Madhubala 9th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 9th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th March 2013 Written Update

Radha returns to the home. Dipz opens the door and asks her, why you had to go there? Did Madhu tell you where she went without telling anyone? Our full shoot got messed up because of her.

Radha says nothing is going fine. Something has happened. Madhu is not fine. Dipz now asks about RK and here he comes. He goes upstairs without saying anything.

He starts drinking remembering what Madhu told her while ago that he means nothing to her. Radha comes there.

She asks, did your alcohol answer your questions? Rk says, no question-answer happening here. Radha asks, then did you find answers of Madhu’s questions? RK avoids her question. Radha says, even I have lots of questions. Why did you stay at chawl whole night? Why did you promise Padmini? Why you couldn’t hide pain of losing Madhu despite you wanting to hide it? And why did you get angry when Madhu didn’t you who left her at the chawl? RK says, it was just curiosity. My Machoness was on risk. If a girl, who is left by RK, comes spending night with other man, then it would look like if that girl left Rk which is not possible.

I can’t give that opportunity to the world to think about. Radha says, the lie that you’re speaking to yourself.. one day that truth will come and stand in front of you. She says, sorry for coming in between your drink and you.. drink.. you need to drink a lot. She leaves.

Rk comes to his bed now. RK lies on the bed. And then Madhu comes in front of him. RK runs to her and says that are you alright. Just then Sultan comes and RK says that who are you, why are you hiding your face. He warns him not to come near Madhu as she is his BIWI. Just then Sultan opens his arms, RK looks at Madhu where she starts walking towards sultan. RK tells madhu to stop. RK looks at Sultan and says that before reaching there you have to go through me. Just then Sultan takes the knife and hits RK. Madhu yells RK’s name. Suddenly RK wakes from his dream all scared. He gets hurt as the bottle breaks. RK Wonders and thinks about his eyes. Deepali comes with Breakfest and sees that he is hurt. RK all scared

Deepali rushes to him and asks how did you get hurt? So much blood coming out. She brings band-aid. Deepali asks, it must be hurting a lot, right? There is no effect on RK. He is just thinking about those eyes. Deepali asks, what eyes? Rk says, he’s taking her far away from me. He can’t do that. Deepali is worried for RK. She asks her, what happened to you? Why are you so hurt? Rk keeps saying, this can’t happen. Deepali hugs him. Rk continues, if he does anything like that, then I won’t be able to live.. I will die. Deepali tells her relax, nothing will happen. They hug again. Rk asks her, you’re understaind it right? Deepali smiles.

Silky comes there and sees them hugging. He gets shocked. Deepali says, I came to give him breakfast and then I saw blood coming out from his hand so.. Right then Rk’s phone rings. Deepali tells Rk, it’s Bittu’s call and she goes to sikly. She tries to change topic asking him if he took breakfast. She says, I am very hungry.. let’s go for breakfast.

Rk tells Bittu, there is no need to cancel the shoot. He’s fine and he’s coming.

On the other side, Padmini tells Madhu that she is not going anywhere. She says, you must be tired… don’t they understand? And I don’t want you to go in front of that man. Madhu says, I work there and I am not the one who gives up. Padmini says, fine.. don’t listen to your mum, but keep calling me and keep informing me.

Madhu leaves. Trish follows her and tells her how RK was there last night and promised that he will find Madhu. Madhu says, he doesn’t need to do all that. Trish says, I know you’re hiding lots of stuff from me and mother since past few days. I didn’t say anything because I wanted you to handle yourself.. but now I think it’s time you tell me everything. Madhu promises that she will tell her everything from now and she leaves saying she is getting late.

Sultan tells old man at his house to pack their stuff. It’s important they leave before someone comes. Old man tells him that he shouldn’t have taken risk to go to city. Sultan says, it was important. Old man says, maybe someone else could go to drop that girl. Sultan quickly says, no.. I couldn’t trust that girl. Old man sees that Sultan has got some wound. Sultan says, it’s not new.. when I don’t have any wound, that day you apply medicine. They hear some sound.

Part 2

RK comes at the set and looks at Madhu who is busy with hair dressing. They both look at each other. The director says that the shot is ready. RK busy with his script, Madhu looks at him. The shot starts. The heroine says that I cant stop as I have to go. We are not made for each other. We dont think alike, we both are different. RK MAdhu eyelock. She continues that I have to go as now there is nothing left between us.

Part 3

RK comes near her. Herioine says to stop dont come near me. RK says that Why shouldnt I come near you. Are you scared of me. You are scared that you come near me and you will listen the heartbeat of my heart. You are scared of looking into my eyes as ou will see yoursel in it. RK says that look at my eyes. He says that I love you. Madhu looking at RK.

Precap: Madhu looking at Ganpati murti and suddenly sultan comes and says sit in the car. He puts gun on her waist. They are moving towards the car. RK sees them. But he sees that Sultan has put his hand on her waist as its covered by her dupatta. Madhu sits in the car. Sultan drives. RK watches and wonders

Update Credit to: Dimple

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