Maha Epi – Bepannah 1st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana fills Arshad’s ears against Aditya

Bepannah 1st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anjana thanks of Aditya and Zoya’s proximity. She is shocked / angry to realise that Aditya will propose Zoya tomorrow. Now she is here to snatch my son! She throws the cushion angrily. Radio starts playing. She hears the story of how Krishna was born. She throws it aside in anger. Kalyug came after Mahabharata ended. I will become Kansa for my kids if I have to! My sons have trapped me into inviting Zoya for Janamashtami celebrations so Aditya can propose you! I will see how he does that!

Zoya tells Arshad it will be very difficult for her to love again. I get scared hearing this word love. this truth cannot change in these 2 weeks. I don’t want you to waste your time on me. He agrees. It is ok if you are going to say no in the end. I will remember these 2 weeks my entire life. Don’t

worry. You are not wasting my time. You are giving me memories for life. She looks uncomfortable. He is about to keep his hand over hers but she withdraws it from the table.

Noor wonders why Arjun isn’t calling back. Roshana asks her if she is expecting some urgent call. Noor declines. Roshana asks her if she too should take some responsibilities like Zoya. She helps in household work too and works in office too. She went through so much last year. Noor gets irritated. I am the only one who is bad here! I trouble everyone and have nothing to do. I am not responsible! Roshana tells her she dint mean that ways but Noor retorts that she isn’t so useless. I will find something worthwhile to do! She walks away in a huff leaving her mother wondering what happened to her.

Anjana calls out to Victor (servant) and finds out that his phone is with Aditya. Anjana sends him to bring cold coffee for her. She wonders why Aditya needed his phone suddenly.

Zoya is getting ready. She asks Noor who she thinks will win the Dahi-Handi game – Arjun or Aditya. How does it matter though? It isn’t some competition. Noor comes out and takes her file. Zoya asks her if she isn’t coming along. Noor tells her she is going for a job interview. She follows Noor downstairs. Wasim thinks she is in a rush to go to Huda House but Zoya tells her she is going for a job interview. Roshana asks her why she has to do so. You are working with Zosh already. Noor replies that she too wants to do something like Appi. You will continue to think me to be stupid till the time I do something independently so I am going for the interview. Zoya stops her and feeds her sweetened curd. Her family wishes her good luck. Noor leaves with a smile on her face.

Anjana is checking all the preps. Arjun tells her to relax. Victor will manage everything. She says there is a lot to do. I wont spare your Dad. He said he will go for 2 days but it’s been 5 days already. Harsh surprises her just then and meets his family. Harsh goes to freshen up. Arjun teases his brother. I am informing you that I will win Dahi-Handi this year. Aditya reminds him now he says the same thing every year. Arjun says I let you win so you get happy. Aditya smiles. Some kids come running and say Radha is here. Aditya senses Zoya’s presence and closes his eyes. Zoya enters just then. She smiles as the kids circle around her. Aditya looks on sweetly. Tere Dil ko Mere Dil ki song plays. A girl slips and ends up dropping flowers over her. Aditya is all smiles. Zoya walks up to him. Aditya takes out the peacock feather stuck in her hair. She wishes him Happy Janamashtami. Aditya thinks no one can stop Radha Krishna from coming together. Kanhaiya ji will row my boat. Zoya looks at Radha Krishna. My clothes are so identical. He remarks that they are just like Radha Krishna. They both begin to discuss about Arshad when Arshad greets them (without specs again). Aditya thanks him for coming. I wanted to say something important to both of you. Anjana overhears him. Hope he wont tell what’s in his heart. She interrupts their conversation and takes Arshad with her to introduce her to Harsh. Zoya too turns to go but takes the feather from Aditya. He tells her it is hers only. She calls him big hearted and goes.

Siddiqui’s give some stuff to Arjun to donate in charity as Anjana does that every year on Janamashtami. He asks about Noor. Before he can get a reply, Arshad’s mother joins them.

Anjana apologizes to Siddiqui’s for being so blunt / rude in the past. Roshana suggests her to forget the past and start afresh. Harsh offers sweets to everyone. Anjana looks at Aditya, Arshad and Zoya talking. She calls Arjun aside and asks him to announce the program of the kids form orphanage.

