Maha Epi – Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi assures Prachi to prove her innocence, Rhea in big trouble

Kumkum Bhagya 20th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pragya taking the call from Inspector. Abhi says hello. Just then the line gets disturbed. Pragya says officer, can you hear me? Inspector takes the call. Abhi tells Inspector that something is not right, someone wants to trap Prachi. She didn’t bring drugs with her, so someone must have kept it. He says something is wrong. Inspector says if you have doubt then I will ask that officer to send the footage for forensic test. He talks to Subodh and asks him to send the footage to forensic department. Subodh says ok. Inspector says there is no chances. Pragya tells that she will bail her out. She gets down from the jeep. Subodh asks Abhi to find some other proofs and not to depend on this proof. Rhea gets happy hearing this and says I am saved. Abhi comes and calls her. He asks

her to come and meet him in the room.

Disha talks to the receptionist and asks her to show her form. Receptionist refuses and says Doctor asked me not to show your form to you. Disha asks why? She says this ring is very expensive, if you tell me then I will return this ring to that person and thank him. Receptionist shows the form to Disha. Disha sees the form and is shocked to see Purab’s name. She recalls their marriage etc and returns the form to Receptionist.

Purab takes Aaliya to room and asks her to rest. Aaliya holds his hand. He says he needs to make urgent calls and have to go. She asks did you tell anything in the house. Purab says no. Aaliya says it is our first secret. She kisses his hand and asks where is his marriage ring. Purab tells her that he gave it to jeweller. He says it was loose. Aaliya says I don’t take care of you properly. He asks her to rest and leave. Aaliya thinks she always wanted to get attention by him.

Abhi asks Rhea if she will tell herself and says I have seen something in the footage. He asks do you have any connection in whatever happened with Prachi. Rhea says why will I do anything? Abhi says you always had problem with Prachi and says I will show you what I have seen in the footage. Vikram comes and asks what? Rhea gets worried. Abhi says I have seen this guy and took his pic. He shows Nishant’s pic and asks who is he? Rhea says I really don’t know. Abhi asks then why you are tensed. Vikram says she is a girl and asks her to go. Abhi says she did wrong with Prachi twice. Vikram says she doesn’t know him. Abhi says then who knows. She says Ranbir also doesn’t know him then who has invited him. He says I will go to police station to see what to go, says this case is very messy.

Pragya is in the lawyer’s office and calls Sarita behen. She thanks her for sending the money. Lawyer’s assistant comes and says Sir is coming. Pragya asks what did judge tell? She asks did you get the bail or not. Lawyer comes and says no, judge rejected the bail plea. Pragya says how he can do this. Lawyer says Judge can give bail to thief or dacoit, but will never give in drugs case. He says we will apply in high court. Pragya asks him to come. He says it will be closed now.

Dimpy tells Shaina that Rhea’s dad is smart and will catch their lie. Shaina says even she shall be saved. Rhea comes there and says her dad confronted her and asked her and would have knew that I am the culprit seeing my tensed face and says Vikram came and saved her. She says I knew that Dad will feel bad, but don’t know he will do this. She says why she is after my dad and says she is happy that Principal rusticated her from the college.

Nishant calls Rhea at the coffee shop at 3 pm and says he wants to talk to her something. Rhea tells her friends that he sounded odd. Nishant tells her Uncle that he will talk to her and blackmail her to give more money. He says if she don’t agree then I will tell in her college that she is the culprit and will also tell her dad.

Ranbir is playing in his mobile while sitting in the police station. His football goes to Inspector. Inspector asks him if all Mehras are mad. Ranbir says Chief is not mad and I am not Mehra, but Kohli. Inspector says now you will say that you are Virat kohli’s relative. Ranbir says I am not his relative and if I was his relative then also wouldn’t have taken his name. Inspector says Mehra talked to me badly. Ranbir gets angry and says even you talked to him badly. He asks himself to calm down. Abhi comes there and asks Ranbir what is he doing? Ranbir says he was testing him. Abhi asks him to calm down and asks Inspector about the case. Inspector says Prachi’s case is serious and says session court rejected her bail plea. Abhi is shocked and asks can I meet her? Inspector says yes, but for 2 mins. He asks Constable to take him to cell no. 2.

