Maha Epi – Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th October 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ saves Guddan’s life

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 27th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Some transgenders come home and asks Laxmi and Saru for shagun. Shweta is one of them with her face hidden. Saru says she is the one who got married. Guddan come inside we will dance together. You people are so positive. The transgender says she is such a good girl. Durga comes and says what is happening here. She can’t be Laxmi. She is mother in law. The transgender says she is the one who handles everything in the house. She has to give us 1 lax. Shweta says give her sweets first. She gives poisonous sweet to Guddan. Durga says stop. You can’t eat anything. Guddan says what do you mean. Durga says give her naig. Durga brings cash and says sasu ma this is the price of your mistake. You are used to of writing mistakes. You have to write your mistakes

on all these currency notes. The transgender says don’t do all this please. Guddan says no worries I can do this. She writes her mistakes on each note. Guddan says i will keep doing one mistake, that I can do anything. Guddan dances with them. She says durga come dance. AJ and dadi come home. The transgender says the groom is here too. Dadi says give them your blessings. Laxmi says durga has given them 2 lacs. The transgender says hold hands I wil give you blessings together. Guddan holds AJ’s hand. She gives them blessings. Dadi says Guddan we got this anklet for you. AJ will make you wear. AJ makes her wear the anklet.

Laxmi comes to her room and says they messed with my head. Shweta is in her room. Laxmi says what are you doing here? Shweta says this is my turn. I have to teach her a lesson. Laxmi says if AJ sees you he wont leave us. she says I have a plan. Laxmi says this is dangerous.

Guddan is outside. She sees a woman. she says you were stealing something right? It is not a good this to steal. Shweta says like you stole AJ from me? Guddan says what are you doing here? Shweta says you ruined my life. She takes out knife. Guddan says I did that for m sister. Please dont’ come near me. Guddan takes the knife from her. She says see you don’t have brain. What will you do now. Shweta takes it back from her.
Shweta shoves Guddan in the pool. Guddan is drowning.

Dadi says to the daughter in laws if you want your pocket money you have to dance. They dance. Dadi does pooja. Guddan is trying to come out of the pool. AJ says where is Guddan? Shweta says I should leave before someone sees me. She hides. AJ comes and sees Guddan drowning. He takes Guddan out of the pool. Her hands are tied and hands are roped. AJ says Guddan please open your eyes.
Laxmi says dadi uddan broke the anklet. See this pearl. dadi says why are they all over the floor. AJ comes near Guddan to give her mouth to mouth resurrection. Guddan says why were you coming near me? AJ says to save you. First tell me who did all this? Aj sees Shweta. Everyone comes out. Laxmi says I asked her not to..Durga says you knew all this?

Dadi slaps Guddan and says how dare you harm my Guddan. She didn’t even take your name. i am glad we chose Guddan over you. Why were you doing all this? AJ says how dare you enter my house and do all this. Laxmi says please don’t send her to jail. AJ says she did a sin. Guddan would have died. Guddan says but I am fine now. Laxmi is right. Shweta’s anger is justified. I forgive her. Hope she forgives me too. Shweta says please Guddan forgive me you are such a nice girl. Dadi says she is. Go now. AJ says she has to go to jail. Guddan says please don’t do all this. Please forgive her. Shweta leaves. Guddan says thanks for saving my life. He says I would have done it for anyone. She says why are you being so angry? He says how can anyone be normal around you. You are making me angry. Why did you have to forgive Shweta? Forgiving people like her is stupidity. they wont change. They have to be punished. Guddan says can they change after that? People should be taught with love. I use love. This is how I am not like you. But who am I talking to. The person who doesn’t have a heart. He grasps Guddan by shoulder and says I don’t have a heart? She says no you dont. He says glad to know that. You have said a true thing for once in life.

Precap-Guddan cooks food for the first time. It is Karwa chauth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DannyComments

    Love these two..Guddan and Aj😍

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Enjoyed the secene when gudden called DIL as Bahu just like AJ and their face was 😰😰😰😰😰😰

    2. Finally Gudden started to answer DIL in her own way…

    3. AJ always fight with gudden without any reason, as he wanted to fill antra last wish, but he get tense when see gudden in problem and smile when gudden is around…😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Ooshi

    Nice story liking it

  4. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba

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