Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 68)

The answers for your questions:
1.Bhojan is the name of sultan’s enemy and he killed Sultan .Mukund married his sister so Rajini is his neice.
2.I will bring the character which you asked me into the story in upcoming track.
3.Deepika stayed during night at his( gowtham’s)house and leaves to her house in morning . you can know who is the manman

Sandhya ( diya aur bati hum )walks from her room in her IPS uniform and sees her phobd musdimg from the charger. She sees Meenakshi,Emily with Bhabho in kitchen ,Sooraj in hall reading magazine .she calls Ved
and finds him playing games in her phone.she asks h not to be do much playful and takes her phone.She finds a call from unknown number and picks the call.
Raj:hello my name is Raj Kumar.
Sandhya:yaah what is the matter?

Raj:my son is missing from yesterday and explains all the things .
Sandhya:but why are you calling me instead of filing a complain in Mumbai itself .
Raj:we came to know that he boarded a bus to Rajasthan so only.
Sandhya:you don’t worry I will take care of the matter.
She cuts the call ,gets into thoughts thinking about the boy who have gone missing .she sees Ved playing and thinks that “I know the pain of losing a son,thinks about Ved “.she sees Meenakshi telling bhabho about Raj’s son missing and the ad which she saw in TV .Bhabho sees Sandhya very much disturbed and asks her the matter .
Rohan opens his eyes and sees him sleeping in a bed .he gets up and finds the room very much neatneat,walks near the foor and he overhears two peoples talking about him.
Man voice: we should take care of him,HD look very much nice boy .
Female voice:but babasa ,we should take him to Rajasthan and inform the matter to Bhabhisa.
Male voice: no Arzoo it is wrong.

Arzoo:but why?
Babasa:we must ask him his parents number and call them .
Arzoo nods yes and they comes in and gets surprised to see Rohan standing near the window ,he sees Babasa and says”I don’t hear anything which you spoked with aunty”.they laughs and sits near him.
Deepika consoles Sona and makes her eat the parsthas which the servant has made for her.she blames herself for her friend’s missing and cries “Am I bad Deepiks mam”,She wipes her tears with her kerchief .Gowtham comes from his room and gets surprised to see Deepika in the house.He sees her with question while the servant tells”I only called her saheb because sona is very adamant”.Gowtham sees Sona lying on deepika’s lap and trying to sleep.he signs Deepika to come out after she had slept .he stands in the balcony seeing the rain outside .Deepika comes near him .
Aarya reaches home after spending time with Rajini ,gets so much shocked on hearing the news of Rohan being missing.SKB asks Madhoo”let’s go and meet Madhu so that she feels very much happy “,before madhoo says something .RK tells “no need shikky,Her husband is with her “.Aarya sits near Madhoo and sees her very much worried.SKB sees the pbpne ringing and picks up the call .
Shikky:hello ,whom do you want to talk ?
Bitto:I want to talk to Madhu,I need to console her.

Bittoji:hah Madhu.
Bittoji:I saw the news in the TV ,you don’t worry
Madhoo:who are you ?
Bittoji:meh bitto.
Madhoo:bityoji,I am madhoo,RK come here .bittoji is speaking .
Bittoji: Madhoo bhabhi.
RK(grabs the phone ):hello bitto.
Bittoji:chief(with lots of tears),I heard about you being alive ,I didn’t come because
RK:you are angry isn’t it bittoji.
Bittoji:no I was angry but now I am very much happy,we will come tomorrow to Mumbai .
RK:come forever.
Madhoo:haah bittoji,come forever.

Bittoji cuts the call.he runs inside his house and tells about Rishbala talking with him.Leela smile but thinks in her mind’ now he will forget his family “.Sunny and Sweety smiles hearing the news that thru are going to Mumbai .sunny gets thoughts about Ayesha.
Babasa and Aarzoo comes home along with Rohan .Bhabho gets shocked seeing a small child .Meenakahi asks Aarzoo”you gave birth to a son so early “.Aarzoo smiles and tells about the way Babada find him when he went to purchase bidda in Indore .Sooraj signs ved to take Rohan in.the boy goes to play.Sandhya comes home after her work and sees Rohan playing with ved,she asks him sbout his parents But Rohan remains silent and tells lies instead of truth . she gets message from Raj with
Rohan’s photo.she opens the photo. she shouts “bhabho”.

Precap:Raj and Madhu comes to Rajasthan in car when Bittoji travels to Mumbai in car .

  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Thnx Akka little big update but write n English becoz I don’t know Hindi…anways I liked DABH part.. U love that show alot right??

  2. jasmine Rahul

    happy 2 c bittoo back.loved his conversation with rishbala.happy 2 know that sunny still thinks of ayesha.does sunny know that ayesha is abhay’s sis?bcz on d show only in one episode they showed them 2gether n that day he told madhu that he has no idea abt her.thanku so much 4 including bittoo’s family.plz punish pam n nikhil 4 rishba;a’s murder attempt.rishbala shud know d real culprits of their fire accident.
    so rohan is in sandya’s house.never expected this twist.but why did rohan lie 2 sandya abt his parents?but glad that raja sent her rohan’s photo n sandya identified she can hand over him 2 rajbala

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