Aditya begins to tell Arshad and Zoya about the call but Arshad mistakes it that he was about to thank him for coming to Bharat Nagar on time. Zoya too thanks him for saving their lives. We should be thankful to you too. Aditya thinks her someone else became a part of her “Hum” (us) for the first time today. Arshad points out that Aditya too should thank Zoya as you brought him home when he was wounded. Aditya begins to tell them the truth but is again interrupted by Arjun’s announcement. Kids from the orphanage perform on Radha Kaise Na Jale. Anjana takes Aditya aside. She shows him two Dahi-Handi’s. His one is red and Arjun’s is blue. He tells her that this is his favourite festival and his favourite Handi is red. You decorate it for me every year. She tells him that he is her entire world. You know it right? He nods. Did I do anything wrong? I am sorry. He holds his ears. She denies. Your mom always does everything keeping you in mind. Always remember that. He also tells her that he too can do anything for her. Test me anytime if you wish to. They share a hug.

Noor reaches the office where her interview is scheduled. Peon asks her to wait as Sir (Tanuj) is busy. She notices Arjun’s missed call and calls him back. She overhears the Boss shouting at an employee for using his phone in the middle of the meeting or he will be sacked. Noor thinks he is some devil. I shouldn’t have come here. Everyone was right. I am stuck! Peon tells her to go inside for his interview.

Aditya tries telling Arshad again when he gets a phone call. Arshad remembers that this is the same number from where he got call yesterday. He excuses himself. Aditya wonders how to tell.

Arshad asks the caller who it is. Anjana comes upstairs and says hello. Arshad looks at her in surprise. Is this your number? She declines. This is my staff’s number but why is your number in the last dialled list. He says this is what I cannot understand. Zoya and I got stuck in the riots because of a call from this number only. It was a fake call! Anjana acts innocent. Why would Victor do this? His phone was with Aditya. Arshad is all the more puzzled. Why would he do this? Anjana says he might be joking. Arshad figures out she is hiding something from him. Why would he do that? He came to save us. Anjana replies that he might be trying to send him out of Zoya’s house. Arshad is boggled. Why would Zoya’s best friend do that? Anjana tells him that it is because Aditya loves Zoya. He is stunned. She tells him not to take her seriously. Why would Aditya do that? Zoya is your would-be fiancé. Victor cooks up random stories. Arshad excuses himself. Anjana smirks.

Aditya twists the Dahi-Handi program. The competition is always held between Arjun and me whereas this time it will happen between me and Arshad. Everyone claps while Arshad refuses outright. I have never done it before. I wont be able to do it. Aditya tells him there is nothing to be afraid about. Arshad asks him if he thinks he is afraid of him. Harsh is excited now. It will be fun! Wasim says Arshad defeated Aditya in Biryani competition. We will see who wins. Aditya remarks that there is nothing like victory or defeat in festival. Arshad says some people are only focused on winning and losing. They can go to any extent to win. They can stoop to any level and even cheat. Aditya is confused at his behaviour. It will be a fair competition. There will be no cheating here! World knows that Aditya Huda hates cheaters! Arshad extends his hand ready for the competition. Aditya shakes hand with him. Everyone claps again. Aditya asks Arshad which Matki will be choosing. I break the red one. Arshad decides to break the red one only. From now on, your Matki will be mine. Anjana smiles. Everyone heads outside except Aditya and Arshad. Anjana too stops at a distance.

Arshad tells Aditya he wants to tell him something Aditya too nods. Anjana does not let them talk and takes them outside for the competition. I was about to get caught. Arshad would have said everything before Aditya! Just wait a little. You too will get your chance Arshad!

Anjana makes Aditya take the Handi’s himself. He compliments them. She smiles. They are indeed beautiful. People are preparing the Handi’s but Anjana sends them away for breakfast. She keeps something in the red Handi. I have no personal problem with Zoya but this is what happens when someone tries to come between me and my son!

