Maha Epi – Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil-Pankti’s wedding

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 23rd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaidika leaves Agarwal house. Sahil was aggressive and says this time he would take such action. Everyone compels him to go and speak to Vaidika, she will agree. Prachi thinks Puneesh’s plan worked perfectly, though she feels bad for her but she did everything for her child.
Vaidika reaches a temple and cries badly. She wonders how a second woman came between them, she had given Sahil another chance but he broke her trust once again. She turns around at the voice of footsteps. It was Pankti. Vaidika asks why Pankti came here. Pankti tells Vaidika to trust Sahil, when he says he didn’t purchase that property then he didn’t. If a piece of paper means more than Sahil. Vaidika questions who Pankti is, giving her clarifications from Sahil. Her marriage with Gaurav made her trust Sahil

again, but it didn’t happen. Vaidika turns to leave. Pankti stops Vaidika and says she is destroying everything because of a single night, she aggravated the matter to a greater extent. She tells Vaidika she can do anything to get a life partner like Sahil, and Vaidika doesn’t value for having him as life partner. She warns Vaidika to break his heart repeatedly; why is she breaking her relation with Sahil because of Gaurav. Vaidika asks Pankti if Gaurav was right that she loves Sahil. Pankti thinks for a while, then says she would have gone to any extent to get Sahil’s love if she wasn’t there in his life. Today, if Vaidika breaks her relationship Sahil again, she will marry him. She will propose Sahil for marriage and take him to America. Tomorrow is MahaShrivastri, within next ten years either Vaidika must accept Sahil or she will marry him in the same temple. She will love him so much that he will forget the pains inflicted by Vaidika. Vaidika may take Sahil with her if she wish. Pankti walks away.
Sahil tells Maya he has tried everything but Vaidika is only doubtful of him. Maya asks him to calm down first, Vaidika might seem wrong but at least for once Sahil must think in her place. People have cautioned Vaidika that she is older than him and he might look on to other women. She went against the world to marry him, but right now she must be insecure because of Pankti. He must stand with Vaidika right now, he must love him truly and she will get onto the right path again. He must put in his efforts; their unique relation is an inspiration for others. Sahil was clueless what he must do. Maya shares an idea about igniting Vaidika’s fear. May be she needs a shock at this stage? Sahil says he now knows what he needs to do.
In the room, Sahil asks Pankti to help him. They have to sit in the Mandap and fake marrying each other. Pankti was shocked to hear this. Sahil says Vaidika is his life, he can’t live without her and needs to do this. When Sahil has left, Pankti stood in a dilemma. When one of her reflections urges her to go and get Sahil as she loves him, she won’t get any life partner like Sahil; the other one reminds Pankti that it’s because of Sahil and Vaidika that they her believe in love was restored. She must now help Sahil get Vaidika back again. She stood confused between the two thoughts, then wipes her tears with a determination.
There at home, Aarya brings a sindoor box to Guddu and says she won’t let space for bitterness in their lives. She wants to take their wedding vows once again, it had broken before it started. She says this course isn’t as important as her marriage and she can’t live without him. Guddu says one of their wedding promise was to stand with each other, he can’t break her dream and wants to stand beside her forever. Aarya hugs him and apologizes for teasing him. Guddu accepts he hurt her trust and is somewhere responsible for her grievances as well. Aarya says she now understands Guddu isn’t like the betrayers. She trusts her completely. Guddu tells her to go and complete her course in next three months, he will wait for her. Aarya thanks him for coming into her life, and not giving up in their marriage.
