Maha Epi – Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th August 2019 Written Episode: Kunal and Kuhu get married Update

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 24th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abir teasing Mishti. He says saying it is a formality, its said and heart many times. Mishti says you know, I felt that I m not ready to say this, then I felt you aren’t ready to hear this, I thought you hate me. Abir jokes. He says I can’t hate you. She says I never thought that a guy can be like you in real life, one who doesn’t doubt me, Rajshri used to tell me prince charming stories, I didn’t know my fairytale will turn true. He says praise me more, I m a complete package. She says you are doing this to make me smile. He says yes, you smiled. She says I smiled after a long time. Nidhi says Kuhu you have put your gathbandhan in fire. Parul says it happened by mistake, I will make it fine. Pandit says pheras got completed. Vishwamber says every relation

has to cross fire, I trust the children. They will give this agnipariksha. Jasmeet says we have hidden Kunal’s shoes and will take big nek from him. Nidhi asks Ketki about the shoes. Kunal and Kuhu do the rituals.

Abir says sorry Mishti, my mum… Mishti says its fine. He says you said that on her saying, my mum can see everyone’s mistake except her son’s mistake, she feels you were wrong, not Kunal, she is still angry on you, I m happy that you didn’t go, I stopped you. He thinks I can’t tell you that Kunal ran away from the marriage. He says come. She says no, I can’t go there, your mum and Kunal hate me. He says so let them get annoyed, hatred can be big, love will conquer it, its a challenge for me, people will raise questions on us, if we have someone to support us, we can do anything, we will win if we are together. She says this fight is with family, we have to win them, not defeat them. He says sure.

Pandit says groom shall make the bride wear mangalsutra. Nanu asks Kunal not to be shy. Kunal says no. Vishwamber asks won’t you make her wear mangalsutra. Mishti and Abir come home. She asks how will I convince Varsha, Vishwamber is angry on me. Abir says I can’t believe you hate Kuhu, I m ready to listen and understand you, we have much time, but we don’t have much time to attend this marriage, will you come with me. She says I don’t want to do anything that troubles them. He gives her the glass pendant. She asks what’s this. He says special gift for a special girl, you can make everything like before. He praises her. He makes her wear the chain and pendant. Saathiya….plays…. He asks her to see herself to get all the answers. He says I will be always with you to support you, come. They hold hands. Nanu says Abir will come. Meenakshi says yes, Kunal you make her wear mangalsutra. Nidhi gives the mangalsutra. Kunal makes Kuhu wear the mangalsutra. He applies the sindoor. Pandit says marriage got completed.

Rajshri says congrats. Vishwamber goes. Nidhi comes to room and says its such a loud room. She looks for Kunal’s shoes. She gets a note. She gets angry. She gets earrings as gift. Atul plays the flute. Rajshri sings khushiyaan bhi baatein…. Everyone sings. Kuhu imagines Kunal dancing with her. Everyone dances. Rajshri sees Mishti’s pic and cries. Vishwamber shows Mishti coming with Abir. Mishti hugs Rajshri, Vishwamber and Kuhu. Abir clicks their pics.

Abir says Mishti was feeling sad, she wanted to tell everyone why she did that, then we thought its Kuhu and Kunal’s day, nothing else is imp, right Maa. Mishti says I m sorry. Kunal says I need some fresh air. He goes. Abir says Mishti has to be here, I trust Maa, she will bring Kunal back. Meenakshi asks Kunal what is he doing. He asks what are you doing, its the same place where Mishti rejected me, I m going to get into an unwanted relation, you said Mishti will leave from our life, but this day has come. Meenakshi asks him to stop it. He says I have to bear this all life. Rajshri and Varsha look on. Nidhi and Jasmeet argue. Shaurya comes to Mishti. She says I didn’t wish to create problem for Kuhu, I came to apologize, I accept my mistake and want one chance to rectify it. Nanu says I m with Mishti, she did a mistake, we should give her a chance. Nidhi asks did Kunal run away again.

