Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 2)

Madhubala-a new love story

Scene1:The episode starts with Raj comes to talk with madhu . but Madhu was angry with Raj and she is not ready to talk with Raj so she turn another side and closed her eyes tightly .Raj was still making joke and made her to laugh. Madhu and Raj started to make their Non jhok by talking to their baby.

Scene2: Radha was sitting in her room and thinking about the necklace which Raj brought today home. Radha opens her Bag and take a picture in which Madhu rishab kundrawas wearing a same type of necklace. Radha gets worried about Madhu future. she thinks that something is going to happens which will be auspicious.

Next day Raj calls Madhu ,when Madhu come down on hearing Raj’s voice and finds Raj has already left the place.She gets sad and thinking about their old days when they were living in colony and their happy moment.

Scene3:Raj is on the way to shooting and hein the same way thinks that Madhu has changed since money comes and feels bad and he ask the driver to stop the car and start to walk in Road .People recognise Raj and comes to take autograph and Photograph with him.

Precap: Madhu asks Raj why he is creating unnecessary problems.Raj shouts” SHUT UP RANI”

Credit to: Janani

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  1. Raj doesnt scold madhu for such things

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