It was morning. Vaidika still stood in the temple and demanded a reply for her questions from the God. She was stubborn and ready to die right here, but not leave without a clear path for herself. She dances in the temple.
At Agarwal house, Prachi stood with signed divorce papers that Vaidika sent for Sahil. Sahil reads the papers. Prachi says she hasn’t either come home; she is in disbelief regarding her decision. Sahil tried to convince her in next fifteen days but her ego is aggravating.
There Vaidika still danced in the temple.
Pankti asks Sahil what they must do now, Vaidika has already signed the divorce papers. Sahil leaves home along with Vaidika. Bari Amma and Nani were tensed. Prachi was happy that Puneesh’s ideas were working. She brings him in the backyard and tells Puneesh that the divorce papers he sent gave furor to Sahil. She was doubtful that every time they resolve their grievances. Puneesh assures that this time he has made enough arrangements for that as well. Deepak hear Prachi call the Sardar as Puneesh Jee and thinks there is something wrong for sure.
Vaidika ran in the street of Kanpur, going towards Agarwal house. She was determined to tell Sahil that she loves him and can’t live without him. Puneesh calls some goons, they kidnap Vaidika.
In the temple, Sahil assures Pankti that this won’t happen. Vaidika would sure come to temple confessing her love. Pankti asks what if she doesn’t come over, if they marry in front of God they will be considered as spouses. Sahil says it won’t happen at any cost, Vaidika will surely reach them before.
Pankti’s mother comes to Vaidika in the godown she was kept. Vaidika was weak, and asks her to let her go to Sahil. Pankti’s mother says she had already forbidden Vaidika to intervene in Sahil and Pankti’s marriage; Pankti is worth being Sahil’s wife. Now Pankti will marry Sahil. Vaidika asks what kind of a mother she is, she is destroying her and Pankti’s life equally. She enforced her daughter to spend a life illegitimately with Sahil as well. Pankti would never be able to live happily. Pankti’s mother wasn’t ready to understand anything. She says it was in her favor that Vaidika left Sahil, and paved way for Pankti to marry him. She prepares an injection for Vaidika. Vaidika continue requesting her weakly but was given the medicine. Pankti’s mother says she has injected a poison and within five hours, Vaidika will be dead. They receive a call from Sahil on Vaidika’s call. Her mother puts the call on speaker. Sahil says he is with Pankti in the Mandap in temple. He wants to know from Vaidika if she wants to continue their relation and save their marriage. Vaidika doesn’t speak. Sahil says he has signed the divorce papers she sent, and if she doesn’t come to save their unique love story he will marry Pankti. Vaidika lay unconscious.
Puneesh comes to the godown with Pankti’s mother, they throw a glass of water over Vaidika’s face. Puneesh orders his goons to untie her hand and forces Vaidika to write that Sahil has broken her trust. Vaidika was stubborn, not ready to write. Puneesh warns Vaidika if she doesn’t write what he says, his men will blow Sahil up on the mandap. He forces Vaidika to write that Sahil broke her trust, he doesn’t love her anymore and fall for Pankti. She is leaving his life so that he marries Pankti and live happily. They force her to sign the note as well. Puneesh says Vaidika’s dead body and this note will reach Agarwal house soon. They inject another medicine into Vaidika’s body in spite of her weak pleadings. Puneesh says until she is alive, they must keep an eye over her. After a while, everyone leave the godown as Vaidika was unconscious. Vaidika pukes and her consciousness returns. She untie the ropes tying her hands and feet. She was unable to balance herself, her head banged badly.
Deepak comes to Puneesh’s room and thinks he must figure out the matter with the driver. He finds a file of Prachi’s pregnancy report which was positive. He wonders what this report is doing here. This means it is Puneesh Tiwari in Sardar’s disguise. He decides to unveil this shrewd man’s story today.
