Magical And True Love of Samaina–Chapter/Episode-8

Before Reading I wanted to say that i written lengthy this time…But plzz do read it..I hope you will not be bored…

Precap:- Munna, Pandit and Nana Ji Laughs At Sameer??? (To Know More Read My Previous Chapter/Episode-7)

Chapter/Episode-8 Begins

Nana Ji:-Ok Now… I have to go now.. Sameer As I told you That I have to go to Bombay for Some Work So Take Care Of Yourself Okk..??☺☺

Sameer:-Ok Nanu Take Care of Yourself and Call me after You Reach There…And Nanu I will Miss you a Lot..??

Nana Ji:-Even I m also going to miss you a lott And Rahu-Ketu You Should Take Care Of My Prince And Also Yourself Okk..

Munna:-Nana Ji You Dont take Tension About Sameer We will Take Care of Him and Nana Ji u also Take Care of yourself Happy And A Safe Journey Nana Ji..

Nana Ji:- Thank you Munna.. Ok Now I m leaving..Everyone Take Care.. Bye Everyone..?????

Everyone:-Bye Nana Ji..???

Nana Ji Leaves from There..

Munna And Pandit Are Still Laughing At Sameer..???☺☺☺

Sameer(Changing the Topic):-Munna,You were telling Something On Phone you want to say something..

Munna:-Oh!!I forgot to say.. You Know Bhabhi Birthday is Coming Up..

Sameer(In a Excited Tone):- When is it??

Munna:- After 2 dayzz..

Sameer:-I m soo excited and feeling soo much happy

Pandit:-By the Way What are you going to give her gift..?? Did You Thinked About it..

Sameer:-Hmmm .. I just wanted to Give her Something special  filled of Joys,Happiness and Love ..

Suddenly Sameer Gets Idea And he shares With Mundit..

Munna:-Arre Wah..?? What an Idea Sir Ji…

Pandit:-Really Sameer This Idea is The Best of all..I m Sure That Naina would be Happy…☺☺??

Sameer:-I just Hope So..

After Having their Dinner They Head Towards Sander’s House.. Munna And Pandit decides to Sleep With Sameer (Although Ramu Kaka Was There But they didnt want him To be Alone So they decide to sleep at Sameer’s Room..

Before Sleeping Sameer Dicuss about The preparation for Naina’s birthday

Munna:-Okk Lets Call Our Gang and Also inform them.. But tomorrow..Okk

Sameer and Pandit Laughs???

After a While They Sleep Together

2 Dayzz Passes..

Its Sunday Today….


At Naina’s House…

There was No one in the House Except Naina And Maid..

Naina is sitting on Swing…

Naina(Inside her Mind):-What a boring Day Today No one Wished Me.. Chacha Ji,  Chachi Ji , Papa , Tai Ji And Tau Ji Are out of city  And Arjun Bhaiya Gone out for Cricket Practice And Preeti Went to  her Friend’s House for Completing Her notes And No one called her to wish me.. Even Swati too forgot my Birthday .. Oh God!! What A boring Day Today!!????

At Sameer’s House…

Everyone were Present At Sameer’s House (Sameer , Swati  , Munna,  Pandit , Preeti, Kamya And Hema)

They Were Decorating The House with Ribbons,  Balloons… Preeti And Pandit Were Preparing Snacks In the Kitchen (as We(Sameer and His Friends) asked Ramu Kaka to Take leave) And rest Were Busy with Decorating The House.. Sameer was in his Room…His Room Was filled With Naina’s Photos,  Naina’s gifts (which she Gave it on his Birthday [The Gift consists of An analog Watch(Which looked like branded Watch)Two Dairy Milk Chocolate (as she Know His Sameer Loved Chocolates a Lot) and A Keychain Of letter S] He made that Key chain into Locket and he Wears It

Sameer’s Voiceover:- I cant believe that Naina Gifted me soo Many Gifts … Normal people will think Its Just A gift But For Its Precious Gift .. I still Have that Chocolate Wrapper with Me and I still have that Watch and The Keychain which I converted it into locket??

After Wearing the Chain he Kisses the locket

Sameer:-I hope Naina would Love it ..❤❤

Sameer then wears His Dark Blue Suit with Bow Tie.. Which It Was Perfectly Fitting him???????

Sameer then Locks his Room and goes to Hall to Check whether Everything is Fine Or Not..