Pragya is already there and meets Prachi. She kisses her hand. Prachi asks why didn’t you do this in night, I would have slept in night. She kisses on Pragya’s forehead and says she did this to give her strength. Pragya gives her tiffin. Prachi says she will get homely feeling here. Pragya makes her have food with her hand. Prachi also makes her have food and asks her to say. Pragya tells that she didn’t get bail. Prachi says it is good and says if I had got bail then I wouldn’t have ask anything. She asks her to get arbi sabzi. Pragya says I couldn’t get your bail and is failed. Prachi says who made me pass, can’t fail. She says I am fine here. Pragya says don’t tell me this, you are saying this to increase my courage. Prachi says we shall not leave hope. Pragya says I will go to high court and get bail and asks her not to worry. She goes. Prachi asks her to listen and says I am not worried, you don’t worry. Pragya is walking out of Police station and collides with Ranbir and goes. Abhi sees her from backside. Ranbir asks what happened? Abhi says nothing.

Abhi comes to Prachi and says I am trying fully and promises that I will get you out. Prachi says I am not feeling well here, but I can stay here. Don’t say sorry and says I know you are trying. Ranbir asks her to tell him to eat food and says he didn’t have food since you are here. Abhi says I have food, bonda. Prachi asks him to say looking at her. Abhi says I have food. Prachi brings her tiffin and asks him to eat. He says it is yours. Prachi asks him to eat if he wants her to eat. She makes him eat. Abhi recalls her moments with Kiara and gets teary eyes. He says food is tasty and hot also. Prachi says just now Maa brought it. Abhi says I will bring your mother. Pragya says Prachi used to give me courage and I used to give her hope. She asks God to show a way and hopes someone helps them. Jo bheji thi dua plays….She recalls someone (Abhi) keeping handkerchief for her. She thinks I will find the real culprit and will not back off.

Prachi asks Ranbir why did you come with Sir? Ranbir asks can’t I come? She says you must be feeling that I did this? Ranbir says I don’t think you can do. He says you likes Chief and your Mom and says you shall believe with their thoughts and shall not get affected with anyone else thoughts. She says even you like him. Ranbir says I love him and admire him. He says Chief wants him to be rockstar. She asks then why didn’t you become? Ranbir says my mom and dad wants me to become something. He says Chief is that person who supports him fully. Prachi says our thinking meets here. Prachi says your dad asked me to work with you but. Ranbir asks her to get free first. She asks about Principal. He tells that Principal praised you and told that you top in all subjects. He says I top in everything except studies and smiles. Prachi gets emotional and says she is missing everything. Ranbir looks in the lock up.

Rhea thinks to take Ranbir with her to meet Nishant. She asks watchman and comes to know that he went to meet Police station. She then thinks that Ranbir went to give his shoulder to Prachi and doing her work. She thinks why did he go with Taxi. Abhi thinks why I was looking at the lady who was going from there crying and thinks I get such feeling with Pragya. He thinks Prachi is the one who connects them, if he is feeling bad for her then he will feel bad for her mum also. He comes to her. Prachi asks did you meet mum? Abhi says no. Prachi says you both haven’t met still. She says since maa came here, she is seeing me in problems. She says I am afraid of Maa and asks who will take care of her if anything happens to me. Abhi says I won’t let you be here. Prachi asks if you will take care of my Maa and asks him to promise that he will stay with her Maa and take care of her. She says if I get punishment then I will have the assurance that you are with her. Abhi says nothing will happen to you. Prachi asks him to promise. She says you say that I am like your daughter. Abhi says I love you and says I won’t let anything happen to you or your mum and asks her not to cry. He asks Ranbir to turn and tells Prachi that she reminds him of his elder daughter and wife and tells that he will do everything to get her out, but can’t promise as he has the bad record of promise. Ranbir hears him and thinks now I know why Rhea hates you so much.

