(Magical word) swasan episode 2

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Swara comes out
Swara is wearing red sleeveless top with black half coat and black jeans …with a trolley bag ..
She comes out of the airport ..
She waiting for her family to come ….
On the other side ..
Sanky comes …
Sanky is wearing red shirt black blazer and black jeans ….with cooling glass and a trolley bag …
He is just standing opposite to Swara ..
The kapoor family arrives ..
Shekhar : Swara ..
Swara comes and hugs him tightly ….
Swara : dad …

Sharmishta : Swara .
Swara hugs her also
Swara : ma….
Ragini : what about me ..
Swara : Di ….how r u ..
She hugs ..
Ragini : fine how r u ..u became big …huh ??
Swara : Haan …
Mishti : at last u came …..
Swara : haan mom where is pari Di …
Shekhar : vo …she went to temple …so she couldn’t come ..
Swara : OK .
On the other side ….
The maheshwari arrives ..
Sanskar : dad mom ..
Dp : how r u my son …
Sanky takes blessings from ap and Dp
Ap : be happy …
Lucky : hey Bro …no sentiments for me ..
Sanky hugs laksh
Laksh : I need to say …hmm.
Sanky : Bro ..
Laksh : chal ..

Sanky : accha where is adharsh bhai .
Dp : vo ..he had meeting so he couldn’t come ..
Sanky : OK ..
Suddenly Dp sees Shekhar (I said they r best friends ..)
Shekhar : hey Dp ..
Dp and Shekhar hugs …
Dp : u here …
Shekhar : Swara came …
Dp : Swara where is she …
Ap : haan where is Swara (Swara is very pet to ap and Dp )
Mishti : she just went to keep her luggage …
Ap : OK ..
Ragini comes and takes blessings from ap and Dp …
Ap : be happy ragini. ..
Ragini : thanks ma..
Mishti : hey Sanky u here …
Shekhar : this naughty came huh ???…try to stay away from my daughters OK .
Sanky takes blessings from shekhar and mishti ..
Sanky : don’t worry uncle ….u will try to .
All laughs ….
Laksh and ragini were missing ..
Ap : where is laksh ..
Mishti : where is ragini …
Both look at each other ….
Sanky : cool down aunty we will check ..
All look at each other ..
Swara comes …

Swara hugs dp and ap ..
Dp : oh my daughter came ….
Ap : haan ….how r u swara ..looking great …
Swara : I am fine ma …thanks ….
Sanky gets memerised with her beauty ..
Sanky : mom she just looks like jungli billi. ..ha ha ha ..
All laugh .
Swara makes faces to sanky ..
Swara : u monkey ..no one gave u rights to talk a out me ..
Sanky makes face’s.
Sanky : oh oh jungli billi us getting angry huh ???
Swara gets angry and chases him ..
They run around the family …
Whole family laughs ….

Precap : will ragini parents and laksh parents get to know their secret love ? SwaSan fights and pranks …

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  1. Angel Martina

    super di waiting for nxt epd

  2. Waiting for more swasan scenes yaar…ur ff is awesome yaar

  3. thats kinda unique….i loved it…

  4. Toooooooooooooo good Dolly luved it since it is very different from from usual swaragini and by reading I understood it’s swasan and I love it??

  5. nice…..loved swasan fights

  6. i think very soon sawsan l come to love.

  7. Awesome

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