Madhubala 9th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 9th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tries to get up with the help of his left hand..! He tries to walk and ends up tripping and falling at the feet of the coactor!

Madhu rushes to help him ..while Media keeps taking pics! Bittu and Mehul send them off..!

Madhu-Bittu help RK to walk to the car! Media surrounds them and asks how he felt falling at someones feet? RK fumes..! Bittu and Madhu fume on the media..!

RK asks Madhu to let him be alone for a while! Media keeps reporting and asking questions! Madhu comes to the set and is hounded by media..!

Madhu tells media that it should be the voice of truth ..! Madhu says.. RK was is and will be a superstar! She chides them for asking ridiculous question n says.. anyone can be sick. .the way u act like animals. .dun get it..!

Mehul tells Madhu this was the reason he changed the script! He says i will handle the media u go to RK! Madhu comes to the trailer van n finds RK missing ..! She decides to go home …! She keeps calling RK.. who is in car with Dips n on his way ..! RK cuts her call ..! Dips taunts that Madhu will be shocked seeing u are in my car!

RK says am her hubby .. this is my car.. n m on my way to my home! Radha gets Bittus call n wonders where RK is? RK comes with Dips .. n she tries to help him to his room but he says ur turn for chance par dance is done!

Sikky calls Dips .. n asks about talking to RK! Dips says.. RK is fuming.. n sulking..! Sikky says.. to do something as he is scared of firecrackers!

Part 2

RK is drinking in his room! Radha comes ..n says i know u dun wanna share ur pain but i cant stop caring..! She says i agree i made a mistake.. i hurt u .. but din do it on purpose!

She begs him not to stop talking to her! RK doesnt react..!

Part 3

Madhu comes .. n asks Radha to get up and she walks off!

RK asks to taunt him saying its not Radhas fault.. it was Sikky-Kukus fault..! Tell me.. this movie will be made..we both will complete this film ..coz RK cannot do anything on his own! He is a parasite.. ! RK says.. .. Khatam hogaya RK … Khatam ho gaya hai! BG- Tu ne jo na kaha! RK is crying! Madhu sits nexto him and caresses his face..!

RK hugs her and cries!

Bank manager calls and informs that we are issuing a warning that if movie shoot doesnt start in 2 days we will think our money is not safe .. n so we will cancel loan n recover our amount! Madhu begs to listen but he cuts call ..! Bittu tells Madhu he know of bank trouble n worries about all the issues!

Precap — Madhu tells RK that we have to finish the film .. so Mehul n i are here after working on changed script..! RK stares at Madhu..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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