Munna(Seeing Sameer Coming):-What Happen Sameer Is Everything fine??

Sameer:-I just Came to check everything is Fine or Not..

Munna:-Dont Take Tension We will manage everything..

Kamya :- Sameer you Are looking ????? And this Suit Suits u Perfectly..

Sameer:-Thanks for Your compliment Kamya..☺☺????

After a while Everyone Gathers At Hall ..

Sameer:-All Set

Munna:-Everything is Ready..

Sameer:- Now Munna Call Naina..

Munna:-Ok Sameer..??☺☺

Munna calls Naina

At Naina’s House

Naina is sitting in her Swing.. She was Sad…

The Phone Bell rings… Naina Picks Up the Phone..


Munna:-Hello Naina

Naina:-Oh Munna You ..what happen..Suddenly You called me..

Munna:-Naina…Sameer is having … Sameer is having…..?????

Naina(Worridly ?????but in low tone):-Sameer is Having.. Sameer is Having…What Happen to Sameer.. Is He fine or Not??

Munna:-No Naina He is not Fine..He is having High Fever ..he wants to meet you..Will you come here Naina??

Naina :- I m Coming There …

Munna: -Ok Naina I will inform him..

Naina:-And Munna Please Take Care Of him … I m coming in Just 5 minutes..

Munna:-Ok Naina..

Naina hangs the phone and Munna too..

Naina(To maid):-I m Going to Swati’s House bcoz she is having high fever . When Everyone comes Just tell them that I m at Swati’s house And I will be coming home by 7:00p.m.

Maid:-Ok Naina..

Naina Rushes to her Room.. Takes her Handbag And Takes Some medicines For Sameer And leaves Home.. She takes Auto and goes..

Naina’s Voiceover:-My heart was beating faster…I was worried about Sameer ..I cant see him in very bad condition ….

Here, At Sameer’s House

Munna:-Sameer Naina Bhabhi is Coming…

Sameer:-Okk everyone According to our plan Switch off the Lights..

Munna:-Ok boss..??

Munna and Pandit Switch off the Lights

After 2 Mins Naina Reached at Sameer’s house’s entrence… She rushes to the Door ..

When She opens the Door.. It was full of darkness. . Naina Couldnt Find out Where Sameer is..

Naina:-Sameer Where Are You I m here.. Where Are You..

Lights Turned On..

Everyone shouted :- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAINA!!??

Naina Was surprised… She was Soo Happy??☺☺

Naina:-Thank You Soo Much Everyone…

Sameer Coming Towards Her:-Happy Birthday Dear.. Here Take this Gift..

Naina unwraps the Gift It was a White Frock with Shinning Golden Glitters on it.. And At the edges filled with Butterflies..

Sameer:-I wanted to see you now in this Dress..


Swati:-I will help you out.. Come with Mee..??☺☺

Swati and Naina goes To Room..

After A while

Naina and Swati Comes out of the Room..

Naina was Just looking like A Princess from Heaven…The frock Perfectly Matched her.. Her Flowing Hairs Gave Sameer Surprised .. He Cant take his eyes off from Naina… She was soo Beautiful and gorgeous …????????? Sameer was soo Lost in her beauty That he forgets the whole scenario.. He was Just Looking Naina with his Loving Eyes???

Sameer:-You Look Soo Cute and Gorgeous In this Dress..????

Naina(blushing??):-Thank you Handsome..☺☺?? Even u look soo charming and handsome in this Suit and you are just like a Prince..

Sameer:-Thank You Sweetheart..???????? I mean Princess You are Also No less than me..Infact You Are more Beautiful than me.. Trust me..

Naina(blushing???):-I trust you Sameer..☺☺

They have quick Eye lock..??

Sameer  still cant get his eyes off from her..He was Actually Drowned in her Beauty..?????????????❤❤????

Seeing Sameer Mundit Teases Him:-Aayhai.??❤❤.What a lovely Scene☺☺??.If your done with your Signing Language (iisharo main baat Karna) Can We now Cut the Cake..

Naina and Sameer Moves towards the table were cake has been kept..

Naina cuts the cake.. Everyone Sings ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAINA’ ..After cutting the cake Naina gives the First piece of the cake to Sameer..

Sameer have a small Bite and then He Gives to Naina…☺☺

She then Cuts the cake into pieces and gives to Preeti,Swati, Kamya,Hema, Munna and Pandit..

