Maha Epi – Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Navin marries Madhuri

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prerna comes to Navin and slaps him hard. Some time back, Navin helps Anurag in lifting the carpet. Shivani praises Navin’s strength. She thinks you have no idea that you are lifting Prerna. Anupam thinks you are a big fool Navin. Tapur says Anurag, I will call servants. Navin says no, I m helping them, everything is fine. Anurag says yes Jaan, you go and enjoy the party. Navin says you enjoy the marriage. Anupam says what marriage when groom and bride are going out. Shivani covers up his words. Navin says you said that this carpet is stinking and has a stain. Shivani says yes. Navin checks and says yes, its stinking. Anurag, Shivani and Anupam make excuses in front of Mohini. Mohini says Navin’s heart is very big. Navin says I will take the carpet. He puts the carpet in the car. He asks Shivani why did she lie to Mohini.

Shivani says I told that Anurag gifted the carpet to me, I keep forgetting. Navin says Jiju and Anurag are different. Anurag says its fine, Jiju Anurag is same. Navin looks at him and stops him. He says you are leaving from Prerna and my marriage. Anurag says I can’t see this happening. Navin says I understand what you are going through right now, carry on. Anurag drives off. Navin says Shivani will miss her sister’s marriage. Anupam says maybe to shoulder Anurag, he would be crying now. Navin laughs. Anurag and Shivani take Prerna. He asks is Prerna fine. She says yes. He says maybe Anupam has hurt her a lot. Navin says Prerna didn’t come till now. Mohini calls Navin. He says I will come to mandap. Prerna gets conscious. Anurag gets ready to face her. Prerna sees them. She asks them to stop the car. Anurag says relax. She says you are kidnapping me.

Shivani says Prerna has gone mad by the hit, she doesn’t know us. Prerna says stop it Shivani. Shivani says thank God, she didn’t lose her memory. Anurag says okay, we have kidnapped you, be quiet, I m stopping you from marrying Navin, he is already married. She says stop the car. She pulls the handbrakes. The car stops. Prerna runs back. Anurag asks her to listen. She hires an auto and goes. Pandit asks Mohini to call the bride. Shivani says Prerna has ruined everything, she is so stubborn. She sees Suman trying a necklace and goes to ask her. Suman says I have asked Navin and he gifted this to me, you are a duffer, why did you ask him for a carpet. She goes.

Shivani and Anurag get shocked seeing the bride coming. Anurag thinks of Prerna. Naina….plays…. the bride sits in mandap. Marriage rituals begin. Mohini comes to Anurag. Navin and bride take the wedding rounds. Navin sees Anurag and thinks I wish to tell Anurag that he has lost and I have won. The wedding rounds complete. Anurag goes out and sits in shock. He cries. Pandit asks Navin to apply sindoor now. Navin takes sindoor and says you are beautiful, I love you Prerna. Mohini says Navin, that…. Navin fills sindoor in bride’s maang. Mohini and everyone get shocked seeing bride’s face. Navin turns and gets shocked seeing Madhuri. Anurag starts laughing. Shivani gets puzzled seeing him. Navin shouts no, I should have been careful knowing I have many enemies around, Anurag come out…. where are you hiding, Prerna please come out, I want to see you. Prerna is sleeping in some room. Navin asks where are you Prerna. He scolds Madhuri for cheating him. He asks why did you do this. Anurag comes and says I did this.

Anurag says yes, I have done this. They all look on shocked. Nivedita thinks don’t say that you love Prerna. Dadi says we know that just you could save Prerna’s life. Navin asks Dadi to stop nonsense. Shivani asks Navin to talk with manners. Nivedita asks Shivani to shut up. Anurag says you don’t get interfere in this, Prerna is now safe, thank God I succeeded to get you married again to your first wife Madhuri.

Navin says Madhuri isn’t not wife, stop nonsense, Anurag has ruined my life. Mohini says Anurag no….. Navin asks Mohini to do justice. She asks Anurag did you do this. Anurag says yes. Mohini asks why did you do this, you always take advantage of my trust. Anurag says Navin and I never had differences, I doubted on him since he met Prerna, I told you that Navin met Madhuri, you all have seen Prerna in hotel room, Madhuri lied to us, Navin has always lied and convinced you. Navin says don’t try to prove me a liar. Anurag says stop this acting. Navin says you always tried to show me down, I didn’t do anything against you, you are after me. Anurag asks Navin to stop all this. He asks Mohini not to listen to Navin, he has broken her trust, I had this way to save my friend and her family, this man is cheap, sorry, I just had this option, I have done this to save few lives.

Moloy says calm down, Rajesh and his family aren’t upset, maybe they wanted this. Mohini says this isn’t necessary, this cheat isn’t a marriage, where is Prerna, take her, Navin will marry Prerna. Pandit says sorry, this marriage has happened. Navin says no, marriage will happen today. Anurag says there will be party post your marriage, enough. Navin says I don’t believe this, its a cheat. Anurag says your first marriage happened by your wish. Navin raises hand. Anurag stops him and scolds him. Anurag says I have won the challenge. Rajesh asks what challenge. Moloy says I completely trust Anurag. Mohini says I don’t understand anything, will anyone tell me about the challenge. Anurag says since Day 1, when Navin’s marriage was fixed, I knew something is fishy, I asked Nivedita about it, I observed Navin and his behavior, Prerna used to behave weirdly, Prerna wasn’t comfortable with him. Navin says rubbish. Anurag says I know Prerna, I have seen her reading love stories book, she values love and feels the pain. Navin asks don’t we understand love, we all were happy.

