Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 65)

Both Sona and Rohan does HiFi and runs out of the school during the interval time.the security sees them running and tries to follow them to find but he couldn’t do so because of their speed and his oldness.Madhu feels a bit disturbed on seeing Rohan’s photo in her purse.she reaches the office after visiting the site area and sits in her seat,she finds the next seat empty because of Rajini’s absence and worries about her health.she asks about her to the Leon and peon tells about her being admitted in the hospital due to fever and giddiness.

Madhu decidess to go and meet her in the evening after completing the work.Rohan and Sona reaches the bus stop and gets into a bud travelling to Indore from Mumbai.they don’t know what to do next and worries seeing peoples coming and goinng.Rohan gets very much tired due to the running and begin to cry for water.Sona sees water tap in the place and gets down to get water for Rohan.the bus starts before Sona gets into it,she shouts Rohan but the bus reaches out of her view.Someone sees Sona standing in the bus stand and informs the nearby police station about a small girl.Rohan feels tired and sleeps in the seat.

Precap:Rohan sees Indore town and gets worried.

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