Maha Epi – Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: First Day In College, Naina surprises Sameer

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer driving the car and gives perfume and googles to Munna and Pandit. Munna sprays the perfume. Pandit teases Munna and says he will give a flower to a girl. Munna says he loves frock Pandit/Swati and will always love her. He says we will set you somewhere. Pandit says I will do my own setting. Munna says if Naina would have taken admission in our college then it would have been good. Sameer gets emotional and teary eyes and wears google to hide his tears. Song plays….Preeti tells that she will make a list of rich guys. Kamya says she will make them brothers and take gifts. Preeti says she will woo someone. Swati says she is missing Naina today. Naina waits for Anand and thinks if Patel college will take fees today. Anand and Rakesh come there. Naina asks him if he is coming too. Rakesh tells that he came for some work. Anand says now we have to walk till school. Rakesh’s 50 Rs note flies with air. It gets stuck on a woman’s saree. Rakesh takes note. A woman slaps him. Preeti, Swati, Kamya and other girl come to the college and give money to auto. They see girl applying lipstick and other girls walking wearing heels. Sameer, Munna and Pandit come to the college. Sameer asks watchman to open the gate and says they are first-year students. Munna and Pandit get happy.

Sameer imagines Naina in the college campus and he was thinking that Naina must be imagining him at another end. He stops the car and says it is not starting. Seniors come and tease him. Sameer says let’s come out and check. Munna asks them to go. Preeti signs Munna to come out of the car. She tries to open the car door and falls down. Her bag and tiffin fall down. Students gossip that she brought tinde to school. Principal comes there and asks why there is a crowd here. Watchman says a boy’s car stopped here, so you have to walk. Principal walks from there. Everyone greet her.

Woman threatens to call Police. The man says you have misbehaved with her. Rakesh says you don’t know who am I? The man says you don’t know who is she? She is principal of Patel College. Rakesh says it is good that you told and says he will not send his daughter to such college whose Principal is such. The principal says she will also give admission to a student whose father is like this. Naina looks surprised. Anand tells Principal that it is a misunderstanding and Rakesh himself is a teacher. Principal feels pity for him and leaves. Rakesh tells Anand that Naina will not go to Patel college. Sameer, Munna and Pandit push the car and bring to the parking lot. Watchman says Karthik’s car is parked here. He is trustees grandson. Pandit says Sameer is also a trustee’s grandson. Karthik comes there with his friend and teases Sameer and his friends. Pandit says he is a hero type.

Naina tells Anand that Rakesh is angry. Anand says I will take him to Patel college anyhow and asks Naina to go home. He tells Rakesh that they shall go to Patel college for Naina’s admission. Rakesh refuses to apologize to Principal. Anand says our daughter is competent and asks him not to be stubborn.

Preeti, Swati, and others come to class. Kamya introduces herself to her new classmates. Sameer, Munna, and Pandit come there. Priyank tells Sunaina that he was talking about them. Sunaina says what is wrong with you and points finger at Munna and pandit and says they are looking dhooba. She looks at Sameer and says he is very cute. Karthik asks her to get her eyes checked. Professor comes and asks students to sit. He writes a name on the board and asks them to read aloud. They all read the name. Professor says it is good that you can read. He asks whose name is this? Munna says it seems to be the names of three friends.

Professor says, duffer. He tells that his name is Jayesh Bhaumick Raval and asks them to call him JBR. He tells that today it is your first day and you might be thinking that girls are beautiful etc. Girls might be thinking what to wear. He tells that he teaches accounts and wants pin drop silence. He asks students to raise their hand who got less than 60 percent marks. Sameer, Preeti, Sunaina, Munna, and Pandit raise their hands. Professor says so many duffers and makes Sameer as CPR/Class representatives and says even I got less marks in class. Peon comes and calls Professor. Professor asks Sameer to take attendance and goes to meet Principal. Sameer takes attendance and says roll no 22. Naina comes and says, present sir. Everyone is happy and surprised. Sameer looks at her surprisingly. Naina smiles.

Professor comes and tells Naina that she has no place in his life as she came late, but as Principal gave her admission, he is letting her stay in his class. Naina thanks him and goes to sit with Swati and Preeti. Sameer is still surprised. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was a God’s sign to make her understand that she has to handle him. Munna signs Naina to go and sit with Sameer and he sits with Preeti and Swati. Sameer tries to move away and Pandit falls down. The professor goes again. Naina tells Sameer he might be thinking how she got admitted to this college. She tells everything and says it is God’s miracle. She tells that Shanti teacher recommended her and she got admission due to good marks. She asks Sameer to smile indirectly. Naina makes pen sound. Sameer tells Professor that the girl is troubling him. Professor asks her to leave the class. Naina goes out of class and gives a flying kiss to Sameer surprising him, and others. Pyaar me tere pagal huyi plays….She smiles and looks at him.