Vishwamber asks what do you mean. Rajshri says don’t hide anything from us, we know it. Meenakshi thinks if they say all this its a lie, Parul may tell the truth. Kunal asks what do you know. Varsha says mum wants to say, you are worried because of Mishti’s coming. Rajshri says we know you don’t like Mishti, but she is my daughter, Meenakshi can understand this. Meenakshi says mum’s love is big forgiveness. Rajshri says you are right, I m Mishti’s mum, its my right to forgive her, I m helpless, don’t spoil your mood today. Varsha says Kuhu isn’t at any fault, come back for Kuhu’s sake. Vishwamber asks what’s Nidhi saying. Ketki says I had run away on engagement day, that’s why mum joked. Nidhi says yes, it was a bad joke. Kunal comes back. Jasmeet runs with his shoes. She slips. Abir gets the shoe. Mishti says we have one shoe. Nanu says this game will be Mishti versus Abir. Mishti says no, we had to return shoes. Jasmeet says no, you spoiled my game, it was better you left. Mishti gives the shoe to Abir. He smiles. She takes both shoes from him and runs. Ananya asks Kuhu to smile now. Nanu asks couldn’t you handle shoes. Nidhi calls Abir foolish. Abir says sorry. Mishti asks Abir to come and take shoes. She laughs.

Kunal gets angry. He shouts enough is enough. Kuhu says I m sorry. Abir says no need, what’s this Kunal, Kuhu is apologizing to you on marriage day. Rajshri says everyone always thinks of girls on marriage day, but no one thinks about the groom, he would be worried too, Kunal didn’t eat any food. Ananya says sorry, I will just get the food. Abir asks Kunal why is he behaving like this. Kunal says its all over now. Abir says tell me what’s the problem. Kunal says fine, the marriage is getting completed as everyone wanted, then bidaai should happen. Nanu says he is dying to get his wife home. Nidhi gets shoes. Mishti says I m sorry, you are my brother in law now, don’t you think we should start a new relation now. Kunal thinks I had to make this relation because of you, I wish I didn’t meet you Mishti. Abir says please. Kunal eats sweets by Mishti’s hand. Meenakshi thinks at least Kunal isn’t angry on Abir. Nanu says we shall take family pics. Meenakshi sees her sons going. She comes to a room and cries. Ketki comes and asks you here. Meenakshi says actually, my eyes were burning by the smoke, rasam is over, we shall leave now. Ketki says I need to talk, Kuhu will come home, we should play special game, Abir asked Atul and me to decide, help me.

Meenakshi says I have an idea, you don’t tell anyone, I will give you a surprise. Ketki goes. Meenakshi says both my sons are upset with me, I won’t shatter, I swear to convince Abir first and then Abir will help me in convincing Kunal. She prays. Nidhi and Jasmeet argue. They all pose for the family pic. Mishti comes towards Abir. Rajshri asks Mishti to come to her. Abir goes towards Mishti. Nanu says everything went well. They take family pics. Abir holds Mishti’s hand.

Kuhu’s bidaai happens. Dehleez….plays…. She does the rituals and cries. Everyone hugs her. Kuhu says this house, room and family are yours, take care of everyone. Mishti cries and hugs her. She says you will have first right on everything, I will take care of everyone, I promise. Parul says we prayed to get the best life partner, we will take care of Kuhu a lot. Abir hugs Kunal and says it happened as it had to be, its your marriage, you should be happy today. Kunal says right. He goes to Nidhi and asks for shoe stealing ritual money. He says congrats Mishti, you won, please. He gives the money. He says I know I overreacted seeing you, this won’t happen again. She thanks him. He hugs her and says just do a favor, keep the money safe, when your sister fails in marriage and comes back home, it will be useful to her. Mishti gets shocked. Kuhu goes with Kunal. Mishti thinks why did Kunal say that.

