Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 67)

I have read the comments of Jasmine and finds some question mark in the comment hope it is some of her doubts regarding the story and I will try to clear it
1.deepika loves raj when she knows about him at the beginning and she changed her mind after knowing that he is rishbala’s dhamad.
2.Aarya changed because he comes to know how Madhu supported him .
3.This Rajini is different from the previous one and she rajinibala is no way related to Madhubala
4.Rishbala stayed away thinking about the danger and they had the responsibility to take care of deepika.
5.SKB is sikky himself.

6.SKB adopted Aarya and brought him up as his own son.

(Now let’s go to story).
The doctor checks Rajini and signs Aarya to come to his cabin.he goes following the doctor.the doctor shows him some report ,asks him to read it .Aarya opens it with many questions and reads about Rajini low blood count and all the possible problem which may arise due to it .he shockingly says”Doctor sir buy she looks very “,the doctor smiles seeing his concern for her ,he says”she looks healthy but it is not true”.

The man becomes tired to see Rohan running like this.he corrects his specs anxand tries begins to run behind Rohan and shoots at him to stop .Rohan tries to high behind a wall but the man sees him and calls out “chotu,chotu come out “.but Rohan gets worried on seeing
him and runs further from there ,he falls on the ground and becomes fainted due to his hunger and tiredness.the man lifts him in his hand and walks in the road he stops the auto and gets into it .
Raj reaches home and sees it without any light and full of darkness.he sees Madhu sitting near the puja room and crying without even sound.he touches him .Madhu feels that Rohan is back and shouts”Rohan “,she gets very much disappointed to see Raj instead of Rohan.she tries to get up but he sits near her and cups her face in his hand.she feels a bit relieved to be with Raj ,she asks himto find her son by means and says”My son ,”.

Madhoo sees Deepika coming inside the house with tears and depression.she calls out her name.deepika begins to cry thinking about Sona and Rohan and tells all the matters to Madhoo between tears. She continuously says “Gowtham Sir feel that someone have kidnapped him for money “.Madhoo caresses her face and thinks about meeting him once in market .she gets tears. RK comes inside the house with SKB and tells the same matter about Raj’s son being missing .

Precap:Raj seeks sandhya’s help .

  1. jasmine Rahul

    thx 4 replying.on d previous post i had commented till part 40.hope u read my comments till part 40.Now i’m sending my comment till part 50.

    MADHU meet with an accident n raja finds her,his pain was touchy.liked Aryan feeding madhoo when she avoiding food.late rajini bro chandru angry with them.oh..aarya madhoo meeting madhu in d hospital was emotional.Madhu saved sering gowtham madhu 2gether Raja is jealous.What a cruel school master!rajni is mukund’s daughter n he wants her 2 apologize 2 her on his behalf.shocking.gowtam is falling 4 deepika.but he feels he cant accept her easily bcz of shaleen.sons is insecure that gowtham falling 4 deepika will make him 4get her n her mother.oh..sad..deepika sad abt gowtham rejecting her bcz of his luv 4 his wife.aryan thinks rajni is avoiding him as he is a handicap.but rajni is scared whether kundras will accept her as she is mukund’s daughter.they argued n she pushed him in2muddy water.omg.he runs 2 her tearfully,sad.Rishbala saw mukund’s photo with did they understand y rajni avoids Aryan?Gowtham Madhu hiccup scene was cute.Deepika is Avika Gor?

    I still have a doubt.Who killed Rajni n why?

    I’ve some suggestions if u don’t mind.In MB they never exposed Pam n Nikhil.Nobody realized that pam is d one who killed rishbala.without knowing that only abhay took revenge on madhu.b4 knowing d real truth he died.plz expose pam n nikhil n give them d worst punishment.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    another request -y r u not showing Bittoo n family?bitoo meetig his chief RK n Madhubala bhabhi will b so good.On d show MB Bittoo’s son Sunny gets attracted 2 Ayesha wo is abhay’s sis at 1st sight.But later they didnt show anything abt was a blooper.plz show them too in ur ff.
    If u cud plz mention what happened 2 padmini,shamsher,roma n trishna as they didnt show them post leap

  3. jasmine Rahul

    My comment till pt61

    Raja hurt himself in frustration.madhu donated blood n took care of him.loved rajbala.rajni agreed 2 marry Aryan.gud.loved rishbala scenes in pt51.gowtham saving deepika from d truck was nice.rajni scolded raja 4 wat he did 2 rohan.oh…she was too much.bcz of her rohan is turning against raja.Madhu helping gowtham 2 band aid his wounded hand was nice.he hid from her that it happened when he tried 2 save deepika.rishbala rain scene was cute.aryan angry 4 hiding that rajni is his dad’s killer’s niece?Who is Bhojan?Bhojan only killed Sultan?How is Rajni n Mukund related 2 Bhojan?Who is Bhojan?Who killed Sultan?RK or Bhojan?i’m confused. glad that they found Aryan.Madhu fainted on road n raja took her 2 hospital.rohan realized that raja isn’t bad.thats so nice.raja promising that he wont take rohan from madhu was a lovely emotional scene.raja transferred his property 2 rohan.oh…hope atleast now madhu rohan n rajni do not hurt raja.Madhu came back 2 raja with rohan,but shocking that its only 4 rohan.glad that rohan decided 2 unite his parents.Aryan angry with rajni n RK angry with madhu 4 hiding d truth abt rajni?oh..Rohan’s hides n rajbala search 4 him n his shirt gets stuck to her song on bg.superb plan 2 bring rajbala 2gether rohan.Sona found her mother as a model in Gowtham’s magazine?Deepika also saw it n is shocked.Shaleen is alive?

  4. jasmine Rahul

    Till pt 67

    Loved rajbala saree scene.But sad that madhu gave raja d money he spent 4 her.Rishbala with rohan was cute.Deepika told gowtham abt seeing shaleen in d magazine.He realized that Sona also knows it.Gowtha m is upset.y did he hide it?Tho Aryan is angry with rajni after she fainted n is unconscious he is sad 4 her.Deepika in Gowtham’s house?What happened btw them after she asked him abt Shaleen?Aryan Rajni hospital scene was so beautiful.Seeing him near her with luv she hugged him emotionally.but again she fainted due 2 low blood count.Oh!Chandru is so angry with Aryan’s care 4 Rajni.Rohan lost.But who is the man with Rohan?When Madhu is in depression Raja comforts her n she feels relief was so nice.

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