanti paath and asks them to do the arrangements tonight. Sanchi asks Ria to come. Ria looks shocked seeing Mata rani in the inhouse temple. Sanchi picks the aarti plate and gives in Ria’s hand. Ria drops the plate. Sanchi asks are you fine and touches her. she feels electric current. Veer sees her. Nayantara asks Ria to calm down and says I will not go easily. Sanchi sees Ria talking looking in the mirror.

She comes inside and asks Ria if she is fine? She asks her to say if she has any problems. Ria says she was feeling unwell outside and came to room. Sanchi asks her to make swastik in her room as Savitri asked. Ria tries to take the sindoor bottle. Nayantara comes out of Ria’s body and says you knew that I entered in her body. Sanchi says we have captured you. Nayantara says I am here and will kill everyone. She blows on Ria. Ria throws a heavy bottle on Sanchi. Veer comes and rescues Sanchi. Dr. Kabir comes there and asks what you both are doing here? He says I want to talk to Ria. Sanchi stops Dr. Kabir that Ria is possessed, nayantara’s soul have possessed her. Dr. Kabir asks what nonsense, how they can say this being a doctor. Sanchi asks him to believe her and says Nayantara had killed Priya. Dr. Kabir asks Ria to talk to him and says when I got married to you, I forgot the past. Dr. Kabir asks them to excuse them. Sanchi tells Veer that they have to leave now, as he will not believe them. Veer says we have to tell truth to everyone. Sanchi says they shall find some solution.

Next morning, Gayatri asks Savitri why nobody asked her before keeping the puja. Savitri says yesterday I told you. Gayatri asks her to ask her next time and says she will not insult the puja as Pandit ji came. Dr. kabir and Ria come there. Sanchi prays to God to help her free Ria from Nayantara’s soul. Dr. Kabir asks Ria to come. Ria says she will not do puja. Sanchi holds her hand and asks her to sit. Ria says she will not sit and asks her to leave her hand. Sanchi says you have to sit in puja and tells Savitri, Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kabir that she is not Ria as Nayantara has possessed her. She says I won’t let this happen and will see how you will go from here. Gayatri asks what nonsense and asks her not to blame Ria wrongly. Sanchi says I am not lying. Veer says Sanchi is right. Dr. Kabir says I don’t believe in this nonsense. Sanchi says I will prove now itself and takes Ria near the havan kund. Ria shouts loudly and her eyes becomes black. Dr. Kabir gets shocked and tries to go near her. Veer stops him saying she is not Ria, but Nayantara now. Sanchi sprinkles gangajal on her. Ria pushes her. She flies in air and becomes Nayantara. Everyone is shocked.

Gayatri asks Nayantara to leave her daughter. Nayantara asks Dr. Malhotra to say the truth else she will kill Ria like she killed Priya. Dr. Malhotra folds his hand and asks her to leave Ria. Savitri asks him if he knows her. Dr. Malhotra accepts to have hidden about Nayantara from them and says this matter is of 8-10 years ago. He says that day, it was raining heavily and staff was less, when a pregnant woman came to the hospital. Dr. Malhotra doesn’t check her and asks Nurse to give an injection to her. He says I gave her wrong injection and her condition deteriorated. Nayantara says I was writhing in pain for 24 hours, but Dr. Malhotra didn’t come. Later Nurse brings baby to Nayantara, she asks why my baby is not crying. She realizes baby is dead and dies in shock. Dr. Malhotra apologizes to Nayantara. Nayantara says that moment I have decided to kill your loves ones whom you love a lot. Dr. Malhotra asks her not to do this. He recalls wondering what to do seeing Nayantara’s dead in the hospital. He thinks today is the fund raiser and if anyone comes to know about this, then me and my hospital’s reputation will be ruined. He thinks of something and asks Watchman to get her and her baby buried in the ward and lock it. He says you will get the money for your faithfulness. Sanchi asks Nayantara to calm down. Veer says we accept that bad thing have happened with you. Nayantara says I will not leave anyone and will start with your daughter. She takes out Ria from her and asks her to come with her. Ria follows her.

Gayatri blames Dr. Malhotra for his inability to save Priya and says you and your real family will suffer, not me and my daughter. She says I will take my daughter from here and sell all property. Sanchi asks where you will take her and tells her that Ria is in her captivity. She says Nayantara couldn’t do anything as we are near the havan kund. She says it will be better if we all stay in the house. She asks her to remove the greed specs and see the betterment of Ria and others. She says it is good if we stay together now. She prays to God to show them way and save them. Savitri asks her not to lose strength and says you have always saved my family from troubles, that’s why I am sure that you will not accept defeat. She gives her holy book and says you will get answers to your questions.

Sanchi gets hopeful. She comes to the ward and keeps coconut etc in the ward 13. Ria comes there running and says this ward can’t be broken as my baby is here. She sees the circle around her. Nayantara leaves Ria’s body. She tries to attack Sanchi, but couldn’t. Sanchi reads the holy book. Veer sprinkles her something using leaf. Sanchi tells Nayantara that wrong thing have happened with her, but that doesn’t mean that she will answer it with evil. Nayantara’s soul vanishes. Dr. Kabir hugs Ria and says thank God you are fine.