After Cake cutting .. Preeti and Pandit Distributes the snack.. Naina and Sameer were sitting Together ; Swati & Munna Sits together Kamya and Hema sits Together .. After distributing the snacks Preeti and Pandit sits together..

Everyone is having their Snacks … After a While they all take a Break..

Naina:-Thank You Soo Much friends ..this was the best and loveliest Day of Mine.. I cant Forget this Day…. It made me soo much Happy Today .. I thought you all forgot my birthday..

Swati:-How can we forget your birthday..Afterall we are together for 15yrs..

Preeti:-and All Thanks To Sameer.. It was his idea..

Everyone were talking with each other..Swati was talking with Munna;Preeti was talking with Pandit;Kamya was Talking with Hema…

Everyone was Busy Gossiping…

Naina(In a low tone):-Thank you soo Much Sameer for making day special..

Sameer:-In Friendship No Sorry And no Thank You..And Naina I want to show you something…

Sameer Signs Naina to Come with him.. Naina agress …

They move towards Sameer’s room

Sameer:-Before Opening the door..You have to tie this cloth Around your eyes..Then only I will show you ..

Naina Takes the cloth from him and ties around her eyes…Sameer Helps her to tie the cloth..

She then holds the hand of Sameer.. And Sameer was Happy .. He then Opens the Door and Untie the cloth..

After opening her Eyes Naina Was astonished ??To See the decorated room…Her Photos was All over the Wall… She was Overjoyed to See all this lovely and preetiest thing❤❤

While Naina was Watching all her photos,Hanging on the wall… Sameer quickly closed the door and locked it…

Naina:-This is soo Beautiful … Its amazing Sameer.. How can i Express it..

Sameer:-I hope u liked it..

Naina:-I loved it a lott..❤❤❤ Really Sameer I hadnt got soo much Surprises and This is my most important day for me… I will never forget this day..

Sameer looks at Naina Lovingly..???

He then takes her hand and kneels down…

Naina’s heartbeat Started to increase fastly…..????

He kisses her hand?? With Passionately And Says:- I LOVE YOU NAINA!!

Naina was really happy and she was overjoyed..She was loving him for Past 6 Years and waiting for him…FINALLY! !! Her Dream Come true…


Naina:- I ..LOVE …. YOU.. SAMEER. .?????

By listnening to this Sameer Was Overjoyed.. He started to play Tape-recorder….He took Naina’s hand and Started to Dance on the song “I LOVE YOU “.. They were dancing like a Couple looking into each others..They were soo drowned that they didn’t notice the ball .. Sameer stepped on the ball and slipped..He took Naina In his arms..Both fell on to each other.. Sameer was lovingly looking at Naina…She was On Sameer … Suddenly they were interrupted by Preeti’s Voice

Preeti:-Naina… Lets Go Its Already 6 clock..

Naina and Sameer gets up and opens the door..

Naina quickly changes her dress but she takes the dress which Sameer Gave it to her..She leaves..

Before leaving She turns and looks at Sameer…Sameer smiles and winks at her????

Naina and Preeti leaves from there

At Naina’s House

When they enters the House …

Bela Chachi And Chacha Ji Welcomes them: -HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAINA☺☺

Naina:-Thank You Chacha Ji and Chachi Ji….


Naina:- Thank You Tai Ji and Tau Ji..☺


Naina:-Thank You Papa ☺☺

Arjun Bhaiya :- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAINA..Here take your gift..☺☺

Naina:-Thank You Arjun Bhaiya..☺☺

Shefali:-HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAINA..☺☺ Here take your gift..

Naina:- Thank You Soo Much Shefali..☺☺

Everyone wishes Naina with warm blessings and precious gift..Naina Cuts the Cake.. Everyone Sings the song “HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAINA”

After Cutting the cake they served Food .. They All have the food.. After the Celebration Everyone went to their rooms…

Naina’s Voiceover:-This Day Was My most Important For me..I cannot forget this Day.. I spended some time with Sameer and my friends and at evening time I spended my time with my family..What A Day It was..Remember this Day makes me feel more happy as well as Makes me cry too…


Chapter/Episode-8 endzz

So thats the end of my fan fiction..I know its lengthy one But Plzz do give your valuable feedbacks to me Plzz and do comment your views below.. And Plzz ignore any mistakes … Till then next chapter next week .. Till then Stay Safe and Take Care..

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