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Ch-13 : Ghost


Its evening time and all are sitting together, having a camp fire as the weather is quite cold and rainy…

Shivika, Rikara are sitting together whereas rudra is sitting with three girls…Soumya is sitting near anika…

Soumya is extremely jealous of those girls…She is in a mood to kick them out of their places !!…

“Pareshan karke rakha hai inn teeno ne mujhe…inko aur koi jagah nahi mili jo rudy ke samne baith gaya”…Soumya think…?
(This girls are so disturbing, they didnt got any other place than this)

All are gossiping and chilling…

Shivaay “Absolutely bro yah, hey btw where are our teachers ??”…

Rudra “Why bhai…missing them a lot”…

Shivaay “Oh just shut up rudy…i was just asking”…

“Shivaay i think they are having their own party” soumya tells…?

“O just shutup you dumbo” rudra teases her…?

Soumya “Rudraaaa singh oberoi” ???

Everyone laughs…???

Shivaay “O pls rudy”…

Om “Stop it guyz !!”…

Shivaay “Lets play something”…

Anika “Whhat ?”…

Gauri “Lets play monopoly !”…?

Soumya “Bad idea” ?

Anika “Okay then rudra you say !!”…

Rudra “Yah i have an idea !!…Lets have a lap dance competetion…we boys will put girls on our lap for a long time…hows the plan ??” ?

Om “Bakwass idea hai…ekdam teri tarah !!”…?

Rudy “Omm…aisa mat bolo yaar”…?
(Dont say like that bro)

Soumya “Ghatiya idea hai !!”…?

Rudra “O Miss paratha just shutup okay !!”…?

Soumya “Shutup you Mr Biceps !!”…?

Rudra “Sounds cool” ?

She irks “Urghhh !!”…

Suddenly Gauri shouts at the moment shocking everyone !!!

Om gets scared “Kya…kya hua kya tumhe !!” ?

Gauri “I forgot about my daily routine”…

“And whats that ?” Shivaay asks…

Gauri starts applying makeup on her “Make up shivaay” ?

Om deliberately falls on shivaay’s lap and weeps…??

Anika & soumya “??”…

Just then, soumya’s phone rings…Rudra starts dancing on her phone ringtone !! ??

“Bandh karo apna monkey dance !!” Soumya shouts and receives the call…??

Rudra stops…

Soumya “Hello…yah…yah mom…your voi…voice hello mom…oooff this f*cking network !!”…

Rudra fawns “Huhh soumya ne gaali nikaali !!” ??
(Soumya used cuss)

Soumya hears “Haan toh kya mai insaan nahi hoon jo gaali nahi de sakti”…?
(Am i not a human who can use cuss)

Rudra legpulls soumya “Nahi hon tum normal naa issi liye pucha…waise maine suna tha tumhare mom dad ne tumhe dustbin se adopt kiya tha” ??
(No you’re not thats why i asked you…i also heard that your parents adopt you from dustbin)

Soumya shouts “Shutuppp Rudra !!” ???

Everyone chuckles hardly !! ????

Anika laughs “Rudy enough is enough” ??

Gauri “yah” ?

Soumya unknowningly for finding network goes inside the jungle…Everyone are laughing hard !!…

“Ohh godd…rudy you’re so funny” pooja (their classmate) chuckles !!…

“Ek joke sunao…ek hathi ne ek chiti ko kuchal diya !!” Rudra jokes !! ?

Shivaay “Haati ne chiti ko kuchla…thats normal”…?

Rudra “Yahi toh joke tha”…?

No one laughs except rudy !! ????

Anika “Lets have some chips…i have two packets !”…

Anika tears off the packet of chips and shares with everyone, on the other hand, shivaay wildly places his hand over anika’s thighs…??

“Shivaay leave naa” anika fawns…?

“Mmhh” he nods no…?

Rudra takes out his binoculars and spots through it…Om snatches it from him…Rudra “Do naa” ?

Om “Sssshh”…Om looks through the lens and spots Shivaay’s hand placed on anika’s thighs !!…Om shows it to rudra !!…

Rudra “kya hai”…?

Om “Woh dekh” ?

He spots a mosquito !!!

Rudra “Itna sharmane wali kya baat hain…macchar hi toh hai” ?
(Its just a mosquito there’s nothing to blush)

Om pats on his head and asks him correctly to place his eyes on lens…Rudra also spots !!…

Rudra whispers “Ye toh jism 3 chal raha hai” ??

Om “Hmm”…

Anika beats on shivaay’s hand and he finally removes his hand !!.?

Rudy to shivaay “Kaisaa laga !!” ?

Shivaay “Hmm”…

Om “Chips… he is asking about chips” ?

Shivaay “Tasty” ?

Gauri is still doing makeup..?

Anika “Hey guyz….where’s soumya its quite long she didnt came back”…

Everyone looks here and there but none spots soumya…

Rudra “Washroom gayi hogi”…

Shivaay “Seriously washroom in jungle !!” ?

Everyone wakes up one by one…

“I think we should find her” anika states…

Some boys “But anika its too dark”…

“Arey so what ? We cant let her go lost” ?

Shivaay “No no ani is right”…

Rudra “Okay i will go with you all”…

Om “No need of that, they here with pooja and her girly gang !!”…

Pooja “I am scared rudy baby !!” ??

Rudra “Ohh”…

Shivaay “Lets do onething…Me, Om & Anika go to search for soumya and you guyz inform proffesor about this !!”…

Suddenly soumya screams “Aaaaaaaaahhh” ????

Everyone gets HELL SHOCKED !!!…Rudra jumps and climbs on Om !!!…???

Om to Rudy “Aaahh…What the hell” ??

Gauri “Rudy whats wrong with you ??” ?

Anika “Oh no…its soumya scream !!”…

One girl scares them “Guyz i heard that GHOST exist insude these forests !!” ??

Everyone shocks !!..?????


Thanxalott everyone for voting in the previous episode…I will updt after getting a Good response…So keep liking and commenting…Take care…

Lovesss | Riana


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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is funny

    1. Riana

      @Niki… ??❤️❤️

  2. nxt update soon

    1. Riana

      @Preethi… No i wont first you comment in detail then ?
      Okay i will updt soon ?

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Funny..Rudy ki joke tho ek dum amazing..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Riana

      Yah will ?

  4. Niriha


    1. Riana

      @Niri.. ???

  5. Jasminerahul

    gauri’s daily routine make up and om’s reaction?rudra suggesting lap dance and om’s answer was funny.but i felt rudra was too rude to say that soumya is adopted from Dustbin and I felt really bad for soumya when everyone including anika and gauri laughed.why is soumya screaming and where is she?hope nothing serious .funny episode

    1. Riana

      @Jas.. ????
      Serious ?! Seriously !! ???
      Just wait n watch ?

  6. Niyati

    Wow di….Funny episode ….I am in love with Gauri ….Her makeup & Om’s reaction is very funny … Rudy’s jokes are funny as usual ….Excited for precap ….Update soon & lots of love ? ?

  7. Mansi

    Funny update????Gauri’s routine n Om’s reaction on it??Rudy’s joke?Somu jealous??Why she screamed?Hope she is safe?Update ASAP?

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