Maha Epi – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik takes a stand

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik thinking how to convince Naira. He comes to Naira. She says fifty percent chances are much for us, we will have our baby. He says we can’t take the risk of losing your life, I can’t lose you. She asks can you lose the child, motherhood is a new life. He says don’t be emotional, I won’t agree, its our baby, I will also take a decision, don’t be adamant. She says you don’t be stubborn, I also have a right, you aren’t fulfilling my big wish, what’s this love. He says this baby can’t come, that’s final. She cries. They leave.

Devyaani and Bhabhimaa ask Kirti to give them jobs as assistants. Kirti says you are my guides, you got the job. They get glad and hug. Kirti asks them for sweets. Naksh comes and asks for some job. Kirti

asks what will you do, will you do the job, I heard you are director of Singhania diamonds. He says yes, I manage Krishna restaurant as well. She says then your job is also fixed. He thanks her. They have a laugh. Dadi takes special care of Naira. Kartik looks on.

Naira takes the other juice glass meant for Surekha. Kartik talks to doctor and says I will call you back. Naira imagines Kartik happy having their child, she runs to him. He disappears. She cries. Kartik comes to her. He apologizes to her. She says sorry, I can’t do this, I want this baby, I can’t lose this baby, I think that if I lose my baby, I won’t be able to survive. She cries and runs to her room. Kabhi chod jaate…plays… Kartik gets tensed thinking about losing her. He cries and says I will take this decision, nothing is more imp to me than this baby or dream, I can’t tolerate if anything happens to you. He signs the form and calls the nurse. He says you can inform the doctor that we will come in the morning. Nurse says you need to take Naira’s sign on the form as well. He says fine. He checks the form and signs on Naira’s behalf. He says I love you baby, I wouldn’t have let this happen if I could control this, I can’t take risk with mumma’s life, I hope you and your mumma forgive me. Naira sits crying. He says sorry….

Naira goes to rest. Kartik thinks I don’t want to do anything without telling you, please wake up. He reads Akshara’s diary and reads about the baby. He gets emotional and sees Naira. He cries. He goes out of the room and sits crying on the stairs. Manish sees him. Kartik asks did you not sleep yet, its too late. Manish says its late for you too, all okay? Kartik says yes. Manish says you are lying to me. Kartik asks how did you feel when you were becoming a father. Manish says good, Soumya’s pregnancy was complicated, she was highly diabetic when you were about to be born, I felt that we weren’t able to save the baby, elders say that every baby gets his own destiny, you proved this right, Akhilesh asked me to abort the child, Priyanka fought with me and got worried for Soumya, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t afraid, fear will accept defeat if our belief is stronger, we can just pray, if we have prayers and love of family, nothing will happen to mumma and baby. Kartik hugs him and cries. Manish asks him to go and sleep.

Kartik says I didn’t think I will change my decision, we both love the baby, we won’t let anything happen to baby, I also care for baby a lot, I have changed. He keeps the signed form in the file. He says I will tell you everything in morning and tear the papers, I won’t let anything happen to you and baby, I promise you, I will also love the baby. He cries seeing Naira.

Its morning, Naksh asks Kirti to get up and check the sensational news. He says congrats, the online store has liked your proposal, they want to work with me. She hugs him and thanks. She asks about the company details. He says I don’t know about details yet, once we sign up, we can’t back out, it will have legal issues, we will be professional, we will start the work. She agrees and hugs him.

Kartik looks for Naira. He says I m getting breakfast ready, come fast, we have to go for tests to check baby’s growth. She says I m ready, you can use the washroom, come fast. Akhilesh comes. He says I need some file, where is Kartik. She says he is in washroom. He says I will find it. He takes the same file and goes. Kartik says Naira will be happy hearing that my decision is same, we will pray for baby and then Lord has to listen to me. Akhilesh says there are some hospital papers, take this. Naira checks it and sees the abortion form signed. She gets shocked. Kartik says we are on one side now, all the stress has gone, its baby’s magic. Naira cries. Devyaani asks Kirti not to take tension and focus on legal matters. Naksh says nothing wrong will happen. Devyaani says people have fake faces these days, don’t worry. Aditya is seen. He says if the designers are final, then start the work. Naira sees Kartik and tries to talk. Dadi comes and asks them to come for puja. Kartik says we have to go to hospital.

Dadi asks Naira to come with her for preparations. Kartik says I will plan something cute to please Naira and baby. He checks for the file and doesn’t find it. He says what if Naira checks the file, what will she check. Naira has the paper with her. Kartik comes and asks Manish about the file. Dadi asks him to come fast. Kartik sits in the puja. Naira is upset. Kartik says keep a small puja, we have to go to hospital. Dadi agrees. Kirti says I have sent the mail, I should get confirmation today. Aditya gets the mail about Naksh and Kirti. He smiles and says its said that the world is small and we meet the old people, I didn’t know we will meet them so soon. Dadi says we will take prasad for Naira. Surekha gets hiccups seeing kids. Manish comes to Dadi and asks what’s happening, times have changed, you are discriminating between boys and girls, what will happen if Kartik knows this. Dadi says Kartik’s kundli has just one child, its imp to have a baby boy, I m not doing wrong to pray to Lord, your family needs a heir to manage this business, you can tell Kartik and Naira, or else respect my puja and cooperate, I m going to take blessings for them.

Kirti and Naksh have a cute moment and hug. She asks did you tell Naira. He says no. She says I will call her up. Naira gets her call and says we are in car, Kartik and Dadi are with me. Kirti asks how are you. Naira says I m better. Kirti says ask Kartik to prepare breakfast for you, Naksh does so. Naksh greets Dadi. He says Naira, we husbands take care of wives and children, wives do the big work and we just support. Kirti says this support means a lot. She says I got a big offer from an online designer company. Kartik says congrats. Kirti says we are waiting for the final confirmation. Kartik messages Kirti to ask Naira to come to garden cafe, since he has a surprise for her. Kirti asks Naira to come to cafe, its a treat. Naira says no. Kirti and Naksh insist her. Dadi asks Naira to go and meet them. Naira agrees. Kartik smiles. They reach the temple and do puja. Kartik thinks I was doing wrong, I have realized this, thanks Lord for saving me, I will always take care of baby and Naira. Naira thinks why isn’t Kartik keeping the hope. Kartik thinks I m with you. She thinks I m confused about this.

Naira goes for abortion. Kartik waits for Naira at the cafe. She messages him that she is undergoing the abortion. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naitik & Akshara looks natural & acting also natural, but dis kartik & naira doing overacting there is no interest to watch this serial because of them especially naira’s character,makers showing much importance to her only.

    1. You are correct.

      Akshara left the show because of Naira and the importance she was given. Getting sick of this show, that I used to like because of Akshara and Naitik. ;(

  2. Akshara & Naitik looks natural & acting also natural but naira& kartik’s looks overacting,there is no interest to watch dis serial especially naira character the makers are giving much importance to her only

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