Mishti says lets meet at new cafe. Abir says it would be our first official date. Kuhu says Kunal, at least talk to me. Kunal says this marriage and all weren’t part of the deal, I wasn’t in love with you, I will never be able to love you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. AbiShti moment r looking more cute [email protected] time fakira used to play @the time of bidaai and now it’s dilbaro… frankly speaking it’s more soothing and emotional. Even Kunal accepted now that meenu failed…gud…just what I needed…but their was nothing mahaan in the episode…does this kunal madly loves Mishti or he cannot see his brother with any girl???????why he was ready eyed…..why was so jealous ??????and what the hell Mishti was wearing in her ears….what kind of ???trishul it was????and why the hell this kunal is taking that rejection to another level….kuhu didn’t took that when meenu did so with her…he was also not angry with SHWET then why the hell Mishti is to be blamed again and again….whole one episode was was little bit waste….and the climax was more annoying….why kunal is digging his own grave????????????

    Precap-oh wow!!!!!!!???? Kunal showed his standard…Monday is gonna be shown maha episode…and AbiShti’s date????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Mishti's Bestie

    Right now I just want to say one thing F**K YOU KUNAL. YOU ARE SUCH AN ASSHOLE. YOU ARE NOT EVEN A MAN, YOU MAMMA’S BOY. YOU ARE A F*****G PIECE OF SHIT.???????.

    Feeling so bad for Kuhu for the first time. She was so happy for her wedding ????
    And that Mushkil hug at the end?????.

    I hope ki Abir and Mishti sab sambhal lein.

  3. Feeling pity for kuhu.waiting for .

  4. What else I have come to know that is —
    The ongoing track of Yeh Rihstey Hai Pyaar Ke is high on drama. Kunal has shown his true colors to Kuhu. As he was forced to get married, he refuses to accept Kuhu as his wife, which shocks Kuhu. She realizes what a selfish person is Kunal. Kuhu blames Mishti for all the bad in her life without even knowing about Meenakshi and Kunal being the real masterminds.

    In the upcoming episode, Kuhu comes to know that Kunal doesn’t love her and just used her to fulfill his motives. She regrets falling in love with Kunal and realizes Mishti’s real worth.

    And I’m really really really xcited for this???????????

  5. Waiting for Monday’s episode to know Kuhu’s thought for Misti after knowing the truth. Will she blame Misti again or will understand that whatever Misti did till now she did that for her. That she never felt or treated her like Kuhu did with Misti.

  6. Just loved Abir & Mishti cute moments ❤️? Kunals behavior & face when he was getting married was like someone who was constipated ????? He is the most retarded a*sh*le !!!! Who does he think he is He has a huge chip on his shoulders Thinks he is Prince Charming that there will be a line of girls after him Guy has no personality he has been molded by Meenakshi who is not even his biological mother hence illegitimate like Kuhu On the other hand Abir is the better real son Does Kunal even knows the meaning of romance take lessons from Abir He is behaving with Kuhu like a spoilt brat Can’t waiting for the day when he gets to know his real mother He could do with a good slapping by Kuhu for treating women like that disgusting Just hope now Kuhu who has been annoying gets bit mature & confined with Mishti who can help her Guess this will bring the sisters closer MishAbir going on their first official date cute Well let’s see what B.B. has planned in her devious brain Hard to believe they run a multimillion travel agency but their thoughts & views of family & relationships are from the stone age ????

  7. Love mishti and abir scenes they are so cute together. Can’t wait to see their first date ?? kunal is seriously irritating me i feel like slapping him evertime I see him ??

  8. I am really excited for kuhu’s post marriage look cuz I never seen her in sarees. And her look is more exciting just because of her permed hair. And why Misti is always shown in simple dresses only. The Hens party was the only event when she was actually looking really nice and glamorous at same time. But I really like her earrings, like the one we are seeing from the episode one (which gave her name of Earring wali Ladki), second she worein this episode & third she wore on kuhu’s gordhana.

  9. makers ruined the show # bakwass

    1. For you Yes cuz they didn’t let ur fav Jodi Kuhu and Abeer be together. Now Kuhu is Kuhu Kunal Rajvans ?????.

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