Gayatri hugs Ria and gets emotional. She touches Sanchi’s feet and says I always hate you, but you have saved my daughter’s life. She apologizes to her. Sanchi says no need to apologize, you have realized your mistake and it is enough for us. Gayatri says I have done wrong with everyone and have never seen right and wrong being greedy, today for the first time I have realize the strength of family and relations. She apologizes to Dr. Malhotra and asks if he will include her in his family. Dr. Malhotra hugs her tightly. He then apologizes to Veer and says I am aged now, can’t bear your hatred. Veer says its ok and calls him dad. Dr. Malhotra gets happy and hugs him. Savitri appreciates Sanchi and says I am proud of you. Sanchi says we will keep this ward name as Naintara Paediatric ward. She says we will make sure that no woman bear the pain which Nayantara had. She asks Savitri to inaugurate the ward. Savitri says veer and you are responsible for this happiness and asks them to cut the ribbon. Sanchi and Veer cut the ribbon. Veer says just like our relation got stronger, this hospital will be strong too.

The show ends on a happy note with everyone getting positive and Sanchi and Veer uniting for forever.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I stopped watching this show long back, as show lost its charm, but i am happy to watch its end, though it deserved better ending.. But atleast it doesn’t strech unlike some shows, which show same story all time..

  2. Thank you so much for ending this crap and as well for giving me a bunch of friends in India and outside India…. They have became my friends forever…. Thank you so much for giving me such a cute crush ever I had Vikram😆

  3. Just go to hell

    Finally yeh nautanki khatam hui

  4. Lokesh

    So it’s ended finally , a medical drama ends with supernatural things, anyways I watched it in initial 4 months only.
    At last actually all the evils win , Malhotra, Gayatri,ria even veer too, in mazak mazak he done vulgar things to defame Sanchi, like putting keys in patients pocket during x ray, etc.
    And gud members were not shown, the prgaya, Isha, and Jaya Mishra .
    Anyways gud to read atleast Kabir is alive till last.
    Dear Kanchi fans like me, stop hatred and give like to this update and a gud bid a Dieu.

  5. Hhh finally ye bakwas show khatam. Last episode main ek cheez badi acchi lagi Kabir ne jate jate veer see apana badla let Lisa usaki acche see pitaai karke agar 2-4 thappad sanchi ko bhi laga deta to accha that anyways I m happy ki ye worst show sasural sanchi ka end ho Gaya. Start kiya that medical show aur kya bana k end Kiya. Worst show that I have ever watched. At Last I’ll only say thank God khatam ho gaya ye bakwaas show.

  6. Thank God it ended….i am feeling so happy now….being a big fan of kanchi i was not able to watch sanveer….I must say this or not but this is the last message I am typing in this forum….I am sorry if I hurt anyone….at first I knew that varun is hero & after seeing initial episodes of kanchi i started liking the pair…afterwards I starting hating veer & slowly I started hating varun….even though I knew this is just a stupid drama but still I cant stop myself hating both swarda & varun….at this point i want want to say I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee varun & swarda….in future i will not watch any of their serial especially varun’s… more time i want to tell i hate u varun

    1. dear u said my thoughts….my sincere advice to vk “plz take retirement”

    2. Agree with you. I am big fan of vahe .but after watching this show and veer character first I hate veer pysco lover for that worst girl sachi as love sick puppy . He famous from this show as Tommie then slowly vk also .and sorry to say again never watch any show of varun kapoor.

  7. finally ended….very happy….being big fan of vikram seeing that horrible pair sanveer was a big torture…..

  8. Ha show tho katam huva but I miss ffs of kanchi

    1. Ur rite m also dam missing kanchi ff

  9. Mahi33

    Wow finally signed in relief bekar show katam hua aab iss show ki burae nahi karni padagi 🤗🤗

  10. Is sho k bad ek bat pta lgi
    2 murder ki saza maximum 2 hours ansu bahana hoti h.

    And I am feeling like doing murder of 2 people.
    1st story writer for writing such a crap.
    2nd producer for investing money in this crap.

    And yes,, I can cry for 2 days. Law will forgive me na!???

  11. Is sho k bad ek bat pta lgi
    2 murder ki saza maximum 2 hours ansu bahana hoti h.

    And I am feeling like doing murder of 2 people.
    1st story writer for writing such a crap.
    2nd producer for investing money in this crap.

    And yes,, I can cry for 2 days. Law will forgive me na
    Joking 😊😊😊!???

  12. Message given by this show ,, there is no importance of self respect

  13. 1 positive thing, all the actors have done brilliant job

  14. Yes finally this crap show ending most important thing cheapde Sanveer romance dekhne se chutkara mila varna kabir ko dekhne ke liye inn cheapado ko bhi bardasth karna padta .

  15. BaBa ji thullu👎👎👎

    Thank god at the last this show over .Happy for vikram sir free from this crap hope he come new show soon. Dr kabir is always in our heart. Memorable character. I know cv and writers ruin his character phir bhi .always love dr kabir

  16. I am a 1st year medico and Dr Kabir is the character which will always stay very close to my heart.During neet ug prep I used to see sdch just for him and sanprasa bond.Otherwise the show became total crap and illogical.But I will always remember Dr.Kabir forever.

  17. My first and last comment on this forum. Really happy it ended. Surprisingly i was also vk fan but started disliking his character. May be because of show writers. Yeah but i became a fan of vs. So bad was this show that it created a hatred between fans. Demoralized fl character. Mocked the institution of marriage love trust and justice.

  18. Jagruti Bhat


  19. I still feel yeah show katam higaya I can’t believe I miss kanchi

  20. kaanchi fans stop hating varun 😞😞😞😞😞😞

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