Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 72)

Ayesha feels something different,she feels a bit different and turns to all the side while Sunny sees her tears filled eyes. Raj notices Sunny’s sudden tears.He asks him the matter for which he is getting so worried. Sunny gives some reason and closes his eyes .Raj feels something is related to that girl and sees her.Ayesha finally gets into the car and asks him to drive fast.both the car passes each other Ayesha misses sunny without seeing him.

Aarya sees madhoo happily preparing food for bitto’s family.sweety sees aarya through the room door with a big smile in her face.she thinks to some how impress him by any extend or mean.RK sees Sunny coming inside and asks him details about raj and Madhu.Bitto asks”chief you may go and meet her “.He denies the idea and sees madhoo coming out with hot food.
Next morning,Raj comes to the dinning table and sees Rohan eating bread and jam without tasting the food made by Madhu.he searches for Madhu in kitchen.she comes out from the outside with a parcel.he asks him the matter,she gives it to him and leaves without much talking.Rohan peeps seeing the parcel.Raj opens it ,finds a letter written to his name.

Dear Raj,
I think you are very much happy on seeing your family together after these years but I won’t let your happiness prolong ,you must pay for all of your past sins and mistakes god won’t forgive your mistake if he did it then I won’t spare even the god
– your enemy
He opens the parcel and sees a knife with polished edge.Raj stands puzzled.
Rajini comes to the railway station and waits for the train to come .she feels that this is correct way to behave in this particular situation.She sees the approaching train and gets up to leave ,but suddenly she sees some goons approaching towards the railway station and thinks what next to do.she begins to run across the platform.she remembers running in the similar way before years with her father.

Ayesha sees Madhu waiting for bus in the busstand and angrily stops the car near her.Madhu sees ayesha inside and cannot react on seeing her.Ayesha remembers the way abhay got killed .she opens the door and says”please get in di”,she gets in without any interest.Ayesha remains silent for sometimes and cries seeing abhay’s photo inside the car.she blames Madhu for cheating Abhay by not telling about her parents to her bro ,her one and only loving bro,that is the main reason for
all problems .Madhu asks her stop and gets out of the car,she leans towards ayesha and says’no ayesha you cannot think of me or my life,do you think like that,why can’t you think hoe could I be responsible ,abhay Sir blamer me like this and he give so much torture to Raju,he was like a innocent child that to me,if you don’t believe me ask your mom “,she walks away.
Gowtham goes to some place in his car and stops infront of a house .he Knocks at the door.

Precap:a lady opens the door wearing a yellow cotton saree and black framed specs.

(Note: I cannot assure you ranaji about extending it to 100 episodeepisode,I will stop it surely not on 75 th part that is for sure ,actually I have plan to write fanfuction on rishbala’s life).

  1. jasmine Rahul

    sunny saw ayesha n became sad.ayesha didnt c him.actuslly on d show MB Sunny ayesha met only once.In ur ff have they met later?Ayesha blames madhu as abhay got killed by Raja n she thinks madhu is responsible.but madhu explains 2 her how abhay tortured RajBala.Hope Ayesha understands it.I always wished if Abhay had’nt died n he had come to know that its Pam n Nikhil who killed his dad.I wanted him 2 turn positive after knowing d truth n apologize 2 madhu.but un4tunately Abhay was killed off b4 he came 2 know d truth n Pam Nikhil never got exposed.Who is the enemy who is threatening raja?Hope Rajni gets saved from goons.She n her father once ran away from goons?Whats that incident?

  2. nice epi one more villain??

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