The Pandit reaches the temple for Sahil and Pankti’s marriage. The program starts with an announcements from the stage for some guests from Mumbai.
Vaidika tries to deceive the goons from the godown. Pankti’s mother stood in front of her and takes her inside, she wished to show her something.
Pankti silently wish Vaidika doesn’t come over today. If she doesn’t value Vaidika, she wants to marry Sahil and love him the way he deserves.
Pankti’s mother brings Vaidika into a hall. Ved and Virat’s cradle hung with a rod from roof. Pankti’s mother says she won’t spare Vaidika and her children alive. She can’t let anything be a hurdle in Pankti and Sahil’s wedding.
In the temple, Pankti tells Sahil that Vaidika won’t come. She promises to stand with him and will even fight for her custody of his children. If Vaidika doesn’t value their relation, she doesn’t deserve his love.
At Agarwal house, Deepak tells Bari Amma and Nani that this is someone else in Sardar’s disguise. Bari Amma doesn’t pay much attention. Nani however allows Deepak to take a few minutes and prove this. Deepak pulls Puneesh’s beard deeming it fake, but Puneesh screams of pain instead. Bari Amma slaps Deepak and apologizes Sardar ji. Deepak still insists that this man is fraud. He gives Bari Amma the report of Prachi’s pregnancy, he found in her room. Prachi explains he is their driver, she told him to bring her report from the hospital. Bari Amma asks why she didn’t share about her pregnancy with them. Prachi says she thought there was much tension in the house already. Deepak says he herself heard Prachi call him as Puneesh ji. Bari Amma and Nani weren’t ready to believe Deepak’s claims, and send Puneesh away. Sardar takes a leave, Bari Amma takes Nani and Prachi inside. Puneesh thinks he was aware Deepak will create some trouble and stuck the beard with a tight glue.
Pankti’s mother shows Vaidika the live stream video of Sahil and Pankti from the temple. Vaidika screams in resistance, and says she can’t let them marry. She looks towards Ved and Virat. Pankti’s mother comes to Puneesh and says she never thought she will go to such an extent for her daughter. Still she doesn’t feel any guilt, but an inner relief. At least, they are doing a favor to Vaidika. People would pity her that she couldn’t bear her husband’s second marriage and died with her children.
At Agarwal house, Nani was tensed. Bari Amma decides to call the police. Maya comes home with a bad news. They couldn’t find about Vaidika or children, and Sahil is marrying Pankti. Bari Amma and Nani were offensive. Prachi asks Bari Amma to let Sahil marry Pankti, Vaidika rejected Sahil and always leave him; Sahil is young and deserves an age fellow wife. Maya asks about Vaidika. Bari Amma wasn’t ready to accept this. They decide to go to Sahil, Maya tells them about the Shiv temple and takes them along. Prachi smirks that its already too late, the cards have been played already.
Ved calls Vaidika for help. Vaidika asks Ved if he is strong like his father. Ved nods. She asks him to move slowly towards the corner of the rod he is hung with. She bucks him up to jump off the rod and run from here. Virat was now crying.
Bari Amma, Nani and Maya were headed towards the temple. Their car stops by Ved who lay on the road unconscious. The ladies panic and sprinkle water over her face. Ved was weakly able to speak that he was hung with the ceiling and held his mother tied with ropes. Maya prays for Vaidika’s safety. They decide to take Ved to hospital but they hear Virat’s cries. Maya takes Ved to hospital while Bari Amma and Nani follow the voice.
Pankti’s mother comes into the godown, furious over her goons. She takes Virat into her arms and says Vaidika would always repent because Virat would only die because of her. She rolls Virat into the air but Bari Amma catches him. Nani throws cement into the eyes of Pankti’s mother and goons. They free Vaidika’s hands and promises to take Virat to hospital.
Vaidika reaches the temple to find Sahil had married Pankti.

