Magical And True Love of Samaina–Chapter/Episode-10

Precap:-Sameer requesting Naina to come for the Picnic.. Preeti Assuring Sameer that Naina will be coming. .

Chapter/Episode-10 Begins 

Naina:-Preeti .. I am sure That Chacha Ji will not let us go for the Picnic And If there is Tai Ji She will be Telling “O Bai ???? 3 dayzz Picnic .. And That Too With Boys”..

Preeti:-We will try our best. .

Naina and Preeti Enters their house ..

Bela Chachi :-You Both Came .. Change your dress and come here letss eat ..

Naina and Preeti obeys Chachi Ji

While having their food

Preeti:-Mummy I want to tell u something…

Chachi Ji:-Tell Preeti..

Preeti:-Mummy in our school There is a 3 Day Picnic

Chachi Ji:-Woow That’s Sounds Interesting!!! So what You want me to do in that ..

Preeti:-So .. We also wanted to go to the Picnic ..

Chachi Ji: -Bhagwaan Jooth Na Bhulaye. . How can I give you both the permission to go for a Picnic..And Taiji And Tauji Has Gone to Delhi For 1 week .. You do one thing You both Ask Chacha Ji He has the right to give you the permission …

Preeti:-Ok Mummy

They all have their food

After having their food Naina and Preeti Goes to their rooms

Naina:-I hope Chacha Ji Gives the permission

Preeti:-I think he will give the permission lets pray to God to get the permission

Naina and Preeti Prays

Time Passes

Evening Time

At Naina’s House

Chacha Ji Enters

Chacha Ji:-Bela…. Give me some Water U m thirsty..

Preeti and Naina Runs towards Chacha Ji With tha Glass and the Jar of Water

Preeti:-Here Papa .. Take this..

Chacha Ji Drinks water..

Preeti:-Do you want more??

Chacha Ji:-No Thanks ?☺

Naina:-You Look so tired Chacha Ji .. Give me that Bag I will Go and keep that in your Room..

Naina takes the bag from Chacha Ji and Goes to The Room

Chacha Ji:-I am Finding something Fishy .. Do you want something from me Preeti???

Preeti:-Actually Papa We need your Permission ..

Chachi Ji :-For what??

Preeti:-Actually Our school Has Arranged a Picnic for 3 dayz So we are Intrested to go So can we Go for the trip/Picnic

Chacha Ji Thinks..???

Bela Chachi Comes out from the kitchen. .

Bela Chachi: -Bhagwan Jooth Na Bulaye .. Let them go na .. And by the way they were in these 4 corners of this house.. Let them Enjoy

Chacha Ji Thinks

Naina comes out of the room

And then Chacha Ji speaks out

Chacha Ji:-Ok Then You both age allowed to go for the picnic.. But beware of some people

Preeti and Naina Jumps hearing this …

Preeti:-Thank You soo much Papa.. We are very happy today ????

Chacha Ji:-Here take Your Fees for the trip.. And both of you take care of each other Ok..

Bela Chachi: -Now You both are very happy Na. .

Preeti+Naina:-We are very happy

Preeti:-Naina Come with me Lets Pack our Bags ..

Naina: -Ok lets Go..

Naina and Preeti Packs their Bags. .

Preeti take a big suite case and packs all her needy Things

Naina takes a Hiking Bag and packs all her needy things

Next Day

Naina and Preeti Gives their Names and Money to their Class Teacher

Seeing this Sameer and Pandit gets very happy☺☺☺

Pandit was happy bcoz he also loves Preeti ????❤❤But didnt confessed his love to her till now..So lets see how their love story begins!!!??And also we will see Swanna ‘s love story too… ??❤❤

Days are passing By

Finally The Day Arrives

Naina and Swati Are in their Classroom

Munna: -Hayee Pandit You Look Soo Beautiful..???

Swati blushes..??

Naina:-Yaar Where is Sameer..I mean Sanjana

As I said My Sameer Is Always Late .. Not always Late Sometimes. ..????

And Here He arrives


He looks Soo Charming that Naina Is Lost by his Charm..????????

Sameer also looks at her and winks ??

Naina Blushes..??☺☺

Sameer sits Behind Naina’s seat ..

You know..  Mine and Sameer’s bag were Same..Same Company Same colour.. I Know that you all will think how mad i am or how stupidity is she talking But You all will not know how it feels when our things are same as that person we love has that thing . It feels Something very special Feeling..???? How should I Explain..Ok Leave it then?

After Prayer We were told to make separate lines.. For boys Make One line and for Girls Make 2 lines. .

We got into the Bus.. But Unfortunately Boys were told to sit On another Bus..