Rhea comes to the coffee shop to meet Nishant. Nishant asks her to give him two mins and says you can’t even move after hearing me. She asks what? Nishant says I want money. Rhea laughs and asks him to go and earn the money. Nishant says I am earning money and says a businessman is asking money from his client. He says I have the video in which your friends asked me what to do with the drugs. Rhea says it can be morphed also. He says I will tell your dad. He says one of the CCTV footage is missing and is with me and asks her to give money and take it. He says there is a tension between Prachi and you, that is not important, but what is important is your dad likes Prachi a lot and will kick you out if he comes to know about the truth. Rhea asks how much money you want? He says 5 lakhs. Nishant says did you forget whose daughter you are? He asks her to give 5 lakhs and take the CCV footage. He says if I tell your dad then he will give me 10 lakhs.

Abhi and Vikram meet Lawyer. Lawyer asks why your lawyer haven’t taken this case. He says there is no hope in this case and says we, the lawyers take the case which we win. He asks her to tell the girl to accept the crime. Abhi says why she will do when she haven’t done. Lawyer says public prosecutor will ask such questions which will ruin your respect.

Precap: Nishant is suffocating Rhea’s neck. Pragya comes there and slaps him. She says she is my daughter. She then asks Rhea to help her and asks her to tell who has kept drugs in Prachi’s bag.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omg I rly love prachi and ranbir’s relationship I can’t wait 2 c more moments between them. Srsly tho rhea is becoming so evil it’s not even funny she won’t change I can’t wait until she gets caught. I find it funny how she told ranbir 2 make prachi fall in love with him but it looks like it might be the other way around lolll

  2. omg I rly love prachi and ranbir’s relationship I can’t wait 2 c more moments between them. Srsly tho rhea is becoming so evil it’s not even funny she won’t change I can’t wait until she gets caught. I find it funny how she told ranbir 2 make prachi fall in love with him but it looks like it might be the other way around lolll

  3. Txhi disguting to see granny romancing with school not charm of serial went off totally abigya the savoursnof the show has Ben rediculous ly butchered and degraded this show was one and only for them now sriti the main female lead sidelined to make that chi new lead deont even know acting expressionless one

    1. Plz don’t spoil the father nf daughter ists pure bonding between them yesterday the way abhi said to prachi I love you was like her was that women in his life hshit disguting never seen these creppy scene any where in my life butchered and spilut abhi like anything

    2. SHANKI

      The time is not far when Ekta starts to introduce Lesbians and gays.. disgusting lady Ekta kapoor and her vomiting shows.. learn to dress up Rhea! Your pink underwear dress won’t get you anywhere.. get a new guy for Rhea who looks a bit senior.. I just miss Bulbul and the real Purab! This show was basically just about them then Mrunal left then Arjit taneja left we had new disgusting purab and this show desruction started..

      1. Thank you you don’t like disha va we fandom won’t line her we loved only bulbul and purab the first and the best pair ever I m proud that mrunal left this show and his soaring higher and higher


    Rhea rhea ria.. what have you done to yourself? from Mini Priyanka chopra to Mini Aliyah.. stealing necklace drama, removing from college drama, Mountain falling drama and now dealing with drugs?
    This is what aliyah did to Bulbul.. you’re just the puppet of her..
    by the way guys I think Aliyah drugged Purab into having s*x with her and I think Disha caught them red handed and Purab had to marry Aliyah for her so – called “reputation” then she must have become pregnant…. seriously how does Ekta get these ideas.. characters like Tuna, Aliyah, Rhea.. reveals the life of the “Unique’ Ekta kapoor when she gets rejected by Karan Johar.. you never know what compelled him to marry her before.. you never know maybe he found out about her drugging him!
    Lets not even talk about the zillion attempts to kill Pragya and Aroras!


    PRAGYA you terrible mother.. you find the mistakes in Rhea cute? Prachi is suffering in jail and now you’re asking Rhea who did the drugs? wow superb! Award for worst mother ever! you were better of with King and Kiara then give birth to these giants…

  6. When kiara making a come back?then i will start watching lol. Im just reading after a week. Yes on the throne im reading this bullshit story line

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