Madhubala 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The magician casts his spell and asks Madhu if she wants her hubby back? She nods …

The box opens n its empty ..all are worried about RK n the spotlight falls on the stair.. n RK turns.. all clap..!

RK compliments the magician .. n then approaches Madhu n tells her to relax.. coz he is with her.. Madhu hugs RK n says was too scared..! Bhujang watches..! RK says.. dun mind standing like this ..but we are in public..! RK winks at Bhujang.. so its KRK..!

Kids pose with KRK for pic…! Meantime.. KRK is holding his tummy and tries to run and Bhujang stops him..! KRK says.. wanna go to freshen up … n Bhujang says go fast ..!

In the meantime.. driver informs someone that RK is unconscious and will be out for 3-4 hours..! KRK recollects Bhujang teaching him about western type loo..!

RK asks servant to take him to his quarter to freshen up..!

Madhu greets guests..!

A while later KRK returns n Bhujang tries to talk to him but Bittu interrupts…! Asks to join for dinner…! Meanwhile.. driver dumps RK on the roadside n informs cops n runs off..!

KRK is in RKs room n says.. relieved .. n Dips comes n says not yet..! She starts to flirt with him … n he greets her with AAP…! Dips says finally old RK back.. wanna wish u personally ..! KRK is shocked..! He greets her as Bhabhi ji n Dips says.. dun ruin the mood..!

Madhu comes n asks her to rest..! KRK thanks her… for saving him..! Madhu taunts.. u were missing Dips so expected..! KRKs moby rings.. n he says.. my izzat is in danger… Madhu n now Dips too hitting on me..!

Bhujang tells him to enjoy …

Madhu comes n asks to help with the hook of her blouse n KRK is scared.. ! Madhu says. .i had my doubt. ur not RK …!

Part 2
KRK says yes.. m KRK .. n got tattoo too .. ! Din expect from u Madhu that have to prove that m RK everyday..! He fumes n Madhu says sorry! RKs moby rings.. n he is informed.. that KRK is arrested…(aka the real RK)!

KRK suggests to send fake RK far off n asks to convince Madhu about it..! Madhu says sorry..! KRK says will talk tomorrow morning n lies on the couch to sleep..! Madhu again says sorry!

KRK thanks Hanuman ji..!

RK wakes up in the lock up and is shocked.. he screams n shouts to be let out..! He sees the board of Bhind Central Jail n says am real RK …release me!

Part 3

Madhu tells cop that the fake RK shouldnt come in our life! Cop assures her n says.. that person looks like a sweet talker.. so we have kept him in isolated cell ..!

RK senses Madhus presence n screams…! KRK thanks cop..!

RK asks Madhu not to question him anymore… n says .. aab hamari duniya.. KEVAL-Madhu aur RK ..!

Precap —- Madhus cell rings and its call from hosp n person says to rush as there has been an accident.! Madhu is panic stricken worrying about RK.. !

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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