Professor leaves the class after bell rings. All students come out of class. Naina makes a plan with her friends to cheer Sameer. Munna and Pandit sing pyaar hua iqraar hua.. holding an umbrella in their hand in front of Sameer. Naina comes wearing dupatta as saree and sings the song. She sings and dance Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna kya… jai jai shiv shankar…..Munna and pandit sing gabbar singh kehkar gaya, Naina, Preeti, Swati, Kamya, and Neha join them. They are shown in different costumes. Naina sings ude jab jab zulfe tere…..Munna and Pandit sing khilona…song. The sing Ramaiyya wasta waiyya. Naina’s voiceover tells that they tried to cheer him singing songs for 3 days, and says first few days were like Chitrahaar program. Sameer sees them upset.

The song plays Aaya tha hero banke…..Sameer gets up from bench and gets some sound. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Bakwaas show…pehle Naina kitni acchi hua karti thi….ab to ek baar fail hone ke baad bhi koi change ni aaya hai

  2. Thanks Hasan for Ur update..
    No words to describe Mahaepisode…
    Definitely it is treat to watch.. After a longtime,I used to watch the episode repeatedly…
    Our show back with Charmness…
    Sunday makes me sad- how can I wait till Monday 10.30pm…?
    Eagerly waiting for Upcomings….

    1. yss right !! our original show is back wid its charm !! Sameer cares for Naina and his grnds but can’t express :-((( m just waiting for their reunion .. :-))
      sameer isn’t comfortable wid his sis SUNAINA .. bcz she doesn’t hv any quality n beauty like NAINA !! every inch n corner of his heart belongs to naina only !!

  3. Nice episode but I want sameer to be jealous and regret for naina

  4. Wow finally our show is back on track can’t get enough of this epi was too good naina’s flying kiss and sameer’s reaction was just priceless loved it hope our swag wala sameer will be back the dance was just amazing and the group bonding too sam will have a hard time avoiding this bold naina and hope to see jealous sameer too

  5. Lokesh

    Naina ne soch Liya hai ab wo padhegi nhi, poor thinking,songs were gud, Sameer our cr, gud that all Swati Preeti Kamya mundit are in same cllg. Exciting . Thanx hasan

  6. Fenil

    Naina’s flying kiss and Sameer reactions were priceless???????? Naina became bold now whereas sameer restricted himself ??.

  7. Hi .the college track is going on….fine I enjoyed it …..exciting in their eyes …..right …but the professor too much…u can call hin JBR sir…..sir may become friend …..not to throw chalk frequently….. first make them as friends…..nobody take first day lesson …..then and there mistakes ……leave it …..naina is obedient girl ….but al l. of a sudden she changed …..bcz of love ….. filmy types dance with back ground music where is record player..up to school track sensible…connectivity sequences the way of telling the story is good ……. but I enjoyed the children with colour ful dress

  8. March .april exam tension…after that. IPLis going on….now result new college school higher education admission…. this serial is teenage story …..they are busy with their life and some tv package no hindi channels south side .they ha ve choosen only limited channels … even sis daughter and I also watched on cell only …..but yesterday I forced my grandson to allow me towatch this at 8 pm. So many hurdles r there to get good trp ……after school reopen trp may be changed I think so ……. Don’t worry I watch both hindi and tamil version..I enjoy the show…. some time we need reality……

  9. sim. Sam deb lokesdh devi….fenil sinduja and others enjoy the weekend hi bye.

    1. Hi AB

      I refrained from commenting as one of this forum members, mentioned my comments were ‘unhealthy’. The member would know, who they are. I put in time to write a review and particularly make a mention that these are ‘ personal opinions’ and I think everyone is entitled to their opinions. I don’t just make make flippant remarks. Hope that member is now happy.

      However, as you mentioned my name, I wanted to thank you and couple of others, I think it was Lokesh, San and Sid earlier posts. All of you guys, thank you. I still read your comments, just don’t pen my thoughts. BTW while I am on the forum, want to mention that I would love to see Ashi’s TV Celebrity ranking forge ahead on India Forums. Randeep’s did. She dropped from No 10. to 27.:( As San mentioned she ‘nailed every act with appropriate expressions’.

      I am unsure, how they rate it but just a preliminary glance shows – See Ashi’s videos, plenty of likes on her twitter and insta pages, and perhaps comments may assist. Some of you may be more adept at these things. AB, San, Sid, Lokesh and Sai, I am thoroughly enjoying your interactions and chats. Love to read them. Carry On. More the merrier.