Both the Handi’s are hung up. Aditya and Arshad get dressed for the competition. Everyone claps to cheer them up. Aditya and Arshad shake hands. May the best man win! Zoya keeps the feather in Aditya’s headband and shakes hand with Arshad wishing him good luck. Both the teams get ready. Aditya and Arshad climb on top of their teams. Anjana keeps looking at Arshad. People are cheering for both the competitors. Anjana’s eyes are glued on Arshad’s Handi. He hits his Handi and glass shards falls in his eyes. He falls down and so does his all teammates. Zoya and her family rush to his aid. Aditya takes him inside.

Anjana demands to know who kept nails and shards inside the Matki. Aditya tells her to think why they would do so. They come here every year and love us. We give donation to their NGO. Anjana says Arshad could have lost his vision. Wasim announces they wont take it anymore. You invite us over and are attacking our would-be son-in-law. Harsh stops him from calling police. I will handle this. He too asks the culprit to confess. A lady shares that they painted this Matki and handed it over to Anjana Ma’am. Anjana turns to Aditya. I gave it to you next. Aditya nods. I just left it where you told me to. The NGO guys say we know nothing. Aditya kept it in the end. Arshad thinks of Anjana’s words. Anjana sends the guys away.

Arshad says Aditya told me he breaks the red Matki always. Why did you let me break it? Aditya says I only suggested it. You came to conclusion on your own. Arshad says you challenged me in front of everyone so I say yes. Coincidentally, there were nails and shards in that Matki only. Aditya asks him what he wants to say. Arshad tells him that he did this intentionally. Aditya says you are sadly mistaken to think I have so much free time to add nails and shards in Matki’s. Roshana seconds Aditya. Why would he do anything like that? Someone else must be behind this! He only saved your and Zoya’s life. Arshad agrees. Do you realise how we reached there? He ends up telling about that phone call which made him leave for his hospital for some emergency. Zoya and I got stuck in the riots because of that phone call only. It was a fake call done by Aditya. Aditya says I invited you here so. Arshad mistakes him again. You wanted to make up for what could not happen that day! I could have lost my life that day. Aditya says who came to save you. Arshad says you first trap someone and then act to be super hero. Lying to someone intentionally and risking their life is not humanity! Aditya says I dint know about the riots. Arshad says it means you agree you made that call. I knew it! Confess that you are behind today’s attack too! Aditya asks him if he has gone mad. What do you think about me? Am I some psycho killer who will attack on you? Arshad calls him cheap. He can go to any level for his own selfish reasons! Zoya slaps Arshad and glares at him. How dare you blame Aditya?

Precap: Zoya says I wont let you blame Aditya like this. Arshad asks him if she will still not believe it if she finds out that Aditya only intended to attack him today. Aditya swears on Zoya. I had no idea about this attack. Zoya tells him he need not swear. I trust you more than myself. Arshad says you (Zoya) are blinded by Aditya which is why you cannot see the truth. She calls it her truth. If our truths are so different then I will end this matter of 2 weeks right away. I don’t want to keep any relation with you – neither of friendship nor of marriage!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. From todays episode it’s clear that they will drag the show upto zoya-arshad marriage.

    From next week there will be adiya separation/ marriage preparation track.

    So i don’t think i will watch the show as before untill there is realization for zoya; aditya broken expression makes the show intolerable to watch.

  2. Neha1

    Finally, Precap was good and relieved….but the episode didn’t like…. Anjana is scary she herself trying to get Aditya in this mess, so that she kept Zoya away from Aditya but Zoya didn’t believe Arshad… after a long time I was happy to watch Zoya’s taking side of Aditya… otherwise, she never took stand for Adi infront of her Abbu and Arshad…
    Precap is amazing but I hope that promo didn’t come true later ….coz till now the promo’s are misleading…In promo we saw Zoya slapped Aditya but she slapped Arshad and trust Aditya…but still I’m worried that if Zoya will learn that prank call of Adi…what will her reaction…? Hope she didn’t believe on Arshad…fingers crossed…

    1. Zoya will be broken by betray on friendship on next episode. It is confirmed arshad will prof adi wrong. See it on next episode

