Maha Epi – Shakti 13th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeto agrees to make Virat as Heer’s protector

Shakti 13th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Virat seeing the shooter and runs to save Heer. He makes her fall on the road with him for her safety. The bullet hits on the plants. Virat runs behind Soham. Soham is running on the road and turns to hit Virat. Virat hits him back. Soham and Virat starts fighting and hit each other. Virat manages hold his neck and pulls his mask, but Soham keeps his forehead mask down on his face and hits Virat. Virat doesn’t see him. Soham runs away. Heer comes there and asks who was he? Virat says I don’t know and asks if she is fine? He keeps his hand on her shoulder and holds her hand asking her to come home. Heer brushes off his hand and says you are not my boyfriend or husband who is holding my hand and asking me to come home. She says you can go home and asks him to keep distance. Virat says I don’t know about boyfriend or husband, but I want to be your friend. He says I want to protect you like I had protected you just now, I have saved your life and you are scolding me rather than thanking me. Heer says you can see that you have protected me today, but didn’t you see that you have killed me many times before. She asks him to think about it first. She starts walking and asks him to leave her dupatta and asks what is this misbehavior on the way. Virat comes infront of her. Heer turns and looks at her dupatta stuck with the wires on the stone. Virat smiles. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..They go separate ways. Virat says why is she having so much attitude and tells that even he is stubborn. He gets Jharna’s call and she asks who is she? He tells that he has come to temple to take blessings for their haldi and marriage. She says so cute and asks him to come home. Virat says I will come in 5 mins. He sees Heer going and thinks he can’t let her go alone.

Heer comes home. Raavi asks her to freshen up and says I will serve food for you. Shanno gets upset and thinks she got saved again. Preeto asks her to stop and asks why there is mud on her clothes. She holds her dupatta and asks how did it tear? Heer thinks she can’t tell anyone about the bullet shot and thinks everyone will get worried. She tells that she had slipped from temple stairs and fell down. She says she didn’t get hurt, but her dupatta got torn. She says just the matter is this much. Virat comes there and says she is lying? Preeto looks at Virat. Virat comes inside. Heer asks why you have come here, why you have followed him and asks him to go for his haldi ritual. Virat says I didn’t come to talk to you. He says he wants to talk to uncle and aunty. Heer says nobody wants to talk to you here and asks him to go and don’t waste time. Preeto asks Virat to say. Virat tells that today morning, someone shot at Heer, but I was there at that time and that’s why she got saved. Everyone is shocked. Raavi asks if she is fine? Heer says yes. Virat tells that he tried to catch the culprit, but he had eloped, but I got his mask. Rohan comes there and tells Sindhu that he brought her stuff. He sees Virat and says you came again. Preeto says someone shot at Heer again. Rohan asks Heer if he is fine? Heer says yes.

Preeto asks where is Soham and calls him. Soham comes there and pretends to just woke up. He asks what happened? Virat says someone fired at your sister and you was sleeping. Soham asks Heer if she is fine and asks why she had gone alone. He asks Rohan where was he? Rohan asks where was you? Soham asks what Virat is doing here. Preeto says who has fired at Heer, we have to find out, who was he? She says Kareena was not here, so who shot her. Heer asks Virat to go home and tells that he has nothing to do with her, says it is their matter. Virat says Heer…..I care for you and my concern will not end for you if you ask me to. He says I am not wrong, like you think of me. Soham asks what do you want from us and grabs her collar. Virat sees injury on his neck and identifies Soham. He asks him, how did you get this injury? Soham asks him to mind his business. Virat says I will keep an eye on you from now onwards. Virat goes out.

Heer says don’t know what he thinks of himself and tells that he came to temple to befriend her, tells that she prefer to be shot by someone, but don’t want Virat’s friendship. She goes. Preeto says if Virat had not saved her then Heer would have died. Jharna calls Virat and says you said that you will call in 5 mins. She says make a video call, I want to see where are you? Virat says I am not calling you, you wait or start getting haldi applied. He says I will apply haldi after coming home and ends the call. Jharna gets upset.

Virat calls Preeto and tells that he is standing out, tells that he wants to talk to her, says as Soham and Heer was inside, so you, Harak uncle, Rohan, Sindhu and Raavi come out. He says he wants to talk something important. Jharna tells that Virat refused to make a video call. Sant Baksh asks her not to control him much and says he might go to Heer. Parmeet says don’t think like this. Jharna asks Gurwinder to ask Virat if he had gone to meet Heer. Parmeet says she will do. Gurwinder nods her head.

Preeto, Harak Singh and others come out. Preeto asks what do you want to say? Virat says give Heer’s hand in my hand, I want to support her always. Preeto, Harak Singh, Rohan and others get shocked. Preeto reminisces Harman. Sindhu shouts Virat and asks what are you saying, you are getting married to someone and saying this. Today is your haldi. Virat says I don’t need to marry Heer to become her rakshak and to support her. He says when Rohan gets married, then will he stop leaving supporting Heer, No. He says I know that when you tell Heer’s truth to her then you will support her strongly like the walls in the house. He says I know, but the outside world will be against her and then she needs support, I want to become her shield…Shakti song plays……

Preeto slaps Virat. Virat smiles and says wah Preeto aunty…when I was ready to tell the world about Heer’s truth, you threatened to shoot yourself and when I am ready to support you and Heer, you have slapped me. Rohan says whatever you are thinking is not possible. Virat goes to side of the road and picks the brick piece kept there. He draws the line on the road, outside their house. He asks them to think that Heer is standing on the line and he is standing at this side of the road with all the people who are against her, and few people at the other side who wants to support Heer. He comes inside the line and tells that he wants to support you all, as the other side of world are Heer’s enemies. Shakti song plays…Harak Singh says your thinking is good, but society doesn’t agree for this and tells that people fail infront of society sometimes. Virat says ok, just as you think right. He starts walking. Preeto thinks of Virat saving Heer and asks will you befriend Heer before we tell her the truth. Virat comes back and tells that surely, but he needs their help. Preeto says we will help you. Harak Singh says what are you saying? Preeto asks Virat to go home for now as today is his haldi. Virat goes home. Harak Singh asks what did you say? Preeto says we are just few people, until when we will protect Heer. Sindhu says but what about his own life, if Virat will be able to live peacefully. Preeto says even Rohan and Soham can’t live peacefully, but I have to be a bit of selfish for Heer.

Virat comes home holding balloons, flowers and chocolates and calls Jharna. He tells that today is the beginning of their lives and that’s why he brought balloons so that she stays happy, chocolates so that you talk sweety like it, and flowers so that you blossom like them. Jharna gets happy. Virat says sorry for talking rude on phone call. Jharna says so sweet. He says I will get ready and then we shall start the rasams. Jharna asks Gurwinder to go and talk to Virat. Parmeet says why it is needed, as he talked to you nicely and brought gifts too. Jharna says she just wants to be sure. Gurwinder goes to talk to Virat and closes the door. After sometime, she comes out of his room and tells that Virat had gone to meet Heer.

Jharna gets furious and goes out of the house. She comes to Harak Singh’s house and calls Heer, asking her to come out. Heer and others come out. Heer asks her not to shout and tells that this is her house. Jharna asks why are you after Virat, I didn’t marry him till now and you became my sautan? She asks why you are behind him. Heer says I am not behind him, but he is behind me. She asks him to go and shout at him. Jharna says Virat’s intentions are bad and your intention is good. She tells that she knows everything, I knew that his ring was with you and says if your intention is good then prove it. Heer asks how? Jharna says then attend all my marriage functions and enjoy it. She says if I found you genuinely happy then I will believe that your intention is good. Heer is shocked. Everyone looks on. Preeto tells Raavi that I had told Virat to befriend Heer, may be this is his trick. Virat thanks Gurwinder for telling Jharna whatever he asked her to tell and says I am sure that Heer will say yes being egoistic. Heer tells Jharna that she will attend all her rasam with genuine smile and asks her to please leave. Jharna says I will see you at the wedding. Shanno smirks. Heer tells Preeto that her studies will not be disturbed and asks her not to worry. Preeto says if you will go surely. Heer tells that she is Harak Singh and Harman Singh’s blood and will not back off.

Preeto gets Virat’s call. Shanno and Soham get doubtful. Preeto goes away and picks Virat’s call. Virat asks if Heer agreed to come. Preeto says yes. Virat asks them to come also and ends the call. Gurwinder asks why did you invited her family? Virat tells that Jharna and Heer reacted as he thought and tells that he has to find out who is attacking Heer, says she has many enemies and I have to find them one by one. He says Heer has to write this exam, once she gets the job then….Gurwinder asks why don’t you marry her Virat…Virat looks tensed. Gurwinder goes out. Virat then calls Mallika/Saya and tells that Preeto and Heer are coming to his house to attend his haldi ceremony and tells that he needs her help. Jharna comes back and tells Parmeet that she had gone to invite Heer Singh. Parmeet asks if she is fine and asks what she will do by coming here. Virat comes downstairs. Jharna says your son meets her secretly and if she comes here and attend the rasams then I will know what is exactly going on. Virat asks why do you think that we have something between us and asks why does she doubt? He says you are my would be wife. Jharna says haldi will happen after Heer comes. Sant Baksh says let her come. Virat says ok dad, just as Jharna thinks right.

Heer asks her family members, why everyone is ready to come with her. She says Jharna invited me and called me sautan, why you are so much ready, you can’t come. Preeto says just Rohan and I are coming. Heer asks why you want to that house, where you couldn’t become samdhi. Preeto says Jharna should have thought about this and tells that she will not let her go alone due to the attacks on her. Soham comes ready and says lets go. Heer says why you all want to become Abdullah deewana. Rohan says everyone wants to go for you. Heer says lets go. They all come to Sant Baksh’s house. Parmeet greets them and says we couldn’t become the relatives, but as our would be bahu wanted, you became guest and we became host. Preeto says your would be bahu has challenged Heer and invited us. She says we have to come her to tell that we have no problem with this alliance. She says how to send our daughter alone to your house. Virat welcomes them and says please come. Preeto and Heer sit down.

Virat asks Rohan and Soham to come inside. Rohan says we have come to drop Heer and Nani and will wait outside. Simran comes and asks them to atleast drink sherbet. Soham says no. Rohan smiles. Simran asks if I come to your house then will you make me go without having anything. Rohan says you said right. Simran asks them to come. They come inside and sit on the sofa. Then they take the juice and drink. Soham goes out. Preeto signs Rohan. Rohan also goes out. Virat looks at Heer. Heer also looks at him. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..Jharna and Parmeet notice this. Jharna comes to Virat and asks him to come as haldi rasam is going to start. Virat sits with Jharna for the haldi rasam. Heer gets upset and recalls her haldi rasam. Naseeba song plays……..Virat and Jharna look at each other. Gurwinder brings the haldi bowl and her foot gets twisted and she slips. Some of the haldi falls on the floor and some spills on Heer’s face. Parmeet scolds Gurwinder and says she has done inauspicious thing. Heer tells Parmeet that even she had applied haldi, but nothing happened. She says this is all superstition and asks her to think positively and says everything will be good. Parmeet goes angrily. Gurwinder thanks Heer for taking a stand for her. Heer says anytime. Gurwinder asks her not to think about the past. Virat and Heer look at each other.

Precap will be added later after the episode airs on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This show is overplayed time to put it out of its misery… can you imagine a guy falls in love with a girl then finds out she doesn’t have girl parts… this show makes 0 sense both Heer and that one before her went to school – they should know their bodies are not normal, this show just praises deception. If it was about a guy falling in love with a kinnar who understands that they are hybrid and doesn’t hide it – that would be beautiful. This show is BS and the producers can go screw themselves with the rotten end of a pineapple. Make a show about people who know who they truly are not this hide and seek blo*dy game – Harman’s life was fuuccckkkeeedddd since he met Saumya, now if he knew what she was and she knew what she was before marriage and all that crap maybe their story would have taken a different turn

  2. Shaheera Khan

    they are playing the same track again ,why can’t they try to find a solution about it ,looks like they are still living in very olden days .

  3. Precap Kahan hai?
    H Hasan ji kripiya add kre…..

  4. Guess the episode has aired on TV… AUTHOR, TEAM where is the precap?
    Upload it

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