PRECAP: Sahil tells Vaidika she was late, he already married Pankti. Vaidika fell unconscious. Bari Amma curses Pankti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. In the whole episode just feeling very bad for Vedika..ved and virat..again vedika makes me cry..from the middle of the epi..I was wondering how can a women be so cruel for an another women??.and cruelly rolls a new born baby in air???…Pankti’s mother is not a women she is a killer…what type of makers???
    And even finally pankti was thinking about Sahil and her relationship???????????????????really I am shocked..and for this I can’t forgive pankti..I was wrong..that she is helpless girl and our sadika just helping her even sahil supports her until the last..but at the end time I think pankti is understimate our Sadika’s unique love story..but she doesn’t know that their love is so unique and not can be defeated by any others…in any situation.
    Friends Now I am hoping that Sahil doesn’t marry with pankti in real..Iam very sad for our Sadika..

  2. Nina

    The writer neglected a love story for the other, and as a result completely ruined this series. The only clue that got my attention so far was the cast acting. Still not good though, could be better.

  3. DannyComments

    I think there is something about Sahil, that makes women go really crazy for him! I just don’t know what it Is!!! And what is with him with getting married every time??? Why does he always think getting married is the solution to everything?? Every freaking time!! Honestly this show makes me sad.

  4. I agree with u Danny. Sahil is a GIGOLO. He is very handsome he knows that. So he likes all young girls attention. Now ibyhonk if he is really married to that shorty baldy pankti n going to US u can imagine whatt their day n nights r going to be. Of late he is very chargef 4 young girls. Il l be very happy if vedika leaves him with dignity n goes n settles some where with her 2 lovely children n he zhould never find them n die a pathetic death. Sonce yesterday i am not in my senses sonce the time the druggist director n the blo*dy writers hv shown the way vedika n her two little ones suffered. This blo*dy gigoli instead of finding us preparing himself to f…..k that young whore. How i wish he suffers more than what vedika suffered in yesterdays episode. In yesterdays episode i could see panktis mother was also very charged imagining her.whore daughter n the gigolo in BED or was she going to help them on their wedding night in BED. blo*dy enunch how could she throw a small child. Wish when her daughter the whore Reaches US with her lover gigolo somebody should murder her like how the enunch mother threw the small child in air. Only hope by the time the serial ends all 3 ie the enunch mother, Gigolo sahil n the tender whore pankti r murdered very pathetically by someone. I spit on all the abv 3 characters

    1. What’s happening here ladies? RAJI… What’s up with you girl, the serial giving you mental torture? It’s only a serial, I’m reminding you so take it ez… I’m not trying to correct anyone on their comments, we are all adults, I’m sure??? So, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views but extremely coarse language isn’t ladylike, a little word here and there is permissible in my book…even I do so from time to time…RAJI dear, some words in the English language doesn’t look too nice here…like the word “cum”..that’s universally accepted as the descriptive word for the seminal fluid which is issued by humans in the act of s*xual activity at the time of climax! I use this word “cum” because you use it often these days, alright!! Just thought of highlighting it for you in case you’re not aware of it but I’m sure you do.. I hope I didn’t offend you, I’m not apologizing BTW…just to chat one on one as you’ve been here for a long time now.. Whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you but I consider myself a friend to you as well so I thought I could tell you.. but I can’t converse with you for some time now because of your high octane views..hopefully in the near future.. BTW.. It’s a compliment when I say that at least you can agree with a certain viewer on something but mind you, you keep saying enunch, referring to Pankti’s mother, but that’s the same word you used to refer to Bhoomi and she didn’t like it and you both exchanged differing opinions…and a war was waged.. I don’t forget some things, some ppl isn’t likely to change ,remember that!! So, take it ez dear RAJI… What’s with the “R”…i can recognize you by your color coded insignia!! Take care… Happy day to you..