  10. Our show is back to the right track. Sad for samundit and Preethi. Kyunki uski entry kharab ho gayi. How many times that safari suit would have bet our sameer. His family members did not bet him. Pehli baar, us safari suit ko ek aurath road pe thappad maara. That was from my side, safari suit. He is only concerned of his respect. Not his daughter’s future ?. But chachaji, even though naina is not his daughter he cares for her like no one else. Aur Sameer ka reaction when naina entered the class. Naina ki pehli flying kiss ?. So cute ?. Even though after hearing the classes of taiji, ek percent bi follow nahi karti. Too bad. Ladkon se door raho. Sameer ki paas baito. Sometimes I feel that they are cheating the people those who trust them a lot. How many of u felt like that. Please reply.

    1. Understand your worries sid it will be very hard when chachaji n chachiji comes to know about naina’s love affair but all is fair in love n war ?they’ll convince them later for not obeying their taijis rule book

  11. I don’t like that jbr. He should be friendly with the students. Bad joke.. Mundit hilarious as always. I think that kartik will fall in love with naina. So we could see sameer’s jealousy.

  12. Yesterday I saw many videos in YouTube that yudkbh is going off air. I was literally shocked ?. It was due to the low trp. The deciding factor that our show would stay or not was the trp of Maha episode. Mundit also posted a video in which they said that please watch the Maha episode to save our show. In the comments list, many people supported them saying that we would definitely watch it in TV and increase the trp. I hope that all the yudkbh fans would have watched it. Please guys,pray that our show should continue.
    Hope our prayers will save our show because, now only it came into the right track. Monday, ragging special.

    1. I don’t know y they keep on creating this type of videos…… Our shows trp is 0.5(always stable) when compared to other shows in Sony tv, they’re literally going on diminishing to 0.3-0.2 but never heard or came across off air news of such shows but y YUDKBH only keeps on revolving around all social platform, it’s fake I hope so, but on lighter note if Sony tv decides to make such idiotic decision by keeping low trp rated shows n leaving our YUDKBH then its unfair….. They won’t do that because we’ve seen many promos relating to YUDKBH n promoting Salman Khan sir show, letter competition promotion all were done by samaina definitely they won’t do it…… N yeah naamkaran fandom few also started to watch YUDKBH from maha episode….. Happy to read positive comments from other shows fandom ?but lets all pray that trp should increase

  13. To be true I was frightened alittle because all were waiting for the maha episode n had several questions will it be upto the fandoms expectations, will it regain it’s charm back! Will trp be increased……. All such questions were thrashed in this maha episode, it was beyond the fandom expectations, not even a single moment I got bored, enjoyed thoroughly, had pain in my cheeks due to continues laughing…… Every bit sameer thinking about naina, hilarious college entry, duffer, roll no. 22 n naina’s mast entry n sameers shock look, mundit happy faces after seeing their bhabhi, n well finally the naina’s flying kiss in which fandom still can’t get out from it, still under major shock n surprise ??dance sequence everything was so damn freaking cute n they nailed it…..

  14. No words to describe aashi acting skill she nails everything, dance, eye expression……… Everything she’s actually a gem to this show not alone aashi every character randeep, ayesha, sanjay, ragav, kristina, hema……. Everyone are gem to this show…… Don’t be afraid guys our show won’t go off air it’s going to be a number one show soon n yeah soon its gonna happen……. Happy Sunday guys enjoys our YUDKBH maha episode on loop ?✌❤❤❤

  15. Oh my God!!! What an episode …. it was so amazing and nostalgic.. I just pray that this show continues… I am also teenager so I love to watch it very much.. this is the only show which I follow .. ????…

  16. The scenes were really cute …… especially Naina giving flying kiss and Rakesh getting slap frm tht principal. But i think problem will arise btw Naina and Sameer due to that Sunaina.Yeah I too want Kartik to love Naina so that we could see Sameer’s jealousy… atleast then Samaina will reunite…Precap was awesome..

  17. Amazing episode
    The show is regaining its charm back!!
    All the actors are doing really well. Sameer’s reaction when Naina entered the classroom.. and when Naina gave him the flying kiss was awesome. Naina and gang ka dance, Sameer ke saath flirt krna, aur Sameer ka unko end me udaas dekhna, it was all a treat to watch.
    And as for Rakesh, he deserved that slap. But he ended up doing good for his daughter.

  18. alok srivastava

    great show..i love Naina..

  19. Total dhamaal ……….loved it 🙂 🙂

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