Magical and True Love of Samaina – Chapter/Episode 1

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Chapter/Episode 1 Starts

Sameer And Naina were in the same school from Past 6 to 7 years And they were in the same class every Year.Now they are the Last bactch of the School. Naina is entering the school Gate and Goes to her Classroom.She and Sameer is Studying In Class 10 B . She sits on the second Bench With Her Best friend Swati..(As I was the Captain Of the school I have to reach Earlier Before other students reach the school campus)

Naina:-(Looking towards her Watch)Yaar.Yeh Swati Kab Aayeghi.Iski Bus Jaldi Kyun nahi aati.

(Swati Enters the Class And sits with Naina)

Naina:-Hai Swati.How Are You??

Swati:-I Am fine Naina.Sun Kal Ka Maths H.W kiya??

Naina:-Haan.Kar liya.Tumne Bhi Kiya Na?

Swati:-Haan.Haan.Kar liya.

(Whenever we used to start our conversation, usually we always ask each other about H.W , Assignments And Project related works)

Naina:-Achha.Tikh hain.Main Apni Duty Par Jathi Hun. Will Meet After Assembly

Swati:-Ok Naina

Naina Exits the Class

(Our Captain s Duty was to check each and every Class whether the class is Quiet or Not.And we have to go in each class every Morning Before Assembly to mind the class just like a moniter.. The Classes were alloted by our SPL)

After Assembly

(Naina enters the class and sits with Swati.Teacher is Taking attendance )

Naina:-Yaar.Did u saw Sanjana today?


(Someone in the corridor.Knocksthe door)

Unknown:-Can I come in Maam?

Teacher(in Angry tone):-What is this? ??You are always late.I am giving You last Time.If You come late Again,I have to call your Parents.

UnKnown:-Sorry Ma’am.Will never happen this Again.??

Teacher:-Now Get inside.

Swati:-Yaar.Tera Sanju sau saal jiye gha.

When she(Naina) sees , her face enlighten s with a Big Smile On Her Face??.

(Its None other than our Cutest and Sweetest Sameer??. Sanjana,Sanju are the Code words for Sameer which is used by Naina & Swati . They used this code word so that no one can doubt on Her[Naina])

(Our class was just like a Radio Station.If Anyone Got to know about any affairs or someone loving in the class, it will spread like a Breaking News)

Teacher continues her Attendance and Leaves

Sameer Sits Beside Naina s Row, Second Bench with his Friend Munna

Naina was still admiring Sameer???

Swati(In a loud Voice):-Naina,Naina!!

Naina returns from her imagination world

Naina:-Haan Bol Swati.

Swati:-Tu kaha Kho Gayi hain Kabse tujhe Bula rahi Hun.(with a smile) Haan,Haan Mujhe pata hain ki Tum kiske khayalon main kho gayi ho.

Naina(blushing??):-Achha Chod.Mujhe kyun Bulaya.?

Swati:-Tumne History ki Text Book Layi Hain ki Nayi?

Naina:-Haan Layi Hun.Tumne layi Na??

Swati:-Haan Layi Hun.

(Suddenly Naina Hears Sameer s Convo)

Sameer:-Yaar,Munna, Maine History Ki Text Book Lana hi Bhul Gaya.Maine woh Classes ke bag main Rakha Hain.Ab Main Kya karu.?

Munna:-Ab Tu Kya Karegha Sameer?

Naina(to Swati):-Swati,Dekh na yeh Sanju Phir se Book Nahi Laya.Pechle Baar Maam Ne Is se Data bhi tha aur warning bhi di thi ki Agar is ne Book nahi laya toh is se Class ke bahar Khada hona padhegha.Mujhe iski bahut chinta hoti hain.

Swati:-Toh uss main Main kya karu.

Naina:-Yaar.Tu Na Meri Feelings kabhi Nahi samajh thi.??

Swati:-Ok.Ok Sorry Ab Yeh soch ki tu Sanju Ko Kaise Bachayeghi

(Suddenly Naina gets An Idea.She tears A Page from a book and Writes something.She keeps the Paper in the Book and passes to Sameer)

Swati:-Yeh Tumne Kya kiya?

Naina:-SShh??Not a Word Swati..

Sameer Takes The book and reads.Before he could say anything Social Science Teacher, Priya Miss , Enters the Class.

(The Name of the Characters are Slightly Changed)

Priya Maam:-Good morning Students

Students:-Good Morning Ma’am.

Priya Ma’am:-Please Sit Down.I have Asked All to bring today History Books Right?Those Who have not brought Please Stand up.

Naina Stands Up.Teacher and other students Are shocked ??to see this.

Priya Ma’am:-What Happened Naina?Why Didn’t u Bring ur Text book today?

Naina:-Sorry Ma’am.I forgot to bring the text book.Please forgive Me Ma’am.(bends her head down??)

Priya Ma’am:- Since this is the First Time You did not bring ur Book I am forgiving U.But Next time If You will not bring ur book I will Punish You.

Naian:-Ok Maam.And Sorry Maam. I will never dissappoint You Again.

Priya Ma’am:-Ok Now.Sit Down Naina

Naina Sits Down

Priya Ma’am:-Ok Students.Take out the Page No15

Teacher starts Teaching

Naina looks Towards Sameer And Smiles?

Sameer also looks at Naina And smiles?

Actually she gave her own text book to Sameer and Wrote that “Main Nahi Chahti ki Tumhe Teacher Se Punishment Mile. So You take my Book and Give it back After Class”

(I have told u Already that Naina Loves her Sanjana A lott.. She Can do Anything for her Sameer.Her love for Sameer is Pure and she can Give up her own life to Sameer)

Precap:-During Recess,Sameer Comes towards Naina.

The Episode/Chapter 1 Ends.

So.Howzz it is Friends??I hope u all will like it and Please Give ur Valuable and Precious Feedback To Me..I will really be happy and rectify any mistakes If I Have done Anything wrong.Please do Comment. Will Update Next chapter As Soon As Possible????

Thanking You

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  1. Very nice ,please try to write it in english,i don’t know hindi that much

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Will update and will write in English..???

  2. write in english

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Will write in english in Next Update

  3. Ghvpriya

    Wonderful dear. Very nice starting ???. Try to update regularly dear ???

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Will update soon as Soon as Possible….??

  4. Aarti32

    I liked d codeword
    Update ASAP

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Will udate as Soon As Possible..???

  5. Interesting….. Sanju, eh???? Cool… Gud beginning…. pls update soon

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      I have made Sanju coz The Starting letter of Sameer Is SA and Sanju,Sanjana can be any girl so no one will doubt on her That s the codeword and thank u for ur lovely and valuable Feedback will update soon..??

    It’s very nice episode??????
    Take care and stay safe ?

    1. Samaina_loverzz

      Thank you for ur Lovable feedback..Will update Soon??❤❤??

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