  5. I don’t have too much to say on the episode, better I keep my counsel to myself and see how things play out here. No matter what we say, no matter how much we protest, nothing is going to change, the only positive thing is that things happen quickly here and I’m sure everything will be back to normal soon and the plots would have achieved its goals. I have a few points to make though..
    1. This isn’t the Sahil we know.. The damn writers are to be blamed, such morons!! They thrive on controversy, they know we’ll argue amongst ourselves, they are correct!!
    2. Pankti has not an ounce of shame.. Why the heck she’s still in the house, is beyond my comprehension.. The writers are sadistic too..
    3. Sahil’s acceptance of Pankti is mind boggling.. Isn’t there no other institution to take in ppl in abusive relationships??
    4. Pankti’s mother is dirty minded, which mother advises her daughter to sleep with a man ? Errrr… That’s clearly not her business!! I’d be ashamed to do so!!
    5. It’s also mind boggling how Prachi’s head could be so full of shit… Writers clearly love to make women look like total idiots!! She’s a prime example!
    6. All the advice given by BA and Nani is correct, older people know better!!
    7. Pankti, her stupid looking mother, Usha and her equally uneducated daughter joins the list of hated characters, together with the vampire Puneesh and his very foolish wife.
    Coming to Vedika…and Sahil.. Both are going through a lot because of the hateful 8…. Sahil is wrong for insisting that Pankti still be a factor in his marriage, no man gives importance to another woman in whatever capacity as long as they are negatively impacting their marriage, this is just not done!! So, his deeds aren’t going to be accepted by me, his help is hogwash…while Pankti’s intentions were honorable at first, now I don’t know what she wants, her mother has clearly brainwashed her! She’s a Bhoomi replica..same thing happening here and Sahil isn’t seeing it.. Very subtly, Pankti has crossed over to falling in love with Sahil, right under everyone’s noses…this is no longer an innocent situation!! Pankti’s mother and gang members have something coming to them I’m hopeful…now Vedika is seeing the bigger picture now, who’s involved in her separation from her husband and she’ll be regretting her too rigid stance concerning Sahil’s pleas….she was supposed to remain with him, didn’t need to converse with him, only concerning the children…but she pushed him away, into the arms of a woman who wants a man exactly like him… I know she’s hurt by everything she’s seen and heard…but like I’m always saying…blame the writers because they allow Vedika to conveniently overhear snippets of conversation, not the parts that is more important for her to hear.. What Sahil’s doing now is what Vedika was doing previously…he’s become mahaan. Despite being married to Bhoomi which was because of Ved, he never did share any intimacy with her….clearly Vedika didn’t learn from her 1st separation from Sahil.. She must stop listening to other people or gossip and concentrate on her marriage… I understand Vedika’s misconstrued situation and I understand how she feels and now she’ll be fully understanding that everything was a set up all along, I’m sure Pankti’s mother will divulge some schemes hatched by her.. Vedika will now regret her not trusting Sahil…all she had to do was not push him away… Let’s hope that the marriage is a hoax!!

  6. Happy Sunday Friends….
    I don’t Know how you ladies feel about the Maha Episode but I was really disappointed. It had left me with a bitter taste. Vedika was outstanding as usual specially the Tandev. I like how BA and Nani joined forces. Deepak.. what can I say.. since he has been realeased from jail, he is a changed man and lately he has been on Sadika side.. wish BA would stop looking down on him. Poor bloke he was telling the truth and no one would give him any time of the day. As for Pankti. Puneesh, pankti’s mum and Prachi they are like spare parts.
    There are reports that Sahil will leave for America with Pankti.. if that happens then what’s the purpose of continuing watching. There can’t be another leap. Writers please get your thinking hat. If you run out of ideas end the series on a happy note with sadika and their children

  7. Hi Naz see the way the series is affecting people?
    Well i must say, sahil should be told about how pankti mum wanted to kill vedika ved and virat especially virat. Because i will be very suprised if the writers will cheapen sahil even further by letting him be ignorant of vefikas straggles that drlayed her from meeting sahil. Sahil should have just stayed away from vedika for a while like amaya suggested, Not to go and shock her by marrying pankti really? Pankti is in love with sahil so the friendship should end because pankti cant control herself sahil can but sahil is so galible he has become the pone in the devils hands.
    I just hope things will be clarified soonest.
    Majuna should have told pankti that her and her mother are in this together because they found she had kept vedika captive and that she threw away the baby to die, if it was not for bariyamah viratt would be dead by now, the two ladies should give sahil and pankti a mouth full, sahil should realise that someone is trying yo hurt his wife and family they are just too many coincidents that has not been solved e.g land papers who increased the price also divorce papers who foged vedikas signature also depak to tell sahil he is suspecting driver is puneesh under disguise even vedika vedika shoulbe told because she will tell tjem its pueesh, I wounder how puneesh will stay in the house?
    Please writers make the union of vedika soon
    Its not on seeing vedika suffer alone now you have also added more pain to vedika by attacking her children its not nice.
    Am begging you all the way from london England.????

