Maha Epi – Choti Sardarni 28th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Yuvi gets kidnap instead of Param

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Choti Sardarni 28th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvi get kidnap instead of Param

Episode start with Mehar feed milk to param, when Amrita ask about lunch from everyone.. Dolly ask Amrita to plan dinner and breakfast as well for Mehar, as she will stay for 2-3 days atleast.. Mehar gets angry and goes..

Sarab goes behind Mehar and they have nok jhok over coolness and anger.. Mehar ask Sarab to make Dolly understand any how so that she leave with them!! Sarab say ladies get happy by coming Mayaka and ask her to stay so that even stay away from her, Mehar get upset.. Sarab ask mehar looking upset.. then he remember that how Mehar had been behaving since morning and ask her about the same?? Mehar says we are not so close at I share my feelings.. Sarab say we even don’t have relation left.. Param come and take mehar to come and


Rovi get call from evils saying that they don’t need 20cr, rather than they will kidnapp his daughter.. Rovi get shocked and see Param, he ask them to kidnap param instead to get 20 cr within minutes.. Villian agree ask them to sent them out from party.. Villian get information that Param is the person who has wore Red-blue jacket..

All Children were playing Family family game, where Yuvi act as head and Param as servant.. Rovi ask them to go out by giving them money for shopping.. Param and Yuvi goes out, but guards ask about them why they are going out?? Param say they are playing family game and going for shopping, guards agree and let them go.. After going out Param ask Yuvi to wear his jacket as he is head.. So yuvi wear red-blue jacket.. Kidnapper see them they hide themselve with mask and kidnap yuvi.. But suddenly one of kidnapper mask fall and param notice cut on his ears.. Kidnappers show gun to param, when he shout for help, but Param runs otherside.. Seeing Police kidnapers run away in sitting grey car..

Rovi get call that they have kidnaped Param.. Param reach house and say Yuvi-Gun, Yuvi-Gun… Rovi get shocked seeing him, and think whom they kidnapped and listen Yuvi-Gun, he understands.. Mehar take Param out to make me relex.. Kulwant complete ritual of pegfera..

Whole family reach home when Sarab get call about Kidnapping his son, but seeing param with mehar, he scold them and cut call..

At kulwant house family is unable to find Yuvi, when Amrita and Jagga ask Mehar to search Yuvi at her house as he has habbit to hide in car dicky..

Sarab again get kidnappers call, after listening to them Mehar ask them to sent her son video or photo, shocking Sarab.. But when they see Video, they are shocked to see its yuvi.. Mehar assure Amrita that Yuvi is with her and has slept, though Amrita doubts but agrees…

Sarab call CBI team and they start their search.. CBI head ask Sarab to bring Param, Sarab ask Prety to bring Param. When prety ask Mehar to take Param, she deny and say she will ask herself as Param is very scared.. Rovi thinks it getting too much but say nothing..

Mehar goes near Param and make him super hero, she plays game with Param, and get whole information like 3 kidnappers, grey car, cut on ear etc.. Mehar take to all information and give to CBI head.. While watching video again, Mehar tell CBI team about Rice godown.. Dolly come and shocked to see all this.. While Amrita get call and shocked to know that Yuvi has been kidnapped..

Sarab and Mehar are in car, when kidnapper call them.. Yuvi shout to save him.. Kidnapper tell them to go near ship and keep money and goes with their child.. They warn sarab and Mehar if they inform police they shall kill their child.. Sarab agrees to do so… Later Mehar realise all words and inform Sarab that its trap, as they don’t need to near ship, rather lets head to another direction.. Sarab agrees..

Inside godown, villian decide to kill yuvi so that no-one catch them and decide to collect money as well.. When they are about to hurt Yuvi, Sarab and Mehar attack villian and while villian aim gun at yuvi, mehar come by bearing bullet.. Cbi team come and attrest villians..

At Sarab house Yuvi and Sarab arrive.. Kulwant, Jagga and Amrita hug Yuvi and say thanks to Sarab for saving Yuvi.. Param ask about Mehar!! Yuvi say villian shot Mehar.. But Mehar enters.. Param hugg her tightly.. Whole family smile..

Later Mehar thanks Sarab for giving her life jacket.. Sarab says though she is physically fit but not mentally and smile.. Mehar says she has still full packet of jamalghota.. Sarab says she can give poision but not that. Mehar again say thanks, sarab say thanks: and this goes on.. Param arrives and say someone say thanks to him as well..

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