Maha Epi – Ishq Subhan Allah 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruksar finds Zeenat and Kashan’s support

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Ishq Subhan Allah 13th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayesha tells Reema and Imran that they did good by locking Kabir and Zara in a room. She thinks they will talk and sort all issues out. Just then Zara enters and is shocked to know Ayesha was also involved in that. She tells Ayesha that she can understand her, but she should also realize what’s going on her right now. She goes to her room. Kabir follows and locks the room. He tells Zara that him and Ruksar spent a night together, but not as a husband and wife. She grabs his hand and takes him to living room. Family wonders what’s going on. Zara asks Kabir to keep his hand on Quran and say nothing happened that night. He was going to do that when Ruksar comes and asks why use Quran for such small matters. Just like her, she is also Kabir’s wife. They don’t need to justify

whether and how many nights they spent together. Zara says she is not asking her, she is asking her husband which is her right. She asks Kabir to say it. He was going to do that, but this time Ayesha interrupts. She takes Quran and asks Imran to put it back. She says no one will say anything, no one will hear anything. Kabir married Ruksar to save her life. Now there is no reason to keep their marriage alive. She asks Kabir to give divorce to Ruksar and end this matter once and for all. Kabir says Islam doesn’t allow to give divorce without any reason. Ruksar hasn’t given him any such reason. She tells him that he knows more Islam than her, so he will be the one to find a way to give divorce to Ruksar. Until that doesn’t happen, she won’t eat anything. She leaves. Kabir asks Zara to listen, but she too leaves. Ruksar cries. Zeenat feels sorry for her.

In room, Ruksar tells Zeenat that she was taking this family’s side. Now what happened? Ayesha didn’t even think once before telling Kabir to divorce her. Where will she go? What wrong she did if she loved Kabir. They are married and she is his wife now. She further tells Zeenat that she meant everything for her and now even she doesn’t care about her. Zeenat says it’s not like that. She is thankful to Kabir and Zara not because they saved her (Zeenat’s) life, but she is thankful because they saved Ruksar’s life. No matter what, she’s always on her side, but she can’t create enmity with everyone. Her life is on critical stage and she needs to keep her patience. Ruksar say she can’t do anything after this divorce. Zeenat says she will tell her what to do. Ruksar is happy.

Later, Ruksar goes to Ahmad and asks him to support her as always. He had promised her that he will get her married to Kabir which he didn’t fulfill, but destiny got them married. Ahmad says it’s Ayesha’s decision and he can’t do anything in this. She better convinces her. After that, he will support her. She thinks she will create such situation that everyone will have to support her.

Kabir cooks for Ayesha and then tries to convince her to eat. She refuses. Kabir carries her and brings to the dining table. Zara also comes. They both offer food to Ayesha. She says until Kabir doesn’t give divorce to Ruksar, she won’t eat. Now Ruksar tries, but she fails too. Ruksar then asks Kabir to give her divorce right now. She says she can go anywhere, nothing will happen if she dies, but if anything happens to Ayesha, then this house will break. Qazi Irfan comes and praises Ruksar’s tactics. He asks her if she really wanted divorce, then why did she file complaint with the board? Ahmad gets angry for taking matter out of the house. He asks Irfan what’s written in the complaint. Irfan says in complaint she says that she doesn’t have any problem with Kabir, but his family is trying to make him divorce her wrongfully and she wants board to stop this. Ahmad asks Irfan what’s his opinion on this matter. Irfan says Kabir’s duty prevents him for giving divorce without any reason, but Ruksar can file for Khula/divorce and then Kabir will get a valid reason. Ayesha tells Ruksar that she just asked Kabir to give divorce, so now won’t she file for divorce? Zeenat interrupts and says stop it. Why are they all making mockery of her sister? Ruksar didn’t ask Kabir to marry her. Now when she doesn’t want divorce, then why are they forcing her? Ayesha says she must divorce Kabir. Zeenat says if that is what she wants, then instead of 1, there will be 2 divorces in that family. Ruksar’s divorce with Kabir and hers with Kashan as well. Everyone is shocked. Ayesha asks Kashan to make Zeenat understand. Kashan says Ruksar is not wrong. He is with Ruksar in this matter. It’s Kabir who has to make decision. Ifran says board will make decision on this tomorrow. Zeenat tells Irfan that he’s pressurizing Ruksar to divorce Kabir for Zara. She will wait and see what’s Lucknow’s Qazi decision tomorrow. Kashan takes Ruksar and Zeenat and leave from there.

Ruksar prepares to put forward her point. Other side, Irfan goes through Islam’s laws. Zara tries to make Ayesha eat. Kabir tries to win Zara.

Board meeting starts. Ruksar gives her marriage certificate. Qazi says this is duplicate. Ruksar says original one was torn apart by Zara. Ruksar then puts forward her side. She says Kabir is being pressurized by his family and Zara to divorce her. She is also afraid that she might stay Kabir’s wife just for the name. She wants equal rights. Qazi asks Kabir whether he agrees with what Ruksar said. Kabir says no one is pressurizing him and he is not someone who can come in any pressure. He married Ruksar just to save her life. He might not be able to give her divorce without any valid reason now, but he can never love her because he only loves Zara and will only love Zara. Qazi says board needs time to think on this matter. They will meet again tomorrow.