    1. Hi MC..
      Which part of London are you? I am in London as well. I live in Feltham which is near Heathrow airport. I worked in central London. May be we could meet up.

  8. Hey, what’s really going on in this show?


  10. Yes..Naj now vedika will be regret..but I think for quite time?bcz we know that without sadika..this series is not full filled..
    Very soon It all be cleared..but Iam thinking that what makers are planning now about Villeins..really all are disturb from these things..!! I can’t imagine how a old lady who is herself a mother..can brutally attack on a tiny baby..oh my God..
    Hope from this week we all sadika fans will be in piece…..bcz Its a perfect news for all of us that pankti is saying good bye..from this show..Finally..
    Have a Nice day friends…

  11. By marrying Sahil, Pankti has justified Vedika’s words and fears.. Like I’ve said, writers thrive on controversial topics and keeping Pankti there is their middle finger to us…that why I’m saying to refrain from derogatory remarks towards the actors, they have contracts to live up to and whatever they portray for us is because of their scripts…nothing do so on TV is for personal gains except the cheque at the end of the month….and if Sahil really marries that little twit Pankti, doesn’t make sense to continue watching, I don’t care how many corners Sahil has to take, it better be with Vedika or the purpose of the older woman younger man script doesn’t live up to its motive… Madeline, I like you comment in caps… I’ve been saying that for years now, lack of detailing and quality of scripts are what is worth anyone’s time, not what we are getting presently in Indian film work… They are more concerned with quantity…

  12. Hi pooja am in the Eastend of London, it would be nice if we connected.
    I just hope i will read something interesting tonight about Sadika coz i am not amused at all with the way things are running.

  13. You are right Naz, all this while it was shown that Pankti’s character was helping Sadhika to reunite, but now she is so desperately in love with Sahil that she is ready to marry him, make him forget his true love, and snatch his children from their mother, how can a girl be so selfish, on the other side her ? mother as selfish as her daughter just thinks about her daughter’s happiness and ready to kill two innocent children without realizing another mother’s pain… is Pankti really quitting or is there more of her….I find Sahil to be the dumbest man on Earth Everytime he wants to win back Vedika he does a marriage drama and invites trouble upon himself, earlier with Bhoomi now with Pankti

  14. Leisa s morris

    How easy it is for others to fall in love with sahil and fight in every way to b with him while vedika just pushes him away every time. Pride is a hell of a ting and dat is wat got vedika to where she is today. Im not saying she had no right to feel d way she did but by pushing her husband away she threw him straight into d arms of another woman who was falling more for him day by day. I know i should b but im not even angry with pankti. From d very beginning she kept trying to get d two together. She kept letting vedika know dat she should trust and believe in her husband. But vedika insisted on her stubborness and as a result pankti started letting her feelings take charge yet she still urged vedika to not let sahil down else she will go ahead and marry him and let her regret forever. Sahil on d otherhand should not have gone through withd wedding if infact he has as he knows to himself he can never love anyone else nor b separated from his kids. Pankti is just gonna b another bhoomi unless writers allow sahil to feel compel to make dis marriage wrk. Wat is it his fourth?. Im sure once d writers allow it sahil will never accept pankti once he learns wat vedika and his kids went through at d hands of pankti mom. And pankti herself although in love with sahil if she really is d nice person i think she is will walk away without a scene. She fell in love its understandable with a guy like sahil but she of all ppl knows dat sahil only loves vedika and she should b ashamed of her mom and leave dis couple alone. As for prachi and puneesh i want prachi too suffer d consequences of wat shes done. Not even for ur kids should u ruin another family especially for someone who never valued u. Sahil and vedika stood vy her sise wen puneesh treated her like crap now shes using her baby to say shes doing dis for it. Hell no shes doin it for puneesh cause drrp down she knows sahils wealth is wat he really cares for. Puneesh should die dats all i have to say bout him. Theres no redeeming factor for him so he should just die. Glad arya finally got get act togethet. Waiting now to c how d writers go about dis storyline nxt. R dry gonna leave sahil in d dark bout vedikas torture or will dey let him know dat while he was marrying another vedika and his childrens lives were in danger and pls tell me panktis mom is goin to jail for kidnapping and attempted murder. Atleast let someone get licked up for lufe fis time nah

