Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 4)

Scene1:The episode starts with Raj sitting in a Seven Star Hotel Bar and thinking about Madhu’s words.SKB sees Raj from a distance and Summons the waitor ,gives him money and tells something.The wait or as per His idea pours Water on Raj.Raj gets angry when he was about to scold SK enters that pacifies Raj and takes him along with him.During the drive Raj whisper in alcoholic state that everyone is praising RK. he says that he is the realistic star and so.SKB smiles.and he Raj in his house

Scene2: Madhu was worried about Raj.Raj comes in and he sings Hamari Adhuri song ,about to fall then Madhu goes ans hold him.he smiles and her and praises her beauty.Madhu stare at him but Raj continues to sing and fall on the couch and sleeps.Madhu keeps a pillow under his head and sees him .

Scene3:At the morning Raj came home after his jogging and sees Radha and madhu getting ready .He ask dadi and she says “Today is my Rishab’s wedding anniversary so we are going to temple and feed, he poirs and give them some gifts.”.Madhu gets ready to go to temple .Radha calls Raj to “would you come with us Chotu ” . Raj nods and go to get ready . Madhu says “Raj is very busy and he won’t listen to you dida let’s us go” .she was surprised to see Raj coming done in a sherwani .They all reach the temple and were surprised to see that the them le is full of sathus ans all are eating food. when Radha tells, he matter to the pandit.He replies now only a man gave them order to do so.

Precap: a boy why you are giving us gift for that SKB says that my brother’s wedding anniversary.

Credit to: Janani

  1. plz send me link to episode1, 2 & 3

  2. you can see it in Fan fiction Tellyupdate page.

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