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Madhubala 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone looking at Madhu. RK says she is my wife. Bai ji cries and says how can you marry someone and come back, you proved you are not my son. RK says I will tell you how we got married, bless us. He says she is from Mumbai. Avni says she might have trapped you. RK says give my wife respect. Dau ji says she is RK’s choice, so she is our choice. He says I accept her as our bahu. RK smiles. RK says did you see Madhu, Dau ji is of big heart. Dau ji says do all the rituals and welcome her inside.

RK asks Madhu to go and not be scared. He asks her to take Dau ji’s blessings. Avni taunts Madhu and says our bahu don’t wear specs. She removes it. RK says its not of fashion, but sighted. He says give it back. Avni says it means she is blind. She insults Madhu. RK makes Madhu wear her specs. They ask did her parents send her without any jewellery. Madhu gets angry. Bai ji says leave it Tara, he accepted her as wife so we will also accept.

She says we give her gold and make her like us. A widow comes and RK calls her Bhabhi. Dau ji says how dare you come here in good times, you are unlucky for us, do you think we lose our RK again. He scolds her. She cries. Dau ji asks Bhanu to punish her. Bhanu says she will stand outside the house all day. Dau ji says come, lets welcome the bahu.

Dau ji leaves. Tara and Avni talk to Madhu and says we will keep you as Devi and make you Shuddh by giving you bath by our ancestor’s well. RK says I told you when you meet my family, you will get respect, see. He says go and do the rituals, I will be back. He leaves. The women take Madhu with them. RK meets Bhabhi and says how did you do this mistake knowing the rules. She says I heard you came, so came running. RK says you get scolded always, take care. Dau ji asks RK not to talk to her.

RK leaves with Dau ji. The puja starts. Madhu asks she won’t do any stupid rituals. Agni scolds her and says if you refuse, you can get beaten up. RK talks to Madhu and asks are you afraid, nothing will happen, sit in the swing, I love you and won’t let anything happen to you. He says even Bai ji did this, all the women do this ritual. Madhu is shocked. The women sing. Madhu is made to sit in the swing and is dropped inside the well.

RK records the rituals in his phone and takes pics. Madhu is shocked seeing this madness. Everyone put water on Madhu. Madhu feels much bad. They take her out of the well. RK takes her pic not caring about her. Madhu sees Bhabhi and thinks how everyone treated her. Bai ji says this is your house, temple and fate. Madhu says I m feeling cold, I have to change. RK says come to the room and change. Bai ji says you will be kept there as Devi in this wet and pure clothes. RK says yes, I forgot.

Madhu refuses to agree with them. RK and his family harass her making her do everything against her wish. RK thinks his family is giving her enough respect and asks her to smile. Agni taunts her. RK takes pics and asks Madhu to pose. The pandit says she has to be given one more bath to made her pure. Madhu says enough, now I can’t do more. Everyone are shocked. (Abhay Kapoor and Leela were better than this mental people!!)

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