Anurag says the girl who believes in love won’t marry such a cheap man, Navin was touching Prerna with wrong intention, I have seen them, I couldn’t see and left from dinner table, I got Navin’s phone and learnt about his Jaan, I met Madhuri, I requested her to come in, she has run away, I got to know that Navin has other intention to marry Prerna, I have seen Navin making Madhuri wear the mangalsutra, I have warned him that I have seen him with Madhuri, he got overconfident and accepted everything, she confessed it, then he challenged me to stop him from marrying, I have stopped him, Prerna and his marriage won’t happen now, truth always wins. Mohini asks Navin is Anurag saying the truth. Navin says liar. She asks Madhuri to say the truth. She says we all want to know the truth. Navin asks Madhuri to answer the truth, what’s their relation. He counts his favors on her. He says you have cheated me. Madhuri says you know me, you are not saying right. He says you are my Bhabhi, I respected you a lot, you have ruined my life, my family was right, you are unlucky, my brother died because of you, before my family dies, I will throw you out. He drags Madhuri out. Madhuri asks him to stop it, its enough. She cries and says I have done what all you told me, I can’t tolerate it now. Prerna gets up and looks around. She gets dizzy and tries to go. Madhuri says you all want to know if Anurag is saying the truth, Navin is my husband, this is the truth. Mohini and everyone get shocked.

Navin says you are a liar. Madhuri says you are a devil. Navin says devil just kills. He attacks her. Anurag stops him and says you don’t respect women, if Madhuri didn’t save you, you would have been in jail by now.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. At last the devil has been exposed,phew that took a while but for a Maha episode that was quite short, nevertheless I enjoyed it.

  2. It was an okay episode. I thought the main plan of how anurag convinces Madhuri to take prernas place and how he again gets prerna unconscious, and hoe they got another same dulhan ka joda is what I wanted to know. Install it was just anurag confronting Naveen, especially without any solid proof. Only about how anurag doubted on him, how he saw prerna uncomfortable, how a girl like prerna would choose Naveen, how Onu found out about marhuri and Naveen, how Naveen and Madhuri are married, how Naveen confessed and threatened Onu. It didn’t even bring out why prerna agreed to marry Naveen. Or how Naveen tried to kill Onu. It was only an episode of flashbacks of what anurag observed, felt, and did. Not very dhamakedaar. Prerna slept throughout the episode ?

    The scene where Naveen gets mad after he realises he married Madhuri, it was funny. The way it was shot and he blaming everyone and behaving like a psycho. Also, the main loophole in this episode was that anybody including Naveen could see Madhuri face once ghoonghat was removed, if Naveen had seen her face, would he have married her? It would have made more sense if the mangalsutra was put first and then the sindoor so Naveen wouldn’t be able to back out, foolproof.

    Wow mohini is so cool. A wedding done under the pretext of cheating is not a wedding. If only people had this kind of opinion in other serials where there is bride/groom swaps leading to a forced marriage between the protagonist and an antagonist; instead of asking them to adjust. I’m kind of feeling bad for mohini, that woman thinks she’s super smart but she gets into people’s talks easily, because they’re rich.

    I don’t understand why is prerna so angry and slapping Naveen. When Onu kept on telling her, she didn’t bulge or believe him. Now after all the truth came out, she believed him and came into Durga avatar? It’s stupid. I laughed when she said pick up 2015 paper and look for prerna Sharma for an eve teasing case. A girl so confident and with so much self respect, gave up everything to marry a monster like Naveen, who made her so uncomfortable, saw her like a piece of flesh; while also she being in love with Onu and disrespecting his opinions and words and truth, with all this happening, she still thought of marrying Naveen and not fond another solution. It’s just plain stupid. What was her plan? That she’ll work in London, pay back Naveen, get divorced and come back? She could have told Onu about the loan. It’s not a really big amount, he would have given her or helped her get a loan. But no, using self respect as stupidity. Where did this self respect go when Naveen was forcing her to marry him?

    The star of today’s episode was Onu and Onu only. Shivani to a certain extent. And even Naveen nailed the psycho acting. Loved anupam and moloy. And even mohini was nice towards the end. Prerna can’t comment cause she was sleeping throughout the episode and the truth exposure ?

    Certainly not as maha as I thought it’ll be.

  3. Dhamekadhar episode?????

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    What a dhamekadar Maha episode
    Our wait is over finally Navin psycho character was exposed
    Why why Anurag?
    You did not tell everyone that Navin psycho try to kill you in the accident that happen few days before marriage of prena and Navin psycho
    If he tell to everyone I’m 1000% sure Mohini will slap her Navu
    Moloy support his own son because he trusted his son somehow Mohini need Anurag to give her proof against Navin
    Nevi intentions is very bad
    Anupam did a good job ?
    No more Navin psycho chapter after Monday episodes
    I’m so excited about his exit???????

  5. The trio (anurag,anupam,shivani) was simply outstanding.

  6. Fenil

    Fantastic Dhamakedaar Episode !!

  7. Lokesh

    Finally I watched after so long, waiting for Prerna ka thappad, daant tut Gye unkle Jiju ke.

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    I’m eagerly waiting for the scenes of the following 1. How did Anurag convinced Madhuri for the maariage?
    2.Prena tight slap on Navin psycho
    3.Anurag to tell everyone about eviction letter
    4.Rajesh heropanti to Navin psycho
    5.Finally Navin psycho chapter closed for the show forever no more returns ??????
    6.Madhuri accepting her crimes in front of everyone

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