    1. I fully agree with you..Lisa s morris..

  15. Leisa s morris

    Wouldnt it b hillarious if d priest is deepak lol thereby making d marriage if it did happen null n void hmmmm

    1. You’ve given me hope here, because Deepak isn’t the same as he was before his time in jail, that’s when I saw him turn over a new leaf and when Vedika requested BA to forgive his mistakes because he deserves it, I knew that he’ll be helpful one day,…anyways, if this marriage happens, it’ll be at this point where Vedika will see the folly of her stubborn pride and Sahil will see the true colors of Pankti and her selfish stupid mother….and the same thing will happen again.. Pankti will become Bhoomi #2 and mother and daughter will terrorize Sadika…hopefully not!… Just thinking out loud!! I hope too that Vedika sees Mandy’s….aka Rakhi Sawant, hand in all of this and throw her ass out of the house. Point to make…. This is a lesson to all couples to trust your spouse, keep ppl away from your marriage who’s a liability, to forgive each other but not necessarily forget, to be honest, have proper communication, love unconditionally, leave no room for another woman to walk into and have concrete proof before making drastic decisions because when children are involved, we must put their interests first before ours because they are the most vulnerable in the relationship.. Sometimes, in a scenario like Sadika’s, couple doesn’t separate but live for the children and with time, issues are seen in a different light and reconciliation can occur..

  16. I agree with you guys, the calprits should be brought to book then sent to jail,
    I beg to differ who gave pankti the right to bring sahil and vedika together, the rwo were already together its just that sahil had lost his memory regarding his relationship with vedika
    If pankti was wise with the mother they should have left the very day sahil and pankti was found in bed, vedika after some time was going to understand and trust sahil again. Some men are caught with the a girl red handed but they break up whatever relationship there was and let that woman know it was a mistake they love thr wife toouvh to lise her will be hell on hearth and ask the girl to leave immediately. But panjti became too close for mere friendship
    With sahil she was more around sahil than vedika she chased her mum, why didn’t she follow too? because it was clear vedika started bevoming insecure due to her presence in the house sndvthe way sahil sipported her, What man sides the girlfriend over his wife? And then almost slap her in front of pankti? Wow i think vedika has been too kind with these passer bys in agrawall mansion.
    Sahil love should be unconditional, he does not listen to vedika most of the time he likes fixing things by himself which is wrong and most time he gets into trouble, so he better comeback and sort out pankti mum, puneesh pracki and ursha too, he fights all panktis future husbands let him fight those who want to destroy his marriage as well as kill his family i just want the writers to high.light this, because society cannot stop SADIKA LOVE. Becsuse if sahil wont be back to revenge these vilans then he is not sahil becsuse somebody should pay for this attempted ruination of SADIKA.
    I hope it will be a sensible reunion by the writers no more kidnappings please!

  17. Guys just seen a video with pankti tagging sahil along to the airport, small wounder she was happy to leave the cast. Sahil was so wise before now he moves like a zombi at times, he was following panks like sheep to the slaughter, if he left vedika in hospital why is he looking out for her to come and snatch him from pankti? Men? mmm, your wife was poisoned sahil sahil!, anyway i saw vedika jumping heddles, looking for sahil at the airport, by the way pankti got tickets for both of them you could see sahil was in tears but why in the name of love did he even think of leaving vedika and marrying panks? I also saw two men after vedika i hope there wont be anymore kidnapping again surely, we are tired.
    Will wait and see????

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