Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 56)

Rohan runs and tries to wake Madhu up but it all ends in vain.he takes out water bottle and pours water in her face,The car stops in a inch gap from Madhu.Rohan runs to the driver to ask him for help,he cries “Please sir,help my mom,please”.The window comes down and Raj get down from the car,Rohan gets angry on seeing him and begins to shout “You are only responsible for this state I won’t leave you,I hate you”,people begins yo gather near the place and thru gets so much shocked to see Raj standing in their street.Raj asks Rohan not to blabbers ,he shouts Madhu’s state to Rohan .He lifts Madhu in his hand ,Rohan also gets into the car and prays to the god to keep his mom healthy in life.He cries seeing Madhu still unconscious.

Deepika comes home happily and shouts”Chachi and Bro”,she gets surprised to see the whole house in darkness ,she switches on the light and finds Madhoo and RK not present in the house,she calls out their name and searches in each and every room but finds them missing,she worries and calls their number continuously.The servants comes inside the house and says”Madam,actually Aarya sabh went somewhere angrily and we all run behind him calling him,RK sir left with mam in car”.Deepika gets so much confused and sits in the chair near the dinning table.

Rajini asks anyone to give her proper answer and cries ,she questions Madhoo about Aarya.Both Rishbala stands quiet without answering any of her questions.Rajini blames herself for telling truth to Aarya without thinking about its effects,RK loses his cool and shouts”Don’t start your acting ,I am better than you in this action “.He asks Rajini to tell all the truth which she is hiding till this moment.
Madhu is tested by the doctors and Raj stands outside with Rohan,Rohan cries and scolds Raj.the doctor comes out with Madhu’s report.
Raj:Doctor,is she fine?
Doctor:Off course,it is just a giddiness.
Rohan:Uncle, mom will play with me in some days naa?
Doctor:Sure beta
Raj:When shall we discharge her?

Raj:What doctor?
Doctor: Nothing,let her be here for a day then we can think about duschage,she is very weak.
Rohan:Yes mom will eat only twice a day.
Raj:OK doctor.
(doctor leaves)
Rohan:Why are you crying,she is my mom.
Raj(hides his tears):Not at all,why should I cry,?
Rohan:I want to say thanks to you.
Rohan:But you are not(tells to himself) bad as Aunty told.

precap:Madhu holds Raj’s hand.

  1. hi janani! i read every ff of urs. they are awesome and very well written. i love your atoryline.

  2. story line*..sorry about that

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Superb janani and. Precap is superb. I am the one who read u r ff all epi… Hurrah…!!..

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