Priya Ma’am: -So Students we will be reaching there by evening. .

Students:-Ok Ma’am

Priya Ma’am: -Ganapati Bappa! !


And Both The Buses started to Move ..

Preeti Swati And Naina Were Sitting together..

Naina was sad??

Preeti:-Dont Be sad .. You can see your Jija ji At Evening Time ..

Naina makes Faces?

Swati:-Oh Naina Dont be sad.. Come lets play Antakshari..?☺

And all the girls started to play Antakshari

Evening Time

Monteria Resort

Priya Ma’am:-So We reached our destination .. everyone Take your Luggage And move towards the Reception

Naina Preeti Swati Takes their Luggages and move towards the reception

And Sameer Munna and Pandit Also Arrives at the Reception With their Luggages..

Sameer Stares at Naina Lovingly  ?? Without Knowing her..??

Priya Ma’am:-So everyone Keep their Bags one side.. One side will be For boys and the other side will be for girls .. And then Move towards the DJ hall the Food is Prepared and then I will give you the room’s keys..

Naina and Their Gangs Move towards the DJ hall

Naina was sitting opposite to Sameer❤

Swati was sitting next to Naina And opposite to Munna❤

Preeti was sitting next to Swati And opposite to Pandit❤

All of them were Having their Food with staring each other Lovingly..?? But Preeti was not staring at Pandit She was having her own food But Pandit was staring At Preeti Lovingly? Without Knowing her..

After eating their food

Priya Ma’am:- Ok Students So All Girls Come with Me I will Give the keys of the room And All boys Go to Shanti Ma’am She will give the keys to you ..And  The rooms Are Different and There is a separate block for Boys and Girls..Tomorrow We will start our schedule By 8:00 a.m. Students should be present here By 8:00a.m. And we will first have our breakfast and then our schedule will be starting..

Hearing this Sameer and Naina Gets Sad?? Coz their blocks were different

All of them take their lugages and goes to their respective allotted Rooms

Naina Preeti Swati were in the Rooms.. Their Room No. Is 306

Night time

Naina Swati And Preeti Were in their Night dresses .. Swati and Preeti were Sleeping Together and Naina Was Unable to Sleep Because she was missing Sameer ..

Suddenly she heard a knock on the window..

Naina was little scared but with great courage she turned on the lights and Opened the Window and she was shocked to see

Its None other Than Sameer Maheshwari..

Naina:-Sameer How did you come Here and how did you know its my room.. If Anyone will see You Then

Sameer:-You will ask all the questions here only..

Naina:-Ok Come inside

He quickly jumped inside the room..

Naina:-You scared Me Sameer…

Sameer(in a Romantic Tone):-You Look So Hot?? In this Dress..??

Naina Shys??☺☺

Naina:-Thanks Jaan By the way You are also looking Handsome??in this dress…And By the way How did u know that i am here in this Room and Why you are here Sameer..

Sameer:-Preeti Told Me this room No. coz I told her to tell me on the phone and I thought you were missing me so I Came..

Naina:-I was missing You a Lot..??

Sameer:-Even me Too I was Soo much Missing You Today A lott ..

They have a quick eyelock??

Sameer comes more closer towards Naina and Naina steps Back and she then Stops(bcoz the wall)..Sameer Leaned towards Her..

Naina:-What are you doing Sameer??If Preeti. Or Swati Might Get Up..

Sameer:-Let them See.. I just Need You..

He Comes More Closer towards Naina..??? He was Actually Drooled to see Naina in Night Dress..He was Losing his Conscious .. because of her Beauty..

Sameer then kisses her Cheeks And Then he kisses her???? With passion??❤❤???❤❤

They both Parted away.. And Naina is still blushing?☺ And Sameer Smirks??

Naina:-Ok Sameer You should  leave now or else anyone will spot you…

Sameer:-Ok Bye Naina And Good Night ?☺

Naina:-Bye Sameer And Good Night??☺☺

Sameer leaves from there And Before leaving he waves hand at Naina ..

Naina also waves back ..

She then closes the window and then she sleeps remembering the moment she spend it today with Sameer and Sleeps …


So that’s the end of my Chapter/Episode-10… Do Share Your reviews and I have added Romantic Scenes Because the Upcoming Scenes of Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Are heartbreaking So I wrote this… I hope you Liked it and From  next week I.e. from 13 Aug My Exams are Going to start So all wish me good luck and after my exams if i will get time I write the next chapter ASAP.. Till then Stay Safe and Take Care And Plzz Keep Watching Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Mon-Fri 10:30p.m. Only On Sony TV..If you are there on Instagram Then Do Follow Me @samaina_loverzz.. And Plzz Keep watching the Show

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