Magical and True Love of Samaina-Chapter/Episode 5

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Sorry for Updating Very Late.. Here the Next Chapter Begins…

Precap:- Sameer was looking at Naina And Naina Was concentrating what teacher was teaching…But She also Looks At Sameer without Noticing him but during Intervals..

Chapter/Episode 5 Begins

After 3 periods,Recess Bell Rings..

As Usual Naina and Swati were Seating Together and having their Tiffins..

Sameer Comes towards their Seat..

Sameer(to Swati):- Swati, Will you sit back.I wanted to talk with Naina for 2 Minutes..

Swati:- Ok Sameer..

Naina:- But Swati…

Swati sits Back

Sameer sits Besides and Naina and Naina was just Blushing..????

Sameer:-I wanted to talk with you…Actually Naina I need a help from You..

Naina(in a sweet tone/voice) Yes Sameer..How can I help you??

By listening this Sameer lovingly Looks ?? towards Naina’s Eyes and Soon They Have an Eye Lock..????

Munna And Pandit were Seeing Them..

Munna:-Yaar Pandit.. See how Sameer is Looking into Naina’s Eyes.. Aur woh bhi sabke samne..Naina ke aankho main Sameer kho gaya aur Naina Bhi kho gayi hai…???

Pandit:-Yaar Chenu..Kuch toh karna hoga varna tujhe toh pata hain na hamari class kaise hai..


Suddenly Mundit coughs..

Samaina’s Eye Lock ?? is interrupted by their Coughs..

Naina’s Voiceover:- Thank God Munna and Pandit Saved Us otherwise we would be the highlighting story of our Radio Station..??

Sameer:-I wanted you to help me in my studies..Will you help Mee..??

Naina:-Ofcourse Sameer..☺☺ Why Not?? When should we start..

Sameer:-Tomorrow..Will that be Fine..

Naina:-Ok..But When and where

Sameer:- That you decide..

Naina:-Ok..We will study before the School starts and after that I can Go for my duty too..

Sameer:-So early..

Naina:- Yes.. Do you have any problem..??

Sameer:-No Problem… For studies I can do anything…

Naina:-That’s Good…☺☺

Sameer:-Ok Bye Then.. Let’s meet Tomorrow..

Naina:-Ok Bye..

Before leaving Sameer winks?? at Naina And goes and Naina is Blushing too Much..????

Swati comes towards her..

Swati:-Oho so what did Your Salman told..

Naina:- He just Asked me to help him in his Studies..That s It..

Swati:-When and Where you both are going to study..In Sameer’s House..

Naina:-No..Here In school..

Swati:- When?

Naina:- Before school starts..

Swati:-Oho.. So you both will be alone in this Classroom..There will be no one in this classroom and you both will have romantic  time here and..

Naina(Blushing??):-Stop it Swati..  we are Just studying..

Swati:-Ok.. Ok..

Recess Bells rings..

Time Passes..

Night Time

At Sameer’s House..

Sameer was lying on his Bed ..

Sameer(thinking):-So tomorrow is my most important day for me… Naina and I will be there in the classroom and no one else in the classroom…

Naina’s Voiceover:-Not only for Sameer It was also my most important day for me too.. As we will be studying together and we will also start our Romantic lessons too.


Sameer reached school early and is now waiting inside the classroom for Naina to Come..

Naina Comes..

Sameer:-Good Morning Naina..☺

Naina:-Good Morning Sameer..☺

Sameer sits and Naina Also Sits besides him

Naina:-So today We will start with Biology Chapter 6 Life Process Topic Transportation in Human Beings .Did u brought ur book??

Sameer:- Yes I brought it..

Naina takes out charts for understanding Him..

Naina(explaining):-So this is How Heart Pumps Blood..When the Right Artium contracts the corresponding lower chamber, Right ventricle dilates..Deoxygenated blood thus enters in it, which inturn is pumped to lungs for oxygenation..

Sameer:- Now I understood ..

While explaning Sameer’s Hand Touches Naina’s Hand…

Naina’s Voiceover:- That moment.. How can I forget it..This was our First Hand Touch…I was feeling like my heart ❤❤is Pumping blood double times faster than the normal Pumping of the blood.. It was like my whole Body Got 440 volts current By his Single Touch..

Sameer’s Voiceover:-Not only for Naina..Same thing was also happening with me too..Though I Touched Naina’s Hand bymistakely .. But when her hand touched with mine..I was feeling like Someone gave me 440 volts current in my Body

Sameer(smiling/blushing????):-I am Sorry ..

Naina(blushing):-No problem..☺

Sameer and Naina Resumes to do their Studies..

After an Hour..

Naina:-So today’s Part is Over… Will continue Next Topic Tomorrow..

Sameer:-Ok Ma’am..

Naina Smiles..☺☺

Naina(Looking towards her watch):-Ok Now I have to go For My Duty.. Bye Sameer..

Sameer:-Ok Bye Naina..

Naina leaves the classroom…

Naina’s Voiceover:-Though it was our first day to start But that day was my most Important and Special Day for Mee.. As Sameer touched My hand For the first time.. Remembering those Golden Moments I still have a smile on my face..☺

Chapter/Episode 5 Ends….

So Readers..How was My Chapter??..Do give your valuable feedbacks/comment in the comment section  Below and I will be very happy to know it.. I will update Next Chappy in Next week … I have decided to write my ff on weekends… I am thinking to write some Sensuous/Passionable/Romantic/Bold Scenes of Samaina in the Upcoming Chapters… Do you Want it.. Please do Comment in the Comment section below About/Regarding this.. Will update Next Chappy Next Week … Till then Stay Safe and Take Care…

Thanking You??

Samaina_loverzz                                                     Admin:- Thulasi

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  1. Very nice touch…??
    Update next episode soon…..

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Thank you soo Much..Suba ..????❤❤ Will Update Next Chappy Next Week…

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    It was a really sweet update?

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      Thank u soo much Aarti… Will update next chappy this Saturday..????❤❤

  4. Finally you’re back after long time missed u on much update was really good still can’t get over samaina school days made me so nostalgic reading it and do continue to update loved ur ff so much and bold scenes a big yes from me I can’t get enough of ur updates ???

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Thank u soon much .. Will update Next chappy this Saturday..????

  5. Liz

    Hey Molu…… very cute & BLUSHY update ??…………… but where have u been……. took a long time to update…… well, better late than never…….. come back with the next chapter soon ?

  6. Liz

    Now really missing school days of SAMAINA ?

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