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Madhubala 9th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dau ji asking Agni to call RK. She says Bhanu took my phone. Dau ji calls RK but can’t connect. He says the call is going, but not is not taken. RK and Madhu are busy with rehearsals for the film. They see RishBala and try to bring that effect. The guy trains them to emote some romantic and action scenes. He asks RK to take the gun, and RK says I took an oath I will never lift gun. The man says this is acting. Madhu says this is good thing, as its acting, take the gun now. The man guys him to act like someone is coming to kill Madhu and he is aiming at him. Bhanu walks to them. The man asks him to bring expressions.

RK says where will expressions come from plastic gun. Madhu brings the gun he gave her for her protection. RK has the real gun in his hand. Bhanu knocks the door. The man says there is so much disturbance. Bhanu pushes the man and aims at RK. RK too aims at him. Madhu’s eyes pops out. Both the guys aims guns. RK says picture did not start and climax came. RK threatens Bhanu and asks what do you want. Bhanu says I want Dau ji’s property papers. RK says I don’t have it. Bhanu says don’t make me angry. Madhu starts having stomach ache and RK looks at her.

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Bhanu says give me the papers, else we will shoot ourselves. RK holds Madhu leaving the gun, asking is she fine. Madhu asks RK to lift the gun, else he will kill us. Bhanu says no one can stop death, don’t waste time and give me papers. RK says I don’t have papers. Bhanu says I will count till 3. Madhu thinks about RK’s promise and their marriage. She cries thinking of their love. Bhanu says 1……2……… RK does not take the gun. Bhanu says 3 and someone shoots on his leg. Its Dau ji who enters as their savior. RK smiles. Dau ji gives an angry man look.

Dau ji says I feel like I shoot him all the bullets of my house, but I m helpless, as I have blessed my daughter Tara to be Suhaagan. Take this divorce papers and sign it before going to jail. Bhanu signs on the papers. The police comes and arrests Bhanu. RK gives the guns to Madhu and asks her to throw it, as its not needed. He says Dau ji, you proved that you are my father, and I m very important to you. Dau ji says I can die for you. RK hugs Dau ji.

The man says you did good acting,no need to teach you, very good and leaves. Dau ji asks RK to take the call. RK talks to Ravinder and he asks him to come on film mahurat on time. RK says I need to talk to you, which will decide I will do this film or not. Ravinder says I will come your home. Madhu asks why did you call him. RK says I did a mistake, I did not tell him about my disease. He is investing on me, I should tell him the truth. Dau ji says in films, people hide everything, they can cancel the film if you tell this. Madhu says doctor allowed you to work.

RK says he has hopes from us, we should tell him the truth, its his wish to make film or not.RK asks where is Bittu. Madhu says Bittu went to mandir. New mechanic comes to help RK in his garage, when he goes off to shoot. RK says he treats everyone equal in his garage, but work should be honestly done, go and get to work. The guy leaves. Ravinder comes and asks RK why did he call him. RK says I need to tell something important. RK says about his heart disease, a hole in his heart. Madhu gives him the reports. Ravinder is shocked and sees the reports.

He says but you look fit. RK says yes, but its since my childhood. Ravinder says you will be the hero of my film, its great that you are strong. Everyone smile. He asks them to come tomorrow, and his dream is getting fulfilled after so many years. He leaves. Madhu says now my mum’s dream will be fulfilled and smiles thanking Kanha. The film mahurat is shown. Bittu gives the interview and says he is happy that he is back in industry. Leela and Agni look happier.

Ravinder asks Dida to start the shoot. The film is named Madhubala EK Ishq Ek Junoon. RK and Madhu enter and Dida and Bittu’s memories come alive. Ishq hai………………plays……………. They dress up like Rishbala. RK holds Madhu and says Biwi, our togetherness is of 7 births and this is our 2nd, so it means more 5 are still there, but we will see a love story of our 2nd birth. They dance on the song Kaisa ishq kaisa junoon hai maahi…………….Hum hai tere deewane……………..Everyone look at them. Dida cries seeing them. Everyone clap for them. RK and Madhu have an eyelock and smile.

The Show Ended

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  1. First of all I’m not interest to see madubala in beginning but when rkmadhu starts love saga I become big fan of madubala even I will not miss one episode.atlast they ended rk mad hu role it make me cry then again they introduced madhubalark (raja) it also same love with happy and sad they shared together I really missssssss uuuuuuuuuuuu rk and madubala teams I love much moreeeee
    Please start madubala season 2 we r waiting for the madubala season2 again for watching love saga

  2. Awwwnn I’m gonna miss rishbala n rajbala…
    I love this show damn much..
    I just knew it today aaarghhh that the show ended..
    I’ll misss yoouu soooo muchhhh mbeiej… 🙂

  3. It was indeed a very gud show.So bad that the show ended:(


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