Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 71)

Raj reaches to sandhya’s house,they gets happy to see Rohan there.Madhu runs towards him with tears and kisses him all over his body.Rohan apologises for his mistake and hugs both rajbala.Aarya smiles seeing them together,he gets call from Rajini but he cuts the call in the happiness to meet Rohan.Rajini gets confused thinking about chandru’s words.Rohan introduces bhabho and babasa to Madhu.she falls on their feet for their help .bhabho praises Madhu for having such a cute and intelligent boy as her son.Rohan calls her nani and sees her getting shocked,she hugs him ,she tells’yes I am your nani,you come whenever you like to meet me’.They leaves after thanking everyone in the house.meenakshi takes selfie with Raj with happiness.Aarya greets them and four of them travels back to Mumbai.

Madhoo comes to see whether bittoji is comfortable in the room or not and overhears Leela scolding bitto for worshipping RK after all these years.Bitto scold her and asks sunny to explain her the matter,sunny sees madhoo standing out and says”auntyji,please come in “,leela changes her attitude and behave good to madhoo.madhoo remarks”you are same as before leela”.She sees sunny getting ready with some file and asks him the matter,he tells about going to meet one of his friend and leaves.

Gowtham calls someone and reaches RK mansion.he sees the house and remembers it being as abhay mansion before some years.he fumes remembering the name “Raju”.he gets down from the car and walks inside the house while deepika comes out of her room.she gets so much happy to meet Gowtham ,she welcomes him.RK comes down after having a conversation with shikky ,he finds Gowtham and smiles.

Rajini checks in the phone for news of murder of Rajinibala by raj and gets breakdown.she cannot digest that aarya loves her only for her name.she comes out of the hospital and walks somewhere without knowing the destination.a car stops in a gap of two centimeters .The person driving the car scolds her for being so careless.she walks further and stops a auto and gets into it.

Raj and Madhu comes to Mumbai in the night,Aarya asks them to take care of Rohan and walks from there to leave.while Raj says “I didn’t kill her “,aarya smiles and leaves without answering.Madhu thanks Raj for timely help ,she goes to her room with Rohan.raj sits thinking about Madhu and Rohan .Aarya gets into the car and drives it towards RK mansion.he says in mind “Rajini forgive me”.he comes inside the house and gets confused to see new persons.Sweety sees aarya and gets mesermirused. Deepika introduces him.Bitto remembers seeing a small boy and hugz him happily.Madhoo comes out with leela,asks about Madhu’s son.bitto asks them the matter withtsnsion.aarya says everything.

Sunny reaches Raj’s house and rings the calling bell.he feels whether to go or not .Raj himself opens the door ,he didn’t remember Sunny while Madhu comes out of her room to see him.she calls sunny and hugs him happily .Raj thinks about Bittoji’s son and welcomes him inside .after some conversation, he leaves but raj accompanies him to RK mansion on hearing the news of bittoji’s arrival.They sees ayesha on the road.

Precap:ayesha gets angry on seeing Madhu.

  1. jasmine Rahul

    Rajbala meeting Rohan was so gowtham is angry with raja 4 killing abhay.wht is he going 2 do?Rajni thinks that aaryan luvs her only bcz of her name bcz of chandru.she thinks thats y aryan didnt attend her sad 4 her.hope they unite soon.Raja said he didnt kill rajini n aryan smiled.Does Aryan’s calmness show that he believed it?Who killed Rajni is still a mystery 4 me.Is sweety eyeing in Aryan?Loved Sunny Madhu scene.i used 2 luvtheir bonding on d show.They saw Ayesha.Wow!Cant wait 4 d next part.Ayesha is angry with Madhu bccz of Abhay being murdered by Raja.sad

  2. jasmine Rahul

    plz show all kapoor members.want 2 know what happened 2 each of them.

    somebody suggested avika gor 4 deepika’s role when u asked d readers 2 suggest an i thought its avika who plays deepika.anyways debina is better as deepika than the original deepali.bcz as a soft looking modern girl opposite gurmeet debina wud b better than deepali

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice Akka sorry I was busy with my studies now only readed all epi.. It is superb!! Akka u told u will end in 75 epi.. Pls make it to 100!! If possible it is humble request

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