As they leave, press attacks Kabir and Zara with questions. Kabir takes Zara’s hand and tries to take her away. Ruksar comes in their way. She tells Zara that she has always gone against men giving divorce and supported women. Why is she not on her side today? Because it’s about her today? She asks her to tell press whom she will support. Kabir continues walking with Zara’s hand in his. Zara pulls her hand and walks ahead. Ruksar smiles.

Kabir is in his room, thinking for a solution. Rukar comes to tease him. She thanks him for saying he can’t give her divorce in board meeting. She won half of the battle by hearing that and other half she will win by her luck. Kabir shuts her up saying he has only loved 1 girl and will always love her and that’s Zara. He asks her to leave his room. While coming out of the room, she notices Zara passing from there. She yawns and says she is so tired and then touches her lips. Zara misunderstands and is disturbed. She goes to her and screams. Kabir comes there. She says she doesn’t want to see his face and asks him to go out. He says okay and asks why she was awake that late. She says he’s also awake. He says he couldn’t sleep. She says their reasons of staying up late are different and closes door. Sad song plays.

Precap: There is family meeting. Qazi Irfan, Salma are also there. Zara says she is against divorce. She won’t let any woman’s divorce happen, including Ruksar. She asks Kabir for Khula/divorce and tells him that he must give divorce to her. Either he is fully hers or not at all. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. DannyComments

    Well..I actually can’t wait to see how Kabir gets out of this ! It’s so ironic..Kabir has always been so self righteous…You know something I always tell my friends and family, apart from calls, there is something called messages!!! Yes he tried to call, what stopped him from sending messages?? That’s the first thing that pops up when you switch on your phone! But No! He wanted to have his cake and eat it. Yes I know he doesn’t love ruksar, but he wanted to be the hero! And I swear I don’t get how people easily forget you helped Them! Anyway can’t blame ruksar. She believes it is her luck. And Zara, who did everything to make this marriage work, looks like her anger is making her not see things clearly…so sad. Don’t know who to support here..Zara? Or Kabir? But damn loved their wedding

    1. First of all, it was wrong to release someone who is a murderer….I am definitely sure there was no self defence thing…ruksar never wanted to marry anyone other than Kabir….
      Well if you support a person who has done bad deed it will come back to you….it’s as simple as that…ruksar is a murderer and she was released based on religious beliefs…..religion is not above law and humanity…she is supposed to be in Jail…..

      1. Thanks for your views, I agree with you 100%…

  2. Yes you’re right. Just like I said before I feel like Zara and kabir are playing the game together to expose ruksar.

  3. Oh jeez.. Kabir leaves me speechless at times and this is one of those times…he can’t divorce Rukhsar without a reason, my foot!! ???…..well, better he conform to his religious beliefs and ravage Rukhsar as she is clearly hungry for it!!! In my view, Zara is too much of a Mother Theresa..that’s why she in this situation now!! She’s to blame for Rukhsar backstabbing her now, she clearly didn’t learn enough… but at least now she’s standing her ground, either Kabir is wholly hers or not or divorce follows…. This is why, despite being a Muslim, I don’t support a man having more than one wife. It’s lawfully right for a marriage certificate to be issued at the time of marriage and the woman becomes a lawfully wedded wife BUT in my opinion, a certificate should not be issued to the second woman in the man’s life, this is the fruit that’s bearing now, Rukhsar demands equal rights when she knows the premise on which Kabir took her as a wife, to me that is a marriage of convenience and should be annulled when out of jurisdiction. I loathe this practice. In reality, Muslim men uses religion and this practice of having more than one wife to satisfy their egos… Isn’t ONE wife not enough?? If they want another woman, there are lots out there so satisfy their carnal nature, men are carnal creatures.. but they don’t need to bring them home in the capacity as a wife to wreck havoc in their lawfully wedded wife’s life!!! This really is pissing me off, the way Kabir is using religion to not divorce Rukhsar and the nerve of him to categorically state that he loves Zara and will do so till he dies…so then divorce Rukhsar and get over with it….. As for Zeenat… I did say that I don’t trust her, look how she’s turning back to bite the hands which helped her… Once a wretch, always a wretch, they can’t change!! Right now, I don’t care if Rukhsar dies a loveless life, the bigger issue for me is that I want her out off Zara’s life and house….full stop!!

    1. Well.said so.agree with you on this just hope they will not take to long to end this track !

    2. Are you a muslim? So you support zina or adultery over polygamy. So you would accept if your husband sleeps around but not if he takes responsibility and marries. What kind of a husband or father will he be if he sleeps around with anyone. No true believer would utter such words. You prefer an open marriage where the couple sleeps around with other people than legal marriages. You think your logic is over Allah. Not supporting rukhsar here. It is men who don’t fulfil responsibilities who give polygamy a bad name. When done according to sharia rights are upheld for all parties. Women by nature are jealous. Even the prophet’s wives were jealous. But they didn’t let their jealousy utter blasphemous statements.