    2. @Neha : On Monday Adi will get slap from Zoya…Somehow Anjana indirectly will manage to prove Adi as the culprit…the things I am hating about ‘bepanah’ most –
      1. Psychotic mother – how pathetic this can get!!!!
      2. From next week Adiya separation track like the leads of all the serials running on Indian television will start!!!!
      3. This Arshad is not going to go that easily…i think he will bore us for the entire month of september!!!
      Not liking this serial at all now…I don’t know…don’t care now if Adiya unite or separate…it joined bandwagon of all crappy serials…!!!!
      I am envisioning a drop in trp next week would be good if trp falls then makers would end this boring track!!!
      N Miss Zoya now I feel u r perfect for that sodabottle Arshad only!!!!😆

      1. Yep,same bro!
        I hope Zoya and Arshad lead a very happy life,boring as hell.. But whatever.. That’s what Zoya would like. 😂😂😑
        I know right! This whole mother drama is getting out of hand.. It’s so creepy and weird and just .. Idk,I guess pathetic is the right word!
        I’d just like to believe that bepanaah has ended with Zoya with someone and Aditya with somebody else and they were just two strangers who helped each other in tougher times and were the trajectories of each other’s path of self exploration.
        And it’s nice. I have my exams in September.. And now I won’t have any craving to watch this show ! 😂😝
        As for the current track.. I believe it’s some new show that has begun with characters that have no charm,dead ends,cliche twists.. And I will very happily pass watching this one.
        I liked bepanaah for all the unconventional things it had.. Initial premise n all were unconventional no doubt.. But even the romance it showed was good.. I mean whatever that was after the leap where Aditya is all swooning over Zo.. That earring scene for eg. will always be in my heart,Pooja-adi confrontation and many more such things..
        I’m happy about its journey till now.. I wish I could spend more time with it but I guess this is it.
        The writers are at fault for sure and I will remain mad at them for this for ever.
        But yeah,had a good run. AdiYa? Umm..
        Jenshad shipper at heart! 😂😂🙈

    3. The only way promo can be true as well as false n Arshad may really exit in 2 weeks is that Adi sees a NIGHTMARE
      in which he tells Zoya about prank call. Zoya misunderstands n agrees to marry Arshad. Aditya gets up from his bed all scared n broken…

  3. The moment Arshad enters Aditya and Zoya life the serial became boring.
    I’ve look at a few of these serials whenever I visited my aunt ,honestly I think Bepannah started with a good story,great acting ,kind of modern day style. Now the plot is so not good 😩
    Can’t blame Aditya for falling in love it’s natural.
    Anjana is a good enough villain and Waseem not liking Aditya is enough to keep the series going.
    I agree with Zoya she’s not ready for a relationship.
    Hope the writers don’t shack her up with Arshad then something happens n she’s back with Aditya.Thats where the ratings will drop because the audience won’t appreciate Zoya or Aditya falling for someone else then after being used goes right back to either.
    It’s like reject goods 😃
    Trust that whenever this serial ends the fans get a happy ending.

    1. They are anyways rejected goods by Yash and Pooja!!!!…n Zoya-Arshad have absolutely no chemistry!!!…They look too boring!!!!:)

      1. Yes I know but from one failed relationship to another ,what sense will it make…
        They both should be thinking seriously when it comes to love.
        Just get them hitch with the usual love hate relationship.
        It will be hopeless for most people viewing this serial to see either rejecting one another for someone else.

  4. Nowadays story is like just filling up gaps , they don’t show any connection and many mystery like , what was the purpose of Rajveer role why he had some much vengeance over Aditya and Zoya , it has been wk. But no news about Sakshi … But they celebrate Eid and Janmashtami fn … Somewhere no connection and there is less screen space shown btwn lead roles … Hope they b bring a change

  5. Why Anjana is the vamp?..couldnt makers think of anyone else as killer?…even after Adiya marry she is highly likely to do the following :-
    1. Create cracks amid Noor-Zoya.
    2. Instigate Mahi against Zoya by promising her marriage with Adi.
    3. Not allow Adiya to consummate.
    4. Kill Adiya’s unborn child to separate them.
    I sincerely don’t want Anjana to be killer. Sakshi will come back but she is someone who can forgive Anjana once it is proved Anjana is not real killer. I want Anjana to mend her ways n wholeheartedly accept Zoya..
    N she is not even Adi’s step mother then why are makers making a mother stoop so low? I dislike such regressive tracks!!!

