Maha Epi – Maharana Pratap 18th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 18th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap says I should have killed you long back. I made a mistake. DB asks him to let them all go. Please forget the past. Tara Bai asks them all to back off. Pratap too tells everyone to step back. No one will attack them. The soldiers oblige. Pratap looks at the soldiers who are standing in a corner all set to charge on Tara Bai. He hits her with a stone and the soldiers attack DB. She falls on the floor. Raimal and Jagmal are shocked. Pratap talks about rectifying his mistake. I shouldn’t have left you alive. Raimal steps in between. It was all Tara Bai’s plan. Pratap talks about killing them both. Chundavat ji stops them. You are a Rana now. You have to follow the right path. Pratap drops his sword. I am ashamed to call you my brother today. He takes his Choti Ma with him.

Hakim Khan wants to stop for a minute to attend nature’s call. Maan Singh is getting impatient. Hakim Khan tells him to open his chains. I saved you and your horse after all. Maan Singh gets his chain free. He wonders how the Afghans stay in such a place and call recall every nook and corner. I would not be able to remember anything if I stay here. Hakim Khan moves away seeing the way clear.

Pratap gives water to DB. Are you alright? She starts acting again. I don’t know how he could try to kill his mother again. I loved him so much! He thinks that she was blinded by her love for Jagmal. You never noticed his flaws. I was going to punish him the day he shot you but your motherly love saved him. you repeated it a few days back. She says sorry to him. I am your culprit. I have always discriminated between you and him. I have always been embarrassed while doing so. He tells her to leave the past. She keeps on talking. I had to join hands with Akbar for his sake. The entire world thinks that it is the act of an opportunist mother. I was helpless before my son. He counters her. Why did you have to support that traitor and plan against your motherland? I want to know! She replies that he was compelled. Your father’s last wish was that I should look after Jagmal and make him a good person. He left this letter for you. I couldn’t give it to your earlier. Pratap is shocked to read it. I want you to take care of the citizens just like a good father. Show the right path to everyone including Jagmal. I know you want to punish him time and again. Be lenient to him while thinking of any punishment for him. Respect DB for life if you can. DB very cleverly asks him about the letter. Don’t give any other chance to Jagmal. Give him death sentence. She thinks that the nail has hit the

Amar wants to know about what happened with Tara Bai. I wont eat until you tell me. She refuses to tell him anything. He walks out of the room. Ajabde thinks that she only made him this curious and now she only is diverting them. She goes out to look for him. Amar is talking to Phool. She is telling him about the incident and feeding him dinner. Ajabde tells him to leave. I want to talk to my friend. Ajabde reprimands Phool for wasting food. I know how to keep my family disciplined. Why are you feeding him? what about the dinner that I have kept in my room? She leaves. Phool is hurt. Ajabde thinks of JB’s words and of the proximity between Phool and Pratap. She comes to temple. JB’s words echo in her head. You have to help Choti Rani get her rights. Ajabde apologizes to Rani Ma. I hurt Phool. I promised you that I will help Phool get her place. I don’t know why I am failing to do so. I am sorry. I could not fulfil my promise to you.

Next day, Akbar questions Maan Singh as to how he let go of Hakim Khan. Maan Singh is all wounded. Akbar is very much angry with Maan Singh. Hakim Khan did a fab job. He should have done something because of which you were left with no clothes at the moment. Yours and mine state would be similar then. Maan Singh requests him for one chance. I will prove it that you dint make any mistake by trusting me. I will get you Pratap and Hakim Khan’s (HK) head. I will also get Udaipur for you. Let me lead in this war. I will get hold of all 3 of them. I promise you. Akbar leaves for Agra.

HK is on his way to Udaipur.

In the courtroom, Pratap sits on the throne. Jagmal and Raimal are brought there all chained up. Their crimes are spoken about in the courtroom loudly before giving them any punishment. Acharya suggests giving them death penalty. All the courtiers support them. Pratap thinks of his father’s letter. Acharya is surprised to see him quiet. Such traitors should be punished. Pratap says you all are thinking in the right direction but I got hold of a letter from my late father. I want to read it out loud before you. I will accept whatever you will say then. He reads the letter loudly. Don’t think that I will have any special place for Jagmal or anyone. I still have the same feelings for them which I feel for my enemy (Akbar). But this letter has put me in dilemma. Should I overlook my late father’s last wish for justice, rules and dharma? Chundavat ji talks on everyone’s behalf. Now we don’t have any question. We want our Rana ji’s soul to rest in peace. Pratap thanks them all. Jagmal has misbehaved with his mother and motherland. I would have killed him even before the courtroom assembled but they both will stay alive. They will certainly be punished. He banishes them from Udaipur. If they are found inside Mewar again then they should be killed. I give my CHoti Ma her position of Rani Ma again by giving respect to my late father’s letter. He tells Jagmal that their father’s last wish saved him today. I wont leave you alive if I ever see you again. Don’t forget it ever!

DB meets Jagmal and Raimal at a secluded place. Jagmal says we are leaving. He thanks her for all her help till date. Raimal smiles at his childishness. You think your mother is not smart? DB points out that their death penalty turned into banishment because of her only. Jagmal touches her feet. You are great! Where should we go now? She says you will go to Akbar. She gives him a letter. Give it to Akbar. Jagmal gets excited. She says this is the last chance of killing Pratap. You wont get it again. He promises to make full use of it. DB tells Raimal to take care of her son. He is my life. Raimal assures her that nothing will go wrong with Jagmal till he is there. They both leave on a cart. DB picks up some sand. I vow Pratap that I will not sit peacefully till I get you banished from Mewar and get my son his throne back.

HK is on his way to Udaipur. He had overheard the soldiers talking about Haldi Ghaati war. He is feeling dizzy / exhausted. He somehow reaches Udaipur but calls out loudly for Pratap before fainting.

Vaid ji takes care of HK. He coughs while Vaid ji gives him water. Pratap asks him to rest. HK tells Pratap about Akbar’s plan. He is preparing for the biggest fight against you. It will be fought in Haldi Ghaati. Pratap remarks that he was expec ting Akbar to fight against him. I did so much against him recently. I freed Rani Durgawati and then got Phool away from him. I was sure he will prepare to avenge for his insult. Now I think I will have to make all preps for this war. HK points out that maybe his arms and ammunitions wont be enough. Pratap talks about calling an emergency meeting. He invites HK with him if he is feeling well. HK gets up to go with him.

Pratap tells his courtiers about the Haldi Ghaati war. Akbar will have a large army, too much time to make preps for the war. Acharya says it wont be easy for him to win this war. In case he does, we will lose Udaipur. Haldi Ghaati is our only safety point. Pratap says our army is very small comparatively to his army. Even our weapons are pretty less. We have to commander to lead us as we don’t have a capable leader like Shakti with us. I am missing him very much today.

Shakti fights with someone and wins. He gets one coin as a reward. Maan Singh calls it less for what all he is actually capable of. You deserve more. Shakti asks him to come to the point.

Pratap talks of one solution. If we try to unite the neighbouring states whoever is against Akbar then we can win. HK says we have less soldiers now after that Mughal’s attack but we are still strong on our mission. Rana Punja too supports Pratap. It is very important for us that Mewar stays free and independent. We will support you till the end. Pratap gets hopeful. We have such strong fighters on our side. This place is ours. The enemy is challenging us in our land only! It is time to begin the preps for the war. We should not let those Mughals get hold of Haldi Ghaati. This is our motherland and will be always ours! They all say Jai Mewar in unison!

Precap: Maan Singh asks Shakti to join them. Shakti meets Akbar. Acharya reads a letter in which it is written that Jagmal will stand with Maan Singh in the war.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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