      1. It’s not like it not happening at all. In your corner of the world, it sounds nice but is one wife not enough for a man?? You think a wife feels good for her to have to share her husband with another woman? If it was good back in the times of the Prophet (uwbp) that doesn’t make it right in today’s world. Those were the times when wars were waged where men were decimated on the battle field and women were left widows, so it was acceptable in those situations but to tell me today that this should be continued ,when there are enough men out there to have one wife alone, should not be practiced anymore. You think it feels nice to be jealous? No man on this earth can love two or more women the same way, who says it’s true, are unbelievable. FYI, I have two brothers who can afford to have another wife but they said that that’s something they would never do, their love belongs to one woman, their lawfully wedded wife, they cannot and would not share . Men should cast their eyes downwards as well, so they won’t see the beauty of another woman in front of them and desire her. You think having two wives is enough for men to be happy? When I wrote my comment, I knew there would be those who don’t agree, like you. However, your opinion is yours and so is mine, I didn’t ask for your opinion..and you don’t have to agree with me, if I say it’s a wrong practice, them I’m entitled to my opinions just like you are. You don’t need to educate me on polygamy, men should keep their eyes to one woman and not try to be superman. No woman on this earth wants or enjoy being in a polygamous relationship, polygamy only serves to benefit men…..but women in some places on this planet have no choice but to accept polygamous relationships because they are required to but in other parts of this globe, it’s not considered as acceptable. Hamida… You continue using religion to justify some men’s actions in your view, that’s fine. I’m entitled to say how I see it and you continue doing and thinking what is right for you.. To each, his own…! BTW.. Yes I’m a Muslim and believing in the first Shahadat is my code in life ,as well as the other Kalimas. You don’t know me at all to question my faith because I said something I don’t agree with, furthermore I haven’t ever conversed with you on this forum, when someone’s views are’nt in the same vein as mine,i refrain from conversation with them for these apparent reasons, just because something was a practical and an acceptable thing to do in situations like having to accept polygamous relationships in the times gone, doesn’t mean it’s a required necessity to do today. I rest my case!!!

  4. Oh Zara, I dont know why you are putting an credence in what Rukhsar is saying, you more than anyone knows how much she lies. Again Kabir is such a block head. If this marriage was to save Rukhsar only, why did you not head to the nearest sharia board after her release and file for divorce before leaving Dubai. But what’s done is done and now you are stuck with Rukhsar. I read somewhere that this upcoming separation is a ploy by Zara and Kabir to get rid of Rukhsar by exposing her. But what I am interested in what exactly is there to expose. That she killed Hamdan? That is already known and is a matter of court records. That Kabir was forced unto the marriage? well that is already known as well. That she will never let Kabir divorce her? Well that much is obvious. So exactly what is there to expose.

    1. Hi Allybrew… That’s some good news there. It’ll be wonderful if it’s really a plot by the duo to expose Rukhsar, you just never know huh!!! I’m kinda smelling this though because Kabir knows how devious Rukhsar is and do you remember when Kabir was telling Zara what was happening there and she said that this is what should be done but the conversation was muted?? That tells me something!! How I wish this happens… Hey, how’s your son doing in high school now? Hope for the best for him…With a mother as devoted and motivated as you, he’ll reach far in life, just be there, in addition to being his mother, you can also be his friend and tell him that whatever problem he’s having, instead of telling it to others, tell it to you and you can work out solutions together with him.

      1. Hi Naz,

        Thanks for the words. I am close to my son and pray that we will always be that way. It almost brings a tear to my eyes when I look at how matured he has become in just these few weeks having to fend more for himself than usual. My baby seems so grown up sometimes. But I have go his back as always. By the way, did you see that Ishq Allah won a number of awards at the Rishtey Awards show over the weekend. I cant wait til they air it. Our girl Eisha won for best social swagger. So proud

  5. Naz I wasn’t against your opinion of polygamy but against the ignorant thing which you said men can satisfy their desires in other ways rather than a legal plural marriage and non issuance of certificate in a polygamous relationship. Having different opinions is fine. But our opinions must never be against the wisdom and law of Allah. We may not like something but Allah’s wisdom is more than us. Women who don’t want polygamy can instate clauses in their marriage contract that their husband shouldn’t marry again. Polygamy is only permitted if equal rights are given. A man cannot make his wives stay in one house. Nor can he force his wife stay with his parents. In your previous reply you didn’t talk about lowering your gaze but instead acknowledged the desires of men and spoke about fulfilling their desires elsewhere in an unlawful manner. I think you use religion just to just to prove your disillusioned point. Lowering the gaze is for both men and women. The female population of the world is more than the male population. As Islam doesn’t permit relationships outside marriage polygamy prevents adultery in society. Sister I was just reminding you that you shouldn’t say blasphemous statements just because of a tv serial.

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