  6. Boring maha epi…they would have shown something interesting with this one hour.
    promos are always misleading….zoya clearly told wasim and arshad that she is not really into marriage and there is no place for love. Hope she is not stupid enough to accept for the marriage in anger just because adi loves her…. even if she accepts for the marriage in anger eventually she will feel uncomfortable and not able to get along with arshad and start realizing the love for adi…On the day of marriage she will run towards adi.
    And yea that thappad toh…watched like 10 times….maza aagaya 😀 sukun milgaya 😀

  7. From now on am not going to watch this serial. It’s clearly proved that zoya will choose arshad which means separation of adya and broken aditya which will lead to fall of trp

  8. Neha1

    Okay.! After reading all the comments here….I too think that on Tomorrow’s episode Aditya and Zoya get seperated by Arshad… As Anjana obviously didn’t make happen Adi- Zoya friendship/relationship become stronger, she through Arshad, make AdiYa seperated…
    So, I too even loosing the interest of this show and The way makers are showing the current track it is sure that this whole month or mid-October Arshad will be seen in Bepannaah… Arshad is not going to exit from the show so easily…
    I think it’s better that let Zoya get married to Arshad and Aditya will resume to his job and find someone who’s really and genuinely loves him and always be with him… Zoya didn’t deserve Adi’s love…let her live with that boring Arshad..but I really want atleast ArNoor should get their love or get married…
    And obviously want Bepannaah to get least Trp not only this week but till then Arshad is there in the show…then only makers will realise how they’re showing “Bakwaas, Boring” track…I only watched Bepannaah…before that Only KRPKAB was one of best show on Indian Television, but I had watched Reporters on Sony and Thapki on colours was quite good one….not that bad and creepy shows…
    Now reading updates is enough for me….no need to watch Bepannaah from 2morrow onwards…. whenever I learn that Arshad character is coming to an end I will resume to watch Bepannaah again…!

    1. Hey…. I totally agree with what you said.

  9. I don’t know where story is going but i don’t think she will accept any marriage proposal after this, slaping Arshad in front of everyone is a serious matter.If she goes mad at Aditya after she knows about the prank call that doesn’t mean she will change her decision. Even if she does, will Arshad accept to marry her knowing she doesn’t love him, knowing there is someone else that is maybe more important than him in her life. Does this man have some self respect? Anyway this week should be his last week according to the original plan. I am still hopping.

  10. I think…. tomorrow it’s gonna be adi’s turn to get slapped as per the promo….and zoya will accept arshad’s proposal…. just to show her disapproval to adi’s actions….n noor also not there to explain that she was also part of that prank call plan….n all that ( n noor won’t be available on phone she would have kept her phone in silent mode scared of that khadoos interviewer)….n so zoya will misunderstand adi for sure….

    1. But everything is so dumb!!!..If she gets upset with Adi’s prank call n accepts Arshad’s proposal then what she did to bring back Adi from Paris was also not right!!!…I mean she spread the rumour that entire Hooda family was missing n if it reached Paris that means news spread worldwide…I think Zoya gets upset that Adi crossed the limits of platonic friendship by proposing her!!!!..n may be Anjana does something to prove Adi mixed glass pieces in the matki !!!!

  11. I to belive that Aditya will have e resounding
    slap tomorrow, but about the marriage thing i don’t know Anju, actually i saw a small video with Zoya talking again with her parents after the party at their home declaring again her disapproval.
    And once again i say that doesn’t make any sense. She didn’t refuse Arshad because Adi was her best friend, she had faith in him and bla bla bla.
    She refused because she isn’t over Yash memories and what he caused yet. She is still hurt, actually they should insist on this point and show her inner feelings, maybe it will make more sense her not realisation till now.
    Yes she smiles all the time but the turmoil of emotions are still there. And the fact Adi broke her trust won’t change this thing.

    1. 👍

    Zoya will slap Aditya when he confesses love and think that he is a cheater like Yash!!!

  13. Neha1

    And so it’s confirmed that AdiYa will be seperated….. Here’s the full week spoiler…. No need watch…!

    1. Yes I read it too…Friday is the worst…Adi is gonna get punched by that hopeless Arshad n he fill faint!!!!…hope this is the start of Zoya’s realisation!!!…n if she doesn’t nurse Adi after this then she is